Cricut/ProvoCraft Boycott! Time for Action

Hi, my friends!

Today, I have a change of plans. Who would like to join my for a ProvoCraft/Cricut BOYCOTT?
Add your name to the boycott list by leaving a comment at the bottom of this this post!

I have a LOVE/ HATE relationship with their company: LOVE some of their products, HATE pretty much every business decision they make. I am a firm believer of companies with a conscience and Cricut has not lived up to my expectations.

Why, you ask? Oh, let me count the ways in which PC has thoroughly disappointed some of its most loyal (i.e. those of us who have spent THOUSANDS on their products) consumers:

  • A high-priced Cricut Imagine that does not work out of the box as it was promised to work (we get the “updates are coming in the future” and many months after the Imagine hit the market, the updates STILL don’t do everything that was promised at the Imagine launch).
  • The inability to unlink cartridges from the Gypsy. Once your cartridges are linked, you have to sell them WITH your Gypsy if you ever want to get rid of either one.
  • The numerous problems with the Gypsy and how it didn’t work properly right out of the box.
  • Numerous complaints of Imagine machines just dieing and having to be replaced. Some people have had to wait months for the machines to be replaced even though they all should have been working out of the box.
  • A high-priced Circle club that has not delivered what was promised to its members (can anyone say SCAM??)
  • Lack of customer service and lack of communication.
  • Heavy moderation of their forum so that ANYONE who says even the slightest things negative towards their company is moderated and/or banned.
  • Raising their prices to their retailers PER cartridge anywhere from $5 more to $27 more for EACH cartridge!
  • Allegedly stealing the Cake idea from a cake designer who pioneered the idea. She was sharing the idea long long before they ever had the cake machine and she was not given proper credit or compensation for her work. More details:
  • Allegedly stealing SVG files and other artwork from other designers online.
  • Stealing the idea of a Cricut magazine from the makers of “The Bug Magazine”, rather than working with them, they shot the idea down, stole their magazine name and gave them nothing in return.
  • Allegedly stealing their new logo design from “The Bug Magazine” people.
  • Failing to follow through on their Cake promotion (buy the cake, get two cartridges of your choice for free) many people have complained that after MONTHS of waiting, they received the wrong cartridges and PC’s only excuse is “we ran out”. . . HELLO?! PC freaking MAKES the cartridges!
  • When the Cricut original machine was first announced, it was promised to be exclusive to NON mega-chains and then the smaller stores NEVER got their orders. And the big box stores DID get to sell the Cricut and had sales that the smaller stores couldn’t compete with.
  • And the final straw for me is their lawsuits against so called “third-party” software companies (not that I believe they have much of a legal foot to stand on for most of what they claim, but I think they can simply squish the competitors because they have LOTS of money that we gave them!)

If you want to learn more about the lawsuits, you can see more by clicking here and clicking here!

Let’s show PC that being ridiculously greedy and alienating their consumers is NOT OK and let’s hit them where it hurts -their pocketbook! Who is with me?!?

What I am pledging in my boycott:

*No purchasing anything made by ProvoCraft, including the Cricut Imagine, Cricut Expression, Cricut Create, Cricut Cake, or Cricut Cartridges, or Cuttlebug stuff. . .

I will have the coding for this button in my sidebar if you want to take it, feel free!

There are plenty of alternatives to their machine so I don’t NEED them for my crafty fun. I am going to spend my crafty money somewhere I feel is better deserving of my money.

PS. . . I just want to add that I will continue to USE what I already have, but I am going to be putting a disclaimer on EVERY.SINGLE.POST of mine that contains any reference to Cricut. That is going to be my project for next week!

Here is my little disclaimer that you are going to find:

**I am on a ProvoCraft/Cricut Boycott! They won’t get another dime from me! Got a Cricut? Well use it! Don’t have one yet? Consider a different machine!! Click here for more details about my boycott and how I got here!!**

EDITED TO ADD: I have been “suspended” from the PC message board :O)

And I found this interesting little tidbit… so keep on using those Cricut machines ladies and gents! You can buy your comsumables from someone else and not give PC another dime!

“For those wishing to boycott a bullying company, you should be aware that Gazelle mats and blades work with the E. Blade holders, blades, and embossing, engraving, etching, and pen tools for the Pazzles Inspiration also work with the bugs. Don’t support bullies!”

Before you go, have you checked out today's steal?

116 thoughts on “Cricut/ProvoCraft Boycott! Time for Action

  1. Melissa

    I HATE Provo Craft! I haven’t bought anything of theirs for a good 3 years now. I have the Imagine (Big A** Paperweight) NEVER worked like it should have! I’m now selling ALL my Provo Craft items!

  2. Patricia Card

    I just came across this information. It is 5/3/14. I have had an Expression for about 4 years. And old version a friend gave to me. I think it’s one of the well made original versions. Haven’t had any issues with it. I recently took a big interest in learning all about it and increasing my carts from 4 to about 40, signed up on different websites that sell cricut products and have shopped on eBay for rock bottom cart prices. I had no idea all this was going on all these years until today. My problem now I think is I uploaded Cricut Craft Room to my Expression and it updated my machine as it is the older version. I see that I could have skipped doing this and would have been able to sign up for SCAL or MTC software instead? I hadn’t been aware of them. Now that my Expression is linked to CCR, I’m assuming from one of the other posts that if I try to use SCAL or MTC, that my Cricut will probably no longer work due to Cricut setting up firmware to corrupt itself if using this software???? That’s a cheap shot! I sure wish I had known this before I loaded my Expression to the CCR. Does anyone know if there is a way to remove it from CCR? I also have all my carts that I refuse to link to CCR now and I really want to be able to use SCAL or MTC if they are still available. If I connect my Expression to their software now, will my Expression stop working??? If I don’t use CCR again, would I be ok since I will be using the new software and not updating the CCR firmware again after downloading SCAL or MTC software??? I would love to just use what I have and start over with something else. I have spent around $1000 dollars and would like to get my money back and complete my projects. But I surely would like to support this cause. It is a shame what they are doing all for profit. Now that I am aware, I can begin to share. I do not tolerate Corporate Business Bullies, and I support decent, trustworthy businesses as the daughter of a small business owner. Could someone please email me to answer the questions I have asked about. I would really appreciate the help. I on the other hand, will support this cause and share this issue with all I know in the crafting community.
    Thank You,
    Patricia Card

  3. Sandy

    Ugh, I am in! I loved my mini, so I “upgraded” to an E2. Got it home, didn’t work. Could not cut a circle to save its life. Call the company, went through the whole unplug it, plug it back in thing and they deemed it broken (no kidding), I had to ship it to them BEFORE they would send me another one. So this means they get your money for crap equipment, then it takes up to three weeks to get a replacement. I got the new machine – SAME PROBLEM. Funny thing is this time they said they “tested” it. As what? A paperweight? Works great for that. Now I get ANOTHER THREE WEEK wait for another machine while I have to again send the old one back. At the end of it all I went through THREE machines – all the same issue. In the meantime I bought a Cameo and fell in love. Save the money, time and frustration go Cameo and never look back.

