March 2011 Release!!

Hey everyone!!

Did you think I was done posting for the day??? NOPE!! LOL  I have a HUGE HUGE HUGE announcement and a new stamp set to release today!!!

First, I would like to say. . . I absolutely LOVE what I do as a “professional” crafter/blogger/stamp designer. I put professional in quotes because it doesn’t feel like a JOB. I have so much fun crafting, designing, and making friends in the scrappy community. It is a real dream come true for me, but I couldn’t do it without YOU!

As much as I love every single one of my readers, if it wasn’t for my amazing customers who purchase SP and Company Stamps, then I wouldn’t have nearly as much time or energy to be on here doing what I am doing. I would be out in the “real world” putting in my 40+ hours a week. So I would like to give a very special thank you to those of you who believe in me and my stamp line!! I have some of the absolute best customers. Thank you so much for your continued support!

Now for my HUGE announcement! And some of those customers have requested something that I am now proud to present for them. . . SP and Company will now begin to offer DIGITAL STAMPS!!!

I have used digital stamps, but I am a touchy feely kind of a person and like to have the real stamps in my hand. My heart is totally with clear and rubber stamps right now, BUT my customers have asked and asked for digital stamps so now they will get what they want!

For those of you who don’t know much or anything about digital stamps, we will learn together. I plan on doing quite a few lessons about digital stamps so that we are all on the same page.

Basically digital stamps are downloadable images that you print off on your own printer. They are neat because you can size them any size and even flip them. Some very tech savvy people actually do the coloring using their computer programs. Another good thing about digital stamps is that they are stored on your computer so they don’t take up space in your scrap room (and you get then instantly rather than having to wait for them to arrive at your house, and you don’t pay shipping for them!

The first digital stamp is now available in the SP and Company store by clicking here!  This is the Chickie Digital Stamp

Don’t worry! I will still continue to bring you new clear photopolymer stamps. And today, I would like to present the March stamp set to you! This set is called Easter Eggy and is available for purchase starting now!


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One thought on “March 2011 Release!!

  1. Hey Sami – this is AWESOME news. Congratulations. I haven’t used any digital stamps yet, so I’m glad we’ll be learning together (you’re an awesome teacher as well and I just love your tutorials). I can’t wait to get started 🙂

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