"The DARK Side" & New Cartridges Coming

Hello folks!!

I titled this post “The Dark Side” because that is what some people call what I have decided to do!

I have a few announcements to make. . . let’s see. . . I will start with PRICE INCREASES!!  Online retailers who sell Cricut Cartridges have announced that ProvoCraft (the makers of Cricut) is raising prices of the cartridges for the retailers!  One retailer announced that the price increases are staggering anywhere from $5 to $27 MORE PER CARTRIDGE!!! OUCH!  The poor retailers are going to have to raise their prices dramatically to offset a jump of $27 per cartridge!

Well, being a newlywed and starting my own small business, and working on looking for our very own place. . . $50+ per cartridge just isn’t an option for me! And I can imagine that it isn’t an option for a lot of my friends either.  So I have been forced to make a decision. . .

If you have been a reader here for a while, you know I have already not been too happy with ProvoCraft’s business practices recently. Well with this crazy price hike, I will not be able to purchase Cartridges any longer.  And even if I could afford it. . . I am not going to be spending that kind of money for cartridges!

So my solution to this cartridge price problem is simple. . . SURE CUTS A LOT (2)!!

I have been considering purchasing SURE CUTS A LOT for a long time, but I finally got it last night! I am very excited to finally be able to design my own cut files and shapes!! SCAL is a program that is on the computer and then you hook your computer to your Cricut Expression and cut! You can cut out any true type font that you have on your computer and there are tools so that you can design your own shapes.

I downloaded the free trial  of SCAL last night and was cutting within 5 minutes of starting the program. It was EASY!  It was actually much much easier than trying to cut with my Gypsy for the first time.

I am an affiliate for SURE CUTS A LOT so you can purchase the program through my sidebar anytime you want (under the Advertisers and Affiliates section).


I am excited to learn the ins and outs of this program soon and I hope to share my learning with you too.

According to the makers of Cricut, SURE CUTS A LOT is a no no! Can you blame them though? Think about it. . .if you can make your own cut designs, you don’t need to purchase Cricut’s expensive cartridges and therefore they don’t get all of our money! LOL  We have spent thousands and thousands and THOUSANDS on these cartridges and I shall not be doing that anymore.  So I have joined The Dark Side and am really excited for the possibilities that SCAL will open up for my designing!

Oh, and I will still continue to use my 60-70something Cricut cartridges that I already own!!!

And in other news. . . I have some info about upcoming cartridges. . . wanna see??? Here they are:

Father’s Day

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4 thoughts on “"The DARK Side" & New Cartridges Coming

  1. I’ve thought about this off and on. I’m curious though, why you chose SCAL over MTC. What are the differences in the two programs? I’ll be following your site a little closer to see what you create.

  2. Oh I hear you Samantha! I love my Cricut and Gypsy but the cost of the cartridges are killing me. I have a Mac. Does SCA work with a Mac. I know one of those type of programs dose not.
    I like that Father’s Day cartridges.

  3. Sami you are funny… but very much right… just there is people like me with no a lot of patients for this programs.. will have to see what u teach us..

    Im making a post of one of my card… with a link to your store.. liking you stamp very much..


  4. Welcome to the Dark Side! I have had SCAL for years (and need to upgrade to v.2) I love it and use it a lot – I have very few Cricut carts. There are so many free .svg files out there, and many more for reasonable prices. A cartridge comes with a lot of images, and you only use a few. If you purchase a .svg, you will most likely use it. You can also cut any TT font and tons of wingdings! Welcome to the Dark Side! I have tried to get you over here for years! I look forward to Sami’s next venture – .svg files for sale!

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