My Scrapbook Nook!

Hey everyone!!

I am so excited to share photos of my new SCRAPBOOK NOOK with you!! It is hard to explain, but the area that I will now be scrapping in was my mom’s home office area. Well she moved her office area into the spare bedroom with my hubby’s office and that area is now my scrapbook nook! It is a part of our living room, but our living room is SOOOOOOOO long that our actual living room set-up only takes up about 2/3 of the room. It is actually PERFECT because that gives me my own little space again!

Before the spare bedroom was an office for my hubby who is in grad school, it was my scrapbook area. And then I moved my scrapbook stuff into the dining room (but all my stuff wouldn’t actually fit in the dining room and I didn’t have enough electrical plugs in the dining area so it totally stunk!). I have been in the dining room for nearly a year and have really missed having my own space.  I am really excited to have my own space again!!!! YIPPEE!

So here is a peek into my new scrapbook nook:
Oh, and I changed my watermark again. What do you think of it?


This is an overall view of the nook, and you can see the L-shaped couch that is part of our living room. I am so happy about my new area, mostly because I have plenty of electricity and enough room to have my gorgeous table again!!! I LOVE my table! We got this gorgeous beauty at American Signature Furniture on clearance for $100! (it has a leaf insert which is missing an edge piece) It was an absolute steal of a deal and it is my favorite piece of furniture ever! It is bar height.

The chairs are from Target. If you look closely, the two on the side shown in the photo are still wrapped in plastic and have their tags on them. I had purchased the first two and then they clearanced these chairs and discontinued them and had to hunt for the last two (I would still love to have one more, but we couldn’t find any more of them). Thanks to my wonderful aunt, we got the last two!

This is the side of the table I will be sitting on when I scrap. I will be able to watch the TV while I scrap if I want to. My 4 shelves are across the back wall.

And the only thing I added to my set up was the media tower. I wanted something to put all my stamps in and there it is! A few weeks ago, I sorted through ALL of my stamps and unmounted all of the mounted stamps and got rid of all the stamps I no longer wanted.  At the top of the media tower, I have a speaker and my iPod is dangling down because I have it plugged into the speaker on the top shelf (you can see it in the photos above). I love to scrap while listening to music so it is so great to finally have music set up so I don’t have to use headphones!!

Next to the media tower is a file cabinet (holding my stock of SP and Company stamps for sale). On the filing cabinet, I have my light box for taking photos of cards and my ribbon organizer.  Hanging on the wall, you can see my memory board which holds the lovely greeting cards that my friends and sweet readers send to me! I cherish those and love to go over and look at them all.

I am really happy with the space, but I am going to have to work on getting some more lighting. There is wonderful lighting during the day because of the big windows, but at night, the living room lights don’t make it quite bright enough.

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7 thoughts on “My Scrapbook Nook!

  1. Is that a butter-yellow leather couch? Awesome!! My space is very similiar to yours! I have big Ikea bookcases all along one wall, and my cricut on my desk…Yours is much more organized than mine is at the moment! Okay, fine…yours is cleaner than mine EVER is! 🙂

  2. Samantha, Your space looks wonderful!!!
    Very neat and organized!!
    You can come and organize my whole scraproom 😉
    I am not an organizing kind of person.
    I get overwhelmed very easy.
    My sweetheart always kept mine organized before he passed away.

  3. Sami – this looks awesome !!! I have the major portion of my crafting stuff in my living room as well – the guest room holds the other stuff and could make it my craft room, but when I tried it, I got very lonely, so make a nook myself – I love being able to craft while watching tv and talking to Jim and Patrick. Enjoy your new area !!!!

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