  4. Sandy

    I gave up on Cricut several years ago. I have had all there machines and got tired of having to pay large prices for cartridges that I only used a couple designs. Tired of having to constantly do updates and never could use the program online. I sold one machine and gave the Imagen to Goodwill. Haven’t used my Gypse for years and sounds like I mite as we’ll not even try.
    I bout the Cameo and love it, I buy only the designs I want and they are .99 and less. I recently purchased the Scan N Cut and love it not tied to a computer.
    So if you are thinking about a Cricut FORGET IT!

    1. Redsla

      I believe that there are enough people out here for us to bring a class action lawsuit against Provo Craft for all the wrongs that they have done us. They say you can’t sell your items on ebay because it will violate an artist’s design, they are liars and they are thieves. I recently purchased the Explore and NO manual comes with it so I was experimenting. I uploaded an SVG design that I was given to play with. It is another person’s actual design. I actually accidentally clicked on it instead of the one below it and I could not delete it. I emailed PC and have never heard a word. It is ok for them to STEAL someone else’s designs but we can’t sell our own stuff. I was very ill when my MS was out of remission and did not get to use my Gypsy. Of course it got the blue light black screen. All of my carts are linked so now I am out of luck as my gypsy is dead. I have tried desperately to find another one but no luck and I really don’t have the money to buy another one. I have called about sending mine back and they have not returned my calls. Everything that they are saying about the Explore is NOT true and they don’t come clean about it. I sent mine back. I want no part of them. I think we just start a lawsuit against them. PERIOD. We all keep talking about it, we need to do something or they will continue to get away with lying and cheating. That is my 2 cents worth.

  5. lori

    IM JOINING…..why oh why did I not do my research before buying my imagine machine……saved 2 years and bought it right before they discontinued them. only answer I get from customer support is “sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t” nothing we can do about it…… why isn’t there a class action lawsuit against provocraft yet……I am out $$$$$$ with the machine and digital carts… such a fool for falling for the cricut hype :(

  6. Disenchanted

    OMG! I am so disgusted by Provo Craft and will stop purchasing from them starting today! Yesterday, I went to purchase their daily special (machine and cartridge) and the website would not honor the price. I sent in an email using their “contact us” option. Today I followed up with the phone support (on hold on and off for almost an hour). I was told unless I have a screen shot showing the time stamp and deal that they would not honor the pricing and I must have been shopping right when their deal was expiring. SERIOUSLY! Who thinks of such ridiculous comments. Anyways, in the end it will be their loss. My machine was due to be upgraded and I wanted to buy one for my mom who would’ve started her own cartridge collection. It’s a shame that a company actively practices such dismal customer service practices that are also so legally shady reflecting the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading regulations 2008 and Price Marking Order 2004 regulations! Oh well, in the end consumerism triumphs and businesses based on indulgent purchasing habits will reap the loyalty and consumer respect that the sow! Add another boycotter to the list

    1. Samantha0316 Post author

      Ugh, but you emailed them the correct day! That is totally their fault, not yours. I feel for you, but I think you should take this as a good sign. Now you can get a Silhouette Cameo and “upgrade” :) I finally got my Cameo a couple months ago and I don’t know why I stuck with Cricut so long. My cameo cuts a million times nicer!

  7. Kathy

    I tried to sell my Gypsy with the linked cartridges (yes, I tried to sell them as I had heard they were supposed to be sold together) on eBay. Two days later, eBay pulled the auction. Provo Craft objected. I sent Provo Craft an email and here’s what they said:

    “Thank you for your inquiry regarding the eBay listing removed by Provo Craft. Please be advised that in responding to your question I am simply informing you of Provo Craft’s policies and positions and not attempting to provide legal advice.

    Provo Craft is dedicated to protecting its artwork and the artists who have created it. The Cricut® cartridges contain original artwork and when linked to a Gypsy device, a copy of the artwork is created on the Gypsy. If a Gypsy is being sold (or distributed in some other manner) with artwork on it, it is the copy that is being sold. If a linked cartridge is being sold by itself, there is a copy of that artwork on a Gypsy. Provo Craft believes it is similar to buying a CD, making a copy of it and selling either the copy or the original. For that reason, we are working to prevent either from being sold on eBay. Note that these restrictions generally do not apply to Gypsy devices with only those cartridges preloaded by Provo Craft.

    Thank you for your understanding. Please let me know if you have further questions.”

    So, I purchased this piece of hardware, never used it, and can’t sell it?

    I definitely am joining the boycott.

    Kathy C

    1. tabs

      Actually it would be nothing like selling a bootleg. It would be like selling a computer with a cd loaded on it: which wouldn’t be like bootleg until/unless the consumer used the computer to create the cds to sell. Selling hardware with software on it is legal. If the company wanted to require a fee to register the gypsy in another’s name for craftroom etc., it would be upon them to do so. However, as the original owner/purchaser, it is your right to do with it as you please. This is just more evidence that provo craft does not consider us, the customers, the owners of our machines and software. In a legal aspect it makes no sense. They are giving us “ownership” in exchange for compensation: therefore, they lose the right to dictate what we do with it – unless we violate copywrite. It isn’t violating copywrite unless you are making copies of copywrited material to exchange for compensation. Copying a cd or dvd to sell is violation of copywrite. Copying a cd or dvd to give to your husband is not – unless the cd/dvd was rented and then it would be, because you have rights to use the material for temporary gain. Provocraft must have some seriously sleezy lawyers to keep getting away with violating their customer’s/ owner’s right to use as they please. Their argument is like saying… “If you buy a car, you can’t resell the car, unless all original car parts and accessories are sold with the car.” Which is ridiculous.

      They also trip me out with their whole “we are protecting our artist rights,” this is ridiculous because their artist are compensated for their artwork – not for individual use of said artwork. And I am not downplaying or degrading the “art” by no means, but most of it I have seen is nothing more than clipart and basic shapes, found free on internet. Their use of it becomes “artwork” when the images are rotated, resized, recolored, and shadowed, etc. When considering their “artist” use of fonts, phrases, and collage design also found free, it is apparent that they never owned it to copywrite it. Goodluck proving a “font/phrase” is original to an “artist.” Their use of big words and disclaimers has gotten them pretty far in their “robbing customers” battle, but it is time to fight fire with fire. Our compensation gives us the right to own what we buy and letting them slither through the legal system to pick on the little guy is asking for disaster with other companies. They are sleezier than a rich man in a strip club.

      I personally sent them a msg to tell them that I was selling my machines and accessories by them to buy a “sizzix eclips.” And I made sure to tell them that I sold my gypsy and cartridges seperate because they have robbed their customers long enough. I made sure to write in in big words to try to confuse them. Then I sent an invoice of the amount I have spent with them and a reciept of sale for the stuff I sold, so they could see the amount lost in future/potential customers by me selling mine. And I hooked my 3 customers up so they could use/swap out cartridges. So I definitely cut into their future profits- and I am ok with that. I then added an invoice declaring my cost analysis for the “eclips” with competing cartridges, accessories, and software- to show why their company is inferior to “eclips.” I did not recieve a reply and I can no longer comment. Hopefully I made them mad enough to think. They need to be told as much as possible that they are douchebags in the way they treat the people who pay their bills.

