Valentine’s Present

Hey everyone!! Happy Saturday night! This post is totally random, but I just love it so I had to share.

I have been going through my blog archives and editing posts to get all everything categorized (did you know SP now has almost 2,000 blog posts!? Crazy huh) and came across this post that I saved as a draft in February!! Since the last couple of months of 2010, I have been babysitting a darling little girl, a toddler. I usually take care of her a couple of days a week, sometimes more, sometimes less. She has been such a darling and I love every minute I spend with her. I treat her how I would treat my own child, and spending time with her makes me even more excited to start our family someday.


So on Valentine’s Day 2011, I was not scheduled to watch the little sweetie, but this wonderful gift arrived at my door. Her and her mom and dropped it off at my door!!

Isn’t that such a beautiful gift?! Little sweetie is just such a craft loving girl too. We always do crafty things together and I was so proud of this work of art. It still hangs in my scrapbook nook 🙂 I will cherish it.

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