Announcement Time and Sneaky Peek!

Hello everyone! As promised, I have an announcement for you guys. My husband and I talk about my business constantly and try to do our best to keep it running smoothly and (semi-)effortlessly. We did some major evaluating lately, and the results are a little surprising.

  1. The SP and Co. Photopolymer stamps are doing GREAT. They are doing SO great that we will be bringing in even more designs than originally intended in the coming months.
  2. The digital stamp line is a total flop. I can count on one hand the number of digital stamps that have been sold. It’s not pretty!

And of course with an evaluation like that, things have to change a bit. There are some good changes, and some not so good changes.

I have decided that I will no longer work on digital stamps and will only be producing clear stamps from here on out. Because of this decision, our digi stamps design team and our clear stamps design team had to become solely our clear stamps team. Because of this, we decided to evaluate the whole team and talk with each member. I am sad to say that a few of our awesome members have moved on and we will no longer see their wonderful projects here at SP. We will miss our wonderful teammates as they have done spectacular work. I am sad to say that AJ, Amie, Ivette, and Kate will no longer be in our lineup each DT Wednesday and Monthly Stamp Release. Also in the process, the lovely Kelli from the SP Color Combo Team will be joining the Stamps Team!! Kelli will be making her SP and Co debut during our August stamp release so be watching for her.

So with these new changes, you are going to see more SP and Co stamps coming out! I am finalizing 5 BRAND NEW designs as we speak (and this is on top of the stamps I have already scheduled to be released this winter). Y’all are in for some super special treats! I will continue to tweak things here and there in order to make SP and Co the best it can be.

Ok, enough announcing, let’s get on to today’s Sneak Peek!! Here’s your sneaky peek:


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