      Boycott for me is already in place. Keep it up ladies.

    2. Nicole Dunn

      I was able to sell my Gypsy and linked cartridges on eBay back in April 2014 when my Explore arrived. Never had a problem and sold the whole lot for $520. Perhaps you can try again.

  8. Momma O

    My husband got me a Cricut for Valentines Day about 5 years ago. I only have 6 cartridges for thing and I have used it about a total of 4 hours. For whatever reason, I am just not into the darn thing… but its probably because the cost of the cartridges are so ridiculously overpriced. I guess I was boycotting before I even read this post – but what you are describing is certainly a sure fire reason for consumers to vote with their wallets!

  9. Cindy

    Had my machine for 15 months. It has put in only a good 2 hours of use, and I am being generous. It took at least 7 months for ProvoCraft to figure out the problem and send me a cord that works. By then the ink cartridges practcally dried up, and the Imagine wanted new ones. I was fuming!!! They recommend I get some new ones (they are not cheap!). What makes me furious now, is that you can not use it to cut only without working ink cartridges. Mad, so mad. I regret ever seeing this piece of junk. Even with a new cord, it still has many problems!!! One being it still cant be used with the craft room.

  10. Rob Stewart

    I don’t regret the time I have spent… and I don’t regret the money I spent on all those darn cartridges and tools. It was really frustrating to be so handcuffed and nickel/dimed in a business model that you knew was intended to milk you for whatever cash you could put out. I knew it was only a matter of time before alternatives would appear with business models that didn’t take advantage of the customer but could still turn a profit…. I can’t sell my Cricut stuff fast enough now (And I have alot) to go to the competitors.
    There is a difference between being profitable and being greedy… and PC was just greedy at the expense of their customers… and more so their loyal ones. Could you imagine the public outrage if a bubble jet printer company required you to buy the font you wanted to print out or they wouldn’t print the document you had just created… and instead of couple of bucks (the real cost of designing and licensing that font) they charge 10′s or even hundreds! I read a blog post that they were excited to offer new cartridges at a greatly reduced rate because their packaging had changed. $40 cheaper then before. I don’t know how stupid they must think we are but I severely doubt each unit had $40 “extra” cost before because it was a cardboard box and colour booklets inside.
    Good bye and I look forward to your chapter 11 announcement at some time in the not too distant (I hope) future.

  11. earlybird1

    I was just outbid on a gypsy on eBay and feel I dodged a bullet. I decided to google and found this site. Thank you. I have the create and expression 2. The E-2 isn’t good for my eyes and have started to use more Sizzix and spellbinders products. Thanks for being brave enough to put this out there. I will continue to follow your blog for updates!!!

  12. Lauren Sackman

    Im selling my cricut cartridges, machine EVERYTHING! im done spending my money on their crap. Yes they are link to my cricut craft room account but I dont give a crap. I will never use it nor will I ever buy anything from them again!!!

  13. Robin Oury

    My first encounter with Cricut is absolutely horrible.

    I bought my girlfriend a brand new Gypsy for xmas. Opened the box and cut the seals on xmas day.

    Gypsy is totally dead. The black screen of death that’s reported all over the place.

    OK, I think, just contact the company and get it taken care of.

    Now for the SHOCKER: Cricut/Provocraft will NOT replace this defective Gypsy. My girlfriend is in tears over it, I’m out $300 and I’m totally pissed.

    Support email says ‘no problem, we’ll take care of it, but can’t be done via email, so you have to call’

    Support center says ‘no, we will not replace the gypsy, too bad’.

    So I file a complaint with the BBB. I’m not asking for money, just an RMA so we can deal with this defective product. The response from Cricut/Provocraft: “No RMA will be given”

    Next step, the FTC. I have filed a complaint with them. This isn’t China, in the USA when you make a defective product you have to replace/repair it. There are laws that have to be abided by which Cricut/Provocraft is not doing.

    OH, and I’ve registered a wrebsite called and will be writing a webpage over the next few days which details what horrible treatment this company has given.

    1. Jann H Schott

      Best of luck with getting anything out of the company. If you paid for it with your credit card, you might give them a call to see if they can help. If you have a defective product, you shouldn’t have to pay for it. Just sayin’ some credit card companies will go that extra mile for you. GLAD you filed a BBB complaint.

      As far as your website–you might get a ‘nasty-gram’ since the name “Cricut” is trademarked–just letting you know their lawyers are good about hunting down ‘mis-use’ of their trademarked names.

  14. travelinduckie

    I’m sending this letter to Provo today:

    Owning over 120 Cricut cartridges it is safe to say that I have spent thousands of dollars on Provo Craft products. Not to mention machines, blades, mats, etc…
    I am writing today to express how disappointed I am in the products and why.
    I bought my first Cricut machine after I demonstrated it for a day while working at Archiver’s. It was a six inch machine, and the dials didn’t even have numbers on it, it was more like a bar that got wider and narrower as the dial turned. I bought all the cartridges that Provo Craft had on the market at the time.
    By the time the Cricut Expression came out I was hooked. I Bought an Expression and even more cartridges and my collection was growing to the point of envy among my scrapbooking friends. I bought a second Expression, one for home and one for going to crops. Then the sad day came when one of the Expressions stopped working. I set it aside because I still had one that worked; unfortunately that one went out too. I called Provocraft and you offered to fix it, I sent it back to be refurbished and a new one sent back to me. In the meantime, I returned the second one to the store for another. Yea! Now I have two working ones again. This was short lived. To make a long story short I currently have three, yes three, non-working Cricuts on the shelf in my garage.
    I have noticed a big difference in the quality of the machines since the original machine. For one the blade housings are now plastic. Even the over-all feel and sound of the cutting are of a lesser quality.
    I joined the Cricut Circle when it first came out. All I got were some overpriced cartridges that I never used, and got nothing else for being “in the club” because it was too new and Provo craft didn’t know what to do with this club. I kept getting emails saying that something was in the works, but never heard anymore.
    During the time I was collecting more and more cartridges and thought about a Gypsy. I finally decided it was time for the Gypsy. What a disappointment that is. I was so excited because now I can take a large library of cartridges to a crop. Well, as it turns out I absolutely hate it. The screen is so small, my forty-something eyes can’t work a 12×12 mat on a screen that is only about 3×3. I find it to be very user UN-friendly. And worst of all…Once a cartridge is linked, it’s linked forever. At least on my computer I can unload software that I have loaded. Once linked it is linked forever. I feel duped that now I have a Gypsy that I have NEVER used, and all my cartridges are linked to it. I can’t even get rid of this item in my home because I can’t unload the software loaded to it. I’ve called about this and they tell me once it’s linked it can never be unlinked. THAT IS REDICULOUS!
    Gypsy was the final straw with me. I have since bought a new, professional, cutting machine that I don’t have to keep investing money into cartridges, blades and mats. With all the money spent with Cricut I think you should have a better product for the money and the ability to un-install cartridges from a Gypsy.
    Not in letter:
    I have since sold some of the cartridges. I tried to sell the Gypsy and Provo Craft had my ad pulled from E-Bay. They said it was copyright infringement to sell the Gypsy without the actual cartridges. I no longer have many of the cartridges, and they are permanently linked to my Gypsy. I’m sort of stuck now because I don’t have all the cartridges. Only thing left is to Boycott!

