Video: Tim Holtz Ink Applicator

Hey everyone!! Today, I made a video tutorial for the iCopic blog.

As you know, iCopic recently started carrying Tim Holtz Ranger products and so I decided to test out the Tim Holtz Ink Applicator! I had so much fun using it, and now it is one of my favorite tools! Since I got it, it has been on my desk non stop.

Here is a video showing you the ink applicator in action:

I happened to use this lovely tool on my project a few weeks ago, for the Red, White, and Blue challenge:


And I will be using it in the future as well! I just wanted to introduce it to you if you have never seen it before.  Pick one up today and see how it can improve your creativity!

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3 thoughts on “Video: Tim Holtz Ink Applicator

  1. Hi Sam, I love this card! I just wanted to let you know (although you probably already do) that Tim Holtz has foam pads that last a lot longer than the alcohol ink pads. I wanted to have an applicator for each of my distress inks so I bought a bunch of small stamps (about the size of the pads) in the clearance section of Michael’s. They were about .50 cents each. I peeled of the stamp then stuck a piece of velcro where the stamp had been then I just stick the foam piece to the velcro. That way I have a dedicated pad and holder for each color. I just keep them all in a little tin. A LOT cheaper than buying all the Tim Holtz applicators. Have a great weekend! —Nanette

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