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Hey everyone!

Today I have a little photography for ya!! I am itching to take another photography class, *SIGH* maybe someday.

So yesterday, I got a wild hair (pun intended, he he!) and decided to do something pretty radical. . . you can see the transformation below:


What do you think of my new “do”?  I usually get a shorter cut every other spring and then go through the medium and longer looks for a while. As I have mentioned in many a post, I do love change and changing my hair is fun! LOL

Anyway, so in my photos, the only thing I saw was NOT-WHITE TEETH! My teeth are not as white as I wish they were so I found a little tutorial on YouTube on how to whiten them in photoshop. Click here to check it out! So easy, huh? If only whitening in real life was so easy!

Now for a doggy update. . . this one is about puppy Emma and her eye removal surgery. It has been a couple of months since her eye was removed (glaucoma). Her hair has grown back and her skin has healed up really beautifully. She is still my perfect and beautiful little baby girl. Here is a photo:

Don’t you just love the one speck of dirt on her nose!!?? LOL She is such a cutie pie.  Her eye area healed up nicely and she is the same old happy girl she has always been. Aside from seeing her with only one eye, you would never know she only had one eye. She moves and acts like she isn’t missing anything.

And here is a photo I just LOVE of Emma. She is mostly all black, but has this brown area right around her butt! I think it is hilarious. Anyway, the photo came out really well as she was walking away from me. It seemed artsy to me. . .

Well, that’s all the photography I have for you today! Hope you like my photos :O)

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