    1. ImagineWhat

      Wow, I too am having numerious problems with the cricut imagine. Had an expressions, it was fine, sold it and now my imagine is not working. There seems to be a lot of unhappy cricut owners that are not able to get the company to deal with them.

      I sadly regret deeply having purchased this expensive machine! Actually my hubby bought it for my birthday, either way a complete waste of money.

  15. Dawn

    AGREED! I too have a love/hate relationship with them. I spent 4 mins. waiting to talk to someone after listening to all their prompts, I was so bothered by the time I talked to someone I could not even ask my question. How can we get them to be more customer minded and friendly? They have gotten to big and have abandoned those who got them there!

  16. dahna

    why didnt i see this before i invested in an expression 2 , gypsy and more than 10 carts?!!! my gypsy wont sync with craft room so that i can use the carts ive purchased. you cant load them to the gypsy if they have already been loaded to craft room. they tie you to the internet so they can be sure they are leaching every cent out of you . if i try to sell what i have gotten so far i will not only be loosing money but cheating another person becuase like i said the gypsy wont even work brand spanking new. yes im on the boycott!

  17. Carol Grady....the Lonestarbunny

    Yes, I will boycott as well. I bought a cricut years ago, had issues with it, used it maybe twice, and gave the thing away with NO regrets! I am back to the old fashioned cut your own because of this. I will definitely try some of the brands you all mentioned.

  18. Kim

    I agree, I havne’t bought anything from Provo Craft since thier lawsuits! How dare a company tell me what I HAVE to buy or not buy to use thier product!!!! The thing is that even though I have both SCAL 1 and 2, I still purchased carts from Provo Craft when I found one I just had to have!! They have cut their own throats as far as I am concerned. I stopped going to the Cricut forum when they started moderating every single comment that mentioned third party software. They just don’t know when to leave well enough alone!!!! The only reason I even bought a cricut in the first place was because of the projects, that I saw on their board,that were made with SCAL and I am sure that I am not the only one! In my humble opinion, they should have been thanking the makers of SCAL for getting people to purchase their overly expensive machines, in order to be able to use SCAL!

  19. Kricut Tangee

    Guess who is proudly displaying the boycot badge and has sold almost every pc item she owns? This lady!!! is changing to Provo Craft can SUCK it!

    They recently threatened me for selling svgs. they wanted to know how I got all the carts in svg format, did I make them? Uhm noooo. That’s 276 cartridges with 300 to 700 images, that can’t be done in 3 lifetimes!

    I owned everything PC. They had their chance to fix my issues and all I got was broken promises. So I am officially done. Lov my cameo and my pazzles!


  20. Kricut Tangee

    Guess who is proudly displaying the boycot badge and has sold almost every pc item she owns? This lady!!! is changing to Provo Craft can SUCK it!

    They recently threatened me for selling svgs. they wanted to know how I got all the carts in svg format, did I make them? Uhm noooo. That’s 276 cartridges with 300 to 700 images, that can’t be done in 3 lifetimes!

    I owned everything PC. They had their chance to fix my issues and all I got was broken promises. So I am officially done. Lov my cameo and my pazzles!


  21. simplyshe

    This is what i sent to Better Business Bureau

    Name: provocraft
    Address: 10876 South River Front Parkway, Suite 600 South Jordan, Utah 84095
    City: south jordan
    State: UT
    Zip/Postal Code: 84095

    Complaint Information

    Complaint Type: Product Issues
    Description of Complaint: I own a gypsy, product of provocraft. I recently tried to turned it on to use the blue power light came on but the screen was still black, I plugged it into the wall think it needed charging nothing. Tried resetting as trouble shooting directions said still nothing. Called provocraft tech support gypsy department, basically was asked to do the steps I above mentioned. I was told the problem is they “recently” found out if their gypsy customer do not use the gypsy often the display screen dies. I was told if the display screen still showed black my gypsy was dead. Since my gypsy is 2 years old out of warranty nothing they can do. Now i feel this is ridiculous trust me if I was told i needed to turn on my gypsy every week if i was going to use it or not to keep it alive i would of made it a point. This is product like others you may not use every day or every week may not every month. A disclaimer should of been given. This product when it first came out and may still cost over $200.00 dollars. Plus it is a product that you hook up your cartridges with serial numbers to and you can only use them to that gypsy. They are useless to any other provocraft product to download and some of use have over 100″ cartridges. The tech support person said my only option is to buy a new gypsy send the new gypsy and old gypsy to them so they can neutralize or something to that matter so i can use my cartridges on the new gypsy or whatever other product i may buy. I feel i should not have to buy another gypsy i bought in good faith, or rather my children this was a christmas gift. Provocraft owes me and hundreds if not thousands of other crafters their money. Most of us have this registered with them. I hope you will be able to help.
    Desired Settlement: Refund
    Desired Outcome Description: I am not sure if I want refund or replacement. The rumor among the crafter world due to this enormous mess provocraft may be discontinuing the gypsy so if something else happens to it how would i get a replacement part. I think this Item should be recalled. And a good look at the company.

    Additional Complaint Details

    Product/Service Purchased:

  22. simplyshe

    Okay here is my story This past Thursday I went to use my Gypsy did not work, blue power light came on, screen black, i tried resetting, charging for hours nothing happened. Called tech support basically was told if I did all that it meant my display panel was dead and all i could do was get a new one and seen both to them ( old and new) so they could serialnilizee or something like that so i could use my cartridges. but that is all they could do since i was out of warranty. They claim they problem was due to not having used it in awhile this is ridiculous.

    1. corey

      This happened to me exactly as you state. However, I kept after the people and told them they had to help me because there were no new gypsys to buy. Finally a gal told me too send it to her, I did,and she fixed it. She said to update it on the computer abt. 1x a month. I find if I do this, I do not have problems, so yes, it is true that it will have problems if you use it infrequently. Maybe a pain, but keep updating it.

  23. luverlie

    I join the boycott.
    I have a create but no cartridge (very long story)
    It has never cut anything.
    I can’t spend $$$$ for cartridges that only cut limited items. The thing is useless. I’m saving my money for a cameo.
    I thought the first lawsuit was greediness at best.
    Not sure what this one’s about, but I’m done with them.

    1. dir28

      I join the boycott. I’m am filing a complaint against this company. They really are such a greedy company. I will no longer be purchasing any Provo Craft products!!!

