SP Episode 55: Joann’s Mini Haul Video

Hey everyone!

So today, I would like to talk to you about the big bad B-word:  BUDGET!

I hate the B-word, and now that we are living on our own, the B-word is more important than ever before for our family! And that means my scrappy fun money is tighter than ever before. In this economy, most of us have to deal with the BUDGET.

I just want you to know that I kept all of YOU in mind when I decided on a price for my stamp sets, at $12.99 a piece, I think they are totally reasonable! Comparable stamp sets (high quality ones made of photopolymer and NOT silicon) sell for $14.99 or MORE.  I want you all to get a deal and not break the bank when shopping with me.

And now, from week to week, you will see the Stamp Set of the Week in the left hand sidebar. Each week, I am going to mark down a stamp set so that you can spread your money even further! I love a great sale, and I know you do to so I am trying to give you something special each week.

Since I already own all of my stamp sets *wink wink*, I wanted to show you what I have been spending my extra money on. With my teeny tiny scrap supply budget in mind, I went out and tried to find some good deals at Joann’s. Well, in this video I show you the beautiful scrappy goodies I got at Joann’s, all for about $12, which is pretty good!

Now, I know some of you don’t have a Joann store in your area, so I went and found some of the items for sale at 2Peas in a Bucket:

Curly White Sticklers Glitter Stickers

Curly Pink Sticklers Glitter Stickers

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2 thoughts on “SP Episode 55: Joann’s Mini Haul Video

  1. I know all about that nasty B word. I’m so glad to hear you only have 6 sets left. I have two kids to get outfitted for school or I would be all over that. Your stamps are incredible and I just love coming here and getting lots of great inspiration. OH, and they say the first year of home ownership is the hardest. Money will be easier to come by later. (((HUGS))) Jodie

  2. Hi Sam love that you have a sale ever week and you Made it easy To access it through the side bar… Nice vídeo and great choice of Stickers at a great price

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