Colorado Fun

Hi everyone!

Last week, I had a wonderful vacation in Colorado. My trip was entirely too short, but I was so glad to finally be home. I love Colorado so much!

During high school, I moved to Tennessee from Colorado. I lived in a suburb off of Denver, and I still consider Colorado my home. While I was there, I got a chance to visit three of my absolute best friends in the entire world! Here are some photos.

The first photo is of me and my best friend from childhood. We met in 4th grade and have been best buds ever since! The funny thing is, we became best friends while we were both living in Tennessee and then we both have moved around a lot, now I am back in TN and she is back in CO. She has two little babies and they are so adorable! It was my first time meeting her little angels.


The next two photos are of the town I lived in. I loved going back and visiting my small town (which is now HUGE!). We visited our old house while we were there.

This is me just goofing around outside with my camera! I am a goof :O)

You might recognize the little lady standing next to me in this next photo. This is Amber, my previous DT leader! We got a chance to go shopping while I was in town and it was so much fun to meet her “in person”. I feel like we have been friends forever and that we knew each other so well already through our phone conversations and emails.

And this next person is one of my most cherished friends. My hubby lovingly refers to him as “the other man” in my life. Well that is kind of what he is! He was my first love and I still consider him one of my best friends. We met in middle school and some of my best memories are of us together, just goofing off at putt putt, at the movies, pop corn fights, etc.

And here is my mom and I flying back on the plane! We were both exhausted at this point because we had been traveling all day.

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5 thoughts on “Colorado Fun

  1. Samantha that is just great traveling to your old town and get together with some friends is just a nice and happy well spent time!!

    great that you are back safe and sound!


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