  24. 9 2 midnight

    ADD ME TOO PLEASE!!!!! Fair enough I brought my gypsy on line and not through a authorised dealer here in Australia. I’m willing to PAY for it to get it fixed!!!! I emailed the tech supporter here in AUSTRALIA and their reply was SORRY WE CAN’T HELP YOU CAUSE YOU DIDN’T BUY IT HERE. WE ONLY HELP CUSTOMERS WHO BUY HERE. WTF…. What a load of bull… I’m sure I’m not the only one here in Australia that brought on line so you think they’d help anyone who has brought CRICUT STUFF general.

  25. Loves to Scrap

    Add me to the list!!! I have had a lot of bad experiences with the cricuts, they have poor customer service and their machines are poorly built, I am now a owner of a sizzix eclips. Will never buy another cricut product!!!

  26. Loves to Scrap

    Add me to the list!!! I have 2 cricut expressions and not either one of them work, when I asked for advice of what I can do to get them to cut, they told me to pretty much reset the machines but that didn’t help, and was told there was nothing else they could do for me, so I told them how I felt about their poorly made machines. I just recently bought a Sizzix Eclips and I very much happy with the machine, I will never buy another cricut product!!!

  27. khallacy

    What are they waiting on?? For someone to get hurt or there house burn down? I bought 1 cart and got 2 with the 2 machines I own but that’s all. I bought a Lynx last year and haven’t bought a single thing from PC since and never will. I posted on there site that I hope the Attorney General in Utah investigates them.

  28. Linda

    A cricut Expression in Australia costs $795. They only deal with one importer so there is no competition. I purchased a machine from the States through a Craft company and paid around $300 plus $200 postage which still worked out cheaper than the local price. Of course on arrival the new Expression did not cut properly. A message to PC got the reply “It appears your machine is faulty.” OF COURSE IT IS!! When asked what could be done, they would not stand by any warranty as the machine was not purchased through the Australian supplier. I had the power supply from an original Cricut which was suitable for the Expression so that was not the reason for the fault. Several emails and discussions with a lawyer in the States were not able to resolve this situation. I have purchased nothing since, and am in the process of selling the hundreds of dollars worth of cartridges I purchased for my original cricut. Never again will I buy any product from Provocraft. Because of them only having the one importer for the whole of Australia they were able to dictate very severe rules with regard to price, advertising and use of the machines here, they had the monopoly on the market. Not any more! I am currently paying off a new Sizzix Eclips which does more than the cricut, works with SCAL and is hundreds of dollars cheaper here. Their customer service (for the Eclips) is fabulous, they have information videos and workshops on their site and know more about keeping customers satisfied than Provocraft will ever know! JMHO and good luck with your boycott.

  29. andie

    I bought my baby bug a few years back and loved it!!! I also, on black Friday, was struck with the awful idea to buy the imagine. Sure it kinda worked for awhile and I only gave $187 for it pre-tax so the price was right (not for what it wound up being mind you!). About a month ago is when the real fun started, I was in the beginning stages of planning my daughters bday party and loved the images on lori’s garden so I bought it. now, I refuse to pay over $35 for carts but I bought it online for $29 pre-tax. now, lets define kinda worked, it would randomly not see the black lines and just spit the mat out at me, the print quality was fair at best, and the cuts were not as soft as I had assumed such a “quality” machine would produce. So back to the timeline, when I actually started trying to do a project with this machine it would not cut and print as advertised. Sure it would cut, and it would print but would never cut near the print. Odd. So after 4 hrs of trying to calibrate it (test page fine still did the exact same thing) I wound up emailing provocraft begging (literally in tears I was so frustrated) them for help. no response. The next day I posted on the fb page for the imagine. No response aside from a lady trying to be supportive who was not affiliated with pc. To my knowledge the post has not been removed. So the day after that I emailed them yet again, short and sweet. no response (wait for the kicker). Yet again, 4 days after main issue began, I contacted pc. I called and asked for help they suggested that I myself clear the hard drive reformat it and then re update it. which is an exceptionally ridiculous request for someone like me. so I put my husband on the phone and he argued with them for about 1 hr trying to convince them that I just want something else, anything else really. Eventually they agreed to ship me an expression 2 upon receipt of my current imagine. So, I’m still waiting for my new e2 after footing the $76 shipping bill to send a defective item back to the manufacturer. Cricut cust. service finally, after 8 days, responded to my email asking for help with a simple “update your machine”, as if I missed the neon orange sheet of paper telling me to do so included with the imagine. perfect. I most truly respect your boycott and would dearly love to participate however, I cant afford another machine after being bled dry by provocraft. As for the carts, I’m kind of a vanilla person and tend to be pleased somewhat by the carts I have. I would love to make my own designs or even purchase some from scal that cricut for some odd reason refuse to include in a cart, but I find the prospect of switching to a different cutter and not being able to rely on my carts for some bland inspiration a daunting one. I’ve found the perfect way to re-sticky my mats and rarely buy blades so aside from the carts (which I find at a reasonable price on I’d be happy to join in. Also, when I grow out of my e2 I promise to take a much closer look into the other cutting machines! I became aware of these issues with provocraft only after having troubles with my imagine and if I could have returned it I would have (I threw away the box):/

  30. ldburton

    I have had a cricut since xmas and love it. I havn’t had any issues w/ it or anyone at the company. I never heard such bad things on such a large scale! I love my cricut and everything it does. I have very very little PC products though, I mean I’m just getting started. Any suggestions for us newbies that don’t have any products but are dying to spend money on more carts?? What other product brands will work in my expression? Mats? Blades? Carts? Where do I go from here if I don’t want to support a hateful greedy company?

  31. Mac

    I bought a Cricut Imagine for my wife for Christmas on Black Friday. Just hooked it up and the damned thing won’t update. I wish I had found this page before I bought it.

  32. ~April~

    I am totally with you… I was thinking bout getting away from PC products and then the law suite hit and my mind was made up… I now own a new and better machine from a different company and am so glad I made the change. I save money every project I make… No more expensive carts that I only need one thing on, cutting mats that do not hold their sticky over a cut or two, bad customer service and so much more…

  33. ~April~

    I am totally with you… I was thinking bout getting away from PC products and then the law suite hit and my mind was made up… I now own a new and better machine from a different company and am so glad I made the change. I save money every project I make… No more expensive carts that I only need one thing on, cutting mats that do not hold their sticky over a cut or two, bad customer service and so much more…

  34. ~April~

    I am totally with you… I was thinking bout getting away from PC products and then the law suite hit and my mind was made up… I now own a new and better machine from a different company and am so glad I made the change. I save money every project I make… No more expensive carts that I only need one thing on, cutting mats that do not hold their sticky over a cut or two, bad customer service and so much more…

  35. Sarabeth

    wowza! i just took a little bit to read and check things out-i’d like to say i’m floored but i shouldn’t be…so much yucky business being run all over. it’s said that they didn’t just partner up and do things right all along-is it really so hard to be honest. apparently so. i don’t have the imagine, cake machine or the gypsy so i’m staying clear! thanks for sharing the info and i’m definitely passing this along!



  36. Anonymous

    I just found your website and I TOTALLY agree with all that you’ve said. PC is so overpriced! I have 2 Cricuts and they sit on the shelf. I also own a Silhouette SD and absolutely love it, PLUS I have MTC. No more PC for me!!

