SP Episode 53: New Paper!

Hello everyone!! How are you today?

Well, it seems my little pup Emma is scared of going outside in the new condo. We have to walk her and she gets freaked out by the tiniest of noises. I have been trying to find solutions to this issue, but I am really just at a loss right now. Some of the time she is fine, but most of the time, she is scared to death. I end up carrying her inside because she just breaks down and won’t even walk on the leash.  Do you know of anything I could try in order to calm her fears? And advice would be appreciated!!

And now for the real reason I am posting. . . PAPER!! So you know I really love paper and so I wanted to show you the paper that shipped in the  June SP Subscription Club Kit, the Echo Park Country Drive Collection. When the July paper gets here, I plan on showing you it too.

Isn’t that some gorgeous paper?! I love it! I still have a couple of collection kits left if anyone is interested in getting their hands on these lovelies!

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One thought on “SP Episode 53: New Paper!

  1. I love this Echo Park Paper and this collection is so adorable…. specially the Bee one. I’m actually waiting on my photo prints to come in from a previous Bee cake I did and I will be using it for a layout with this paper. I love that I get the Months kit. 🙂

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