Video: DIY Paper Storage

Hello! Happy Thursday!

I am about to head over to the vet’s office with Emma and Mya for a booster shot, but first I wanted to get this post up for ya today. Wish my little pups luck!

Today, I have a video of my paper storage. Before I moved, I shot a series of short videos showing you some of my storage ideas that people had asked me about when I first shared photos of my Scrapbook Nook. Well, many of my same storage ideas are new being used in my new scraproom, so I thought I would go ahead and still share them even though I just moved.

The first video (below) is about my DIY paper storage. It was almost free, super easy, and looks AWESOME!!! The paper storage is still one of my favorite parts of my room.

Thanks for stopping by! I will have another organization and storage video for you tomorrow so see you soon.

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