  37. fthhoplove

    I have been boycotting Provo Craft for quite awhile now. I work for a law firm and have tried, unsuccessfully, to get them to look into suing Provo Craft for defrauding the public with their b.s. Maybe one day I’ll be able to convince my bosses that there’s a case to be had against these hacks. Until then, I will continue to go else where for my crafting products.

    1. ImagineWhat

      been awhile since you posted but is there any movement on a class action suit? I am so disappointed with the cricut imagine,it is beyond words that should be used. So much money down the drain.

  38. Jodie

    I have bought a ton– like most- cried from happiness at the gift of my first Cricut personal. I now have Expression, DS, and a very large $500 paperweight of an Imagine.I will take a SLEDGE HAMMER to them all before giving OR selling it to anyone else- I will not support PC nor will I let the product I bought support PC by giving them or selling them to anyone. I am A DIE HARD ANTI Provo Crafter… Everything they make or post ALSO belongs to PC. Per there machine usage- no one can even sell anything they make online– And no Licensed carts cut outs or projects can be SOLD AT ALL! ANd the machine is for PERSONAL use only- So using it to sell stuff VOIDS your warranty. They are greedy little people that will meet with their fate one day for all the things they have done badly to people and others..

  39. Anonymous

    I unfortunately, made the mistake of buying the original Cticut and to add to my misery bought the Expression. I find I have problems all the time and also need more and more cartridges to fulfill what I need to do. So I purchased a Sizzix BigShot and joy of joys it is marvelous leaves Cricut for dead. invest in a BigShot and have more fun, all dies work with it and a lot can be bought on special.

  40. Anonymous

    I’ve been having a time trying to post with my Google account. I hope anonymous works. :-)

    Add me to the list as well. On PCCrafter I have “purse” money still sitting there. The don’t even support their long time forum at PCCrafter which is now non-exsistant thanks to their greed. They have the worse customer service I’ve ever had the displeasure of dealing with. As far as bullies; they are numero uno! Sharks who enjoy going around and eating little guppies. Shame on them….aaarrrrrgh!!! I amd truly D-O-N-E with them and their ways.

    After purchasing my Silhouette who has the most amazing customer service I’ve ever seen that lousy little bug can go jump off a bridge. I am so impressed with my Silhouette; I even started a forum to help out other Silhouette users. There are many there who felt stabbed in the back by PC.

    Now they have come up with their own version of the Silhouette…ha!ha!… what fool would buy one of theirs after the reputation they have made for themselves.

    If any of you want to talk about a reliable company, vent about your dealings with PC you are all welcome to join our group forum.

    Here’s our web addy:

    Best crafty wishes,
    Debbie aka doodlingdebbie

  41. Joyce Evans Erb

    I found this article the day I was going to upgrade to the expression 2. I purchased the Silhouette SD instead. Very happy with it. I was already getting consumables else where. I did get SCAL and love it. Plus for newbies like me they have very reasonable art sets.

    I totally agree that I purchased a cutter, I should be able to use it with 3rd party apps.


  42. Kimberley

    I just wanted to add that I’m now saving my pennies for a cougar. From all the research I’ve done since this Cricut fiasco, the cougar looks like the way to go. No software limitations, and it looks to cut even intricate designs like a hot knife through butter.


  43. Kimberley

    I’m in.

    I first saw the Cricut at Michael’s at a whopping 500$ and 90 bucks a pop for each cartridge. Until then I didn’t even know of a such animal as a personal cutter, but at that price I just figured I’d never own one.

    My Honey bought me one for Christmas a couple of years ago, but I only just opened it up a couple of months ago. I think I was part intimidated by the machine and part intimidated by the thought of buying those cartridges.

    Then I found out about Sure Cuts a Lot. I bought the software and finally opened the Cricut box. Now I’m pi**ed that they didn’t even have the decency to give me what I need to get going on a project. All I got was one regular blade and a couple of cartridges. You’d think at that price point they’d give you a starter pack of paper, both blade types and whatever tools you need to work with. Oh no I guess that is too close to the right thing to do.

    Anyway, now I’m scouring the internet for any generic or outside brand that’ll work with my cricut. I’ve got great sources now for vinyl at nearly a third of what cricut vinyl costs. Blades and housings etc. I won’t buy anything Provo Craft ever!


  44. Bast

    Well said! I am sick of spending a fortune on cartridges. I am tired of products that do not work brand new out of the box and have to spend shours of my time on the phone trying to get it to work I am furious that you have to spend a ton of money in this ecomony to join the ‘Cricut Circle’ to buy exclusive cartridges which are overpriced. I am really tired of it and will not purchase any machines etc from them in the future.

    I am ready to stop buying anything and everything from them at this point!


  45. cherylpavlik

    I am joining your boycott!!! I have 80 plus cartridges, 3 cricut machines (one is broken),and many other products from them. I hated to see many of the people that was selling their carts lose the ability to sell at a competive price let alone the SCAL product loss. I use my Cricut as a tool to craft, I do not craft so I can use my Cricut!! I just purchased an eCraft and will be working hard to adjust to it. I am boycotting Provocraft. They have gotten their last cent from me!!

  46. Anonymous

    This greed shown by Provo Craft may be symptomatic of the culture. Bear with me through my reasons and you may agree.
    My worst customer service experience ever was with R. C. Willy the furniture store. After full payment including delivery charge and a week of waiting they brought out a cabinet with misaligned doors. Four weeks later and two more rejects I finally got comparable to the showroom piece.
    A good friend who’d been promised the family bible as inheritance was cheated when members of a certain church visited the incapacitated Grandmother in a retirement home and had the bible signed over to them for their genealogy research. My friend told his story and of how much his family history recorded in that bible meant to him but they kept it anyway.
    My ex-husband, new to the start-up insurance owned by member of same religion, went out of town for company set appointments. The arrangement was his paycheck was issued upon close of the contract only and the hotel/travel expenses were on us. The perspective customers did not even meet the eligibility requirements for the program. Of course the contract we signed did not mention that the company was responsible for clearing the contacts THEY made. We were not reimbursed.
    And a year ago I had a member of the same religion replace my roof at the recommendation of two of his church members. The new roof leaks worse that the old one and after two trips back it still leaks and my calls are not returned. He, by the way, was paid in full. I’ll end up in court.
    At first I thought it was just those individuals but since the roof I now believe it is an attitude of superiority and the greed is partly to funnel money to the Big M _ _ _ _ _ Money Machine. When it comes to money, there is no integrity with these folks at least those I known.
    So I eagerly join with you in the boycott of Provo Craft. Hey there’s info on the web about re-doing the cutting mats (which I have not tried yet). Guess PC will be suing the manufacturer of the adhesive! I’ve been waiting for the outcome of the law suit before buying SCAL. I know I’ll be getting another companies cutting machine next time. And if I buy, my Daughter-in-law to be, a cutting machine, it will not be from Provo-Craft!

