Cricut Mini

ProvoCraft has announced their newest thing. . . the Cricut Mini.

Cricutmini copy

So far, here is what I know:

  • It cuts up to 8.5 X12 inches
  • It HAS to be hooked up to the Cricut Craftroom online program (which is not up and running completely, and is internet only, so if/when this program is working, you WILL be connected to the computer and internet)
  • It still requires cartridges and has no stand-alone capabilities.

So here are my thoughts:

  • So now, not only are you forced to use cartridges, but now you are forced to also use your computer AND have internet service. Being constrained by cartridges is bad enough for some people, but to have to have internet to use the machine is simply too much!
  • I am sure it will have just as many, if not more, problems than their last few new “greatest” ideas. They STILL have problems with their last few products, which is why I am a huge supporter of the ProvoCraft Boycott.
  • This machine looks REALLY REALLY similar to the Silhouette, which I find really strange considering how PC bullies companies that copy them with crazy lawsuits.
  • I have seen A LOT of complaints and negative comments about this machine already.
  • I think it is ABSOLUTELY CRAZY for ProvoCraft to release a machine that can only be used with a program that isn’t even working yet! That is a huge FAIL!
  • My question is WHY can’t they make anything work right before they release another thing that won’t work right either? I just feel so bad for all the people who don’t know any better and purchase from them anyway. . .
  • I will probably never use the Cricut Craftroom program because IF YOU DESIGN WITH IT, PC OWNS YOUR DESIGNS!!! BEWARE!

What do you think of this new thing?

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2 thoughts on “Cricut Mini

  1. I wouldn’t buy it for all the reasons you stated but especially that PC owns the designs I create.

    I have the Expression, Gypsy and Design studio which is enough for me. I find the Design studio VERY difficult to work with. Maybe I need to find some tutorials about using it. Thanks for the review.

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