  47. Homespun Design Company

    Sami, I admire anyone with principle. I agree with your post and have been reluctant to purchase any of the cricut machines because of the long term cost of using there product. the only reason that I purchased a used machine from(Craigslist)was because of SCAL. I just could not make myself pay 40-80 dollars per cartridge to use a very expensive up front cost machine. Tammy

  48. CardDiva

    The lawsuits against MTC and SCAL & the woman who originally decorated cakes with a Cricut, before the Cricut cake machine was even launched or thought of, was the FINAL STRAW for me. I also no longer support any Provocraft brand, due to their lack of honesty, integrity and BAD customer service.

  49. Kim Score

    I will join the boycott! The lawsuit against Craft Edge was the last straw. I will happily continue to use SCAL and will NEVER buy another crartridge since I have more than enough already. Same with cuttlebug. I can get my dies and embossing folders from Sizzix.

  50. Cheri

    I have found the PC software totally useless and now it is continuing to fail. MTC is such a great software and I love all that you can do with it, otherwise the Cricut would be deemed useless. The carts are way to expensive for what they are and they are very limiting to creativity. PC really missed the value when they no longer would allow, SCAL and MTC to be used with their machines. I wish the cougar would be a lot more competitive with their prices – for I hear it is a terrific machine. I also realized it is best to have mat when cutting.

  51. Elle The Heiress

    I also have a love/hate relationship with Cricut. I’ve seriously considered switching over to Silhouette, but my husband just spent a crapton of money on the Imagine for me in December. And honestly? I haven’t used it a single time. Granted, at first I was too pregnant, and now I’m busy with the new baby. But I just have no desire to use it. And, I’ve been a Cricut user for three years, I’ve had three different machines (kept upgrading) and I have spent hundreds on cartridges. Do I really want to just throw away that whole investment to switch over to Silhouette? I don’t know.


  52. Suzan

    Very well said, I on the other hand purchased my Cricut strictly because of SCAL way back years ago. I found it limiting in what it could do. So I upgraded to a Cougar. Provo Craft doesn’t realize that people that have cricuts and carts and 3rd party software, are still going to purchase carts, They love the best of both worlds. And I have seen carts, that I love I just won’t pay the price for them. It is crazy. I bought one cart. Tags Bags Boxes and More on ebay for 20.00 and I had a 10 dollar coupon. I think of all the people Cricut has hurt and it is disgusting. Mine will sit on the shelf and rot before anyone ever uses it. And no I don’t have a lot of money, but why should I pass problems on to someone else.

  53. Cher

    Okay Sam,

    I knew it was you to start the PC Boycott. Way to go girlfriend see ya on FB. You are fabulous! You need to take this credit for this because it surely belongs to you. You have brought to light, very valid points and I think your actions are commendable. Thank you, I have always disliked the PC because I feel they cheat innocent women and rob them of their dollars.

  54. Sweet Magnolia Rose

    I just learned about PC boycott. I have been disappointed with Provo for a long time :0(
    Since I bought my first machine I have been displeased with the company for the reasons listed below…..

    1. The lack of user materials given with the machine….I had figure things out by wasting materials. I finally learned about the machines from outside sources to learn all the tricks to using the machines. “U-tube”

    2. When I bought my 1st Gypsy it did not work. The charger did not fit properly nor would it charge “NO REFUND” I had to purchase another one. AND TO TOP IT OFF!!!!!! I LOST ALL THE CARTRIDGES I LINKED TO IT “BEYOND MADDING” Now my 2nd Gypsy is in need of a connection cord my imagine does not recognize the gypsy when it is plug in :0(
    3. When I bought the 1st cricut cake…….It also was not in working order. The machine could not adjust the pressure for cutting “NO REFUND” I had to purchase a second machine!!!! Still no proper hand book for this machine either.

    4. After a long debate with myself “I did buy a cricut circle membership” I wanted to have the cartridges, the extra reward points, insider tips on how to use the new machines and I thought it would help grow my studio classes……I HAVE NEVER FELT SO RIPPED OFF IN MY LIFE!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE YET TO LIKE ANY OF THE CARTRIDGES RELEASED FOR THE CIRCLE MEMBERSHIP……I GET BETTER INSPIRATION FROM OUTSIDE SOURCES….”THE OTHER BLOGS I FOLLOW” AND NOT ONLY THAT!!!!!! I DON’T FIND IT FAIR THAT CERTAIN MEMBERS GET THE CARTRIDGE WEEKS BEFORE OTHERS!!! WE PAID THE SAME PRICE AS THEY DID!!!!

    5. I have never received good customer service when working with Provo Craft. I have always had to wait longer than normal “wait times” when calling and no one has yet to help any of the issues I had :0( I never had my emails returned either.

    So as all you can see…..I have had many issues with this company. I always turned aside because I did not think there were other options out there. Now with knowing, I have other options I will join the ban against Provo Craft. I will look into purchasing a different machine that will work with SCAL and MTC!!! AT this time I am unable to throw out my PC products due to DT work I promised. However, in July when my DT’s end I will not work with their company until they reverse and fix the problems they created.

  55. shauna

    I just saw this and am definitely joining the boycott. Also, I found out today (before learning about the lawsuits/boycott) from a very reliable source that Cricut is looking to break from PC. They are looking for another company to team up with. I don’t know of course, when or if this will actually come about but I heard about it from someone who works for Cricut. Since I teach art as well as create for my own enjoyment I buy a lot of products. I will not buy another PC item however! Thanks for putting this out there, Samantha. I just found your site and will be back!

  56. cropgal

    I recently received my BossKut Gazelle and am very happy with it. My E and all 138 of my cartridges are in the crafting closet in case of emergency, but I am done purchasing PC products. Never have been their biggest fan, but the lawsuits were the end for me. BTW….the Gazelle is a great machine….was up and running with MTC within 10 minutes!!! It cuts FAST and CLEAN!!!!

  57. Beverly

    I too have been frustrated with PC, my complaint is the stupid cartridges. I bought MTC and fell in LOVE with it, and now they tell me if I upgrade the firmware or MTC, it will stop working. I am in the market for a new cutter! In the meantime I will use my MTC with my bugs (no updates for now) and look forward to the day I am PC-free!

  58. JH Schott

    I am SO in agreement with you. I joined the Boycott Provo Craft last week when a friend sent me the ‘settlement’ information about MTC. That was on March 14th when I received the information.

    I was happy to see the “Boycott PC” FB page getting popular. I’ll be deleting the bug from my home soon!

  59. khallacy

    I bought my Expression thinking I could use any software I wanted to create things with. Wasn’t too long before I found Make the Cut and went from there. Then PC sued MTC. Not only do there machines suck but then going after someone who is only out there to help people create what they wanted in the first place. Dont they see MTC, SCAL and the others are only helping them. Provo Craft is NUTS!! VERY BAD business practices. Just sitting back waiting for it to fail and file bankruptcy just like the bank that bought it a yr ago. Im buying a Black Cat Lynx!!

  60. In Love with a Bug

    I just found your site from the FB boycott page. Thanks for expressing your displeasure with PC. I was leary to join the boycott at first, but I am signed up now. No more PC for me. I love, love, love my SCAL.

  61. yougotmel

    add me to the boycott list…I can’t at this point buy new so I’ll just use what I have and start using my SCAL a LOT more….will be saving my pennies for an upgrade to a more customer friendly/company – machine. I’m hoping they get ecraft working with SCAL soon because I’m really liking the looks of one of those…..but it will take me a while to save that many pennies.

  62. Christine

    I only got my E at Christmas as an upgrade from the Create. Looks like i’m gonna be selling it as I don’t want anything more to do withvor to buy from PC again (not until they reverse what they have done to Andy and soon to do to Tod).

    Message to PC:- Why do you see them as a threat? All they have done is increase the sales of your products.

  63. Shana

    I only bought my Cricut Expression BECAUSE the third-party software exists. They should be thanking the little guys, not suing/punishing them! My next cutter will NOT be from PC, and my future “supplies” for my current bug are going to be from other manufacturers.

  64. Carmen

    I got a Cricut for Christmas and have barely used it. We have just had a ‘conversation’ on the phone with Cricut Tech and after talking to them and explaining that we understood what was happening, and after mentioning we would consider a class action lawsuit of all Cricut owners against PC, they decided they would replace our Cricut for us. Gee thanks.
    Unfortunately, this company seems to have no integrity and we were wary about sending them the machine and waiting for a new machine that is basically useless to me without software that allows me creative license. We were told that SCAL or MTC ‘fried’ their Cricut and that was the problem; that even if I were to remove SCAL there was no guarantee that the Cricut would work afterwards; that the warranty was void if I had SCAL or MTC on my laptop. My husband is tech savvy, and called their bluff. The SCAL software could not corrupt the Cricut hardware. It’s just not possible.
    I hate to suggest this, but there’s a possibility that in order for the Cricut to no longer work with other software programs, they would have had to write something into their firmware update to this effect. I’m not saying they have, I’m saying that it makes the most sense. Think about it….why would SCAL or MTC create a program for the Cricut that doesn’t work with Cricut? My Cricut stopped working when I downloaded Cricut’s trial CDS and tried to update the firmware (like it told me to do).
    So in the end, we opted to return our StoryBook bundle to Costco, who are happy to take it back and reimburse us our money (Cricuts are not included in their 90 day electrical warranty and they will take them back anytime). Now I can go and buy something that better suits my needs.
    As a side note…I have never been so frustrated in my life trying to make something work. As far as I’m concerned, they have an overpriced product with overpriced cartridges, and they are anything but consumer friendly on a number of levels. I’m so done with them!

  65. Barbara

    C’mon over to Silhouette, friends! We don’t have those kinds of problems! I sure am glad I bought what I did and saved those thousands for my consumables. I had a little bitty problem one day (it was with a converted SVG file) and the Sil guys wrote a bug fix and had it to me within an hour. My jaw hit the floor, but their customer response is just awesome. Also, I pay less for a 10-foot long roll of vinyl that you do for 2 sheets of it. I’m shocked at the prices you guys have to pay for their products. I have a great machine, great software that works with my computer (no cartridges to buy at all), and great customer support.

  66. Cricut Critter


  67. Paula

    I’m with ya! These software lawsuits are ridiculous, and are totally meant to restrict us to only purchasing from them, instead of being able to choose our own software and accessories to go with the machines that we have already purchased from them for hundreds of dollars.

  68. 2KutiesGrandma

    I’ve also started my own one-person boycott of Provocraft. I have purchased a non-Provocraft cutter and my cutter, gypsy and jukeboxes have found a good home. I am currently going through my cartridges (OMG – what an investment!) and will be giving these new homes as well. I won’t go so far as to destroy anything – but I am donating my Crapcut stuff in hopes that my donations prevent what would have otherwise been purchases from Provocraft.

  69. Nicole K/GothamGal

    I was boycotting before I read your post. Basically, I was still buying PC stuff, the warranty on the machine was only 1 year…If they had allowed us to purchase a longer warranty or perhaps a program that did something like SCAL, I totally would’ve jumped at it.

    I bought some markers with Cars and Disney princesses in the target dollar spot. They work in the expression, you just have to watch how you load them. :-)

  70. Tasteful Art

    I’m so out of the loop but I think I’ve caught on by now…as much as I love my Cuttlebug and my E…I am also grateful to MTC for making it fun to use my E. I spent my hard earn dollars on these products and should be able to use them with whatever software I see fit, so I will be boycotting PC products too. I will however continue to use what I have until it breaks down because I can’t afford another cutter at the moment. Shame on PC for their bullying tactics!

  71. Lorna

    Pretty sad when the Big companies and Government control what we do with our Hard earned Money,I am going to be saving for another machine and disposing of my E and Cake, I will not sell them due to PC will still make money off of them. If Scal or MTC is not allowed to be used. It would force some one into buying the expensive, uninteresting cartridges. Happily Boycotting PC

  72. CatScrapper

    Hey Sami, don’t forget to boycott their over priced magazines, too! I would never buy them because of the price, but now there’s an even better reason not to!

  73. sewlynn

    It is pretty typical of provo craft. They seem to be money hungry. Love how much easier Scal is then pc program (which I bearly used) And I bought the imaagine and do not like it at all. Will no longer purchase things from Provo.

  74. moovet

    Sign me up for the boycott :) I too have been moderated on the cricut board for saying negative things about the gypsy and PC’s terrible customer service. No more PC products coming into my house!
    Carol A

  75. Gina (Happymom2010)

    Sam: Thanks for all your work. I have lots of cartridges and also have SCAL. I have not used SCAL a lot, but with “this” situation now I’m so convinced I need to learn how to use it and I won’t buy any more items from PC.
    The only motive to PC is $$$$$, SHAME ON THEM!

    Gina L.
    happymom2010learning at gmail dot com

  76. Valerie

    I am with you! I can’t believe that PC would do this, they are shooting themselves in the foot just to prove a point. oh, and I am your newest follower! now I just need to figure out how to boycott them (re-sticky my mats, etc).

  77. cricutkris

    Girl you knew that suspension was coming didn’t you?!? LOL!!! Oh well, at least you can’t be repressed on your own site! When they announced the Craftroom and how it worked I thought, Well there it is….the way they lock us down and out. It’s just the final piece to the monopoly puzzle. I applaude you for standing up for what you believe! ~Kris

  78. Christina

    I can’t believe they suspended you for having an opinion. I have had my own personal boycott of Provo Craft products since I had a really bad customer service experience with them almost a half year ago. Haven’t bought anything from PC since. But now because of these lawsuits, it had really pushed me to look into other options and support a company that has better customer service and it willing to listen to their customers.

  79. Susan

    Good for you for finally taking this step. I purchased my last cartridge over a year ago (at a greatly discounted price), and avoid PC as much as possible. I still have my original Cricut from years ago, and refused to give them more money.I have used SCAL for a couple of years, and really like it.

  80. janet

    I totally agree! PC has just added the final straw! I was a loyal customer who still bought carts after buying MTC-never again will they get a penny of my money! PC lies and does not make a quality product that LASTS! I’m joining your boycott!


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