Video and Last August Sneak Peeks

Hey folks! Sorry for no Friday post! Things have been super busy around here and it just totally slipped my mind! We have had some major issues with our condo rental company and getting our washer and dryer delivery (two totally unrelated issues). I have been irritated beyond belief trying to take care of things and get others to do what needs to be done and it has sucked up so much of my time this week. I won’t burden you will all the miserable details here.

So since I totally skipped yesterday, you have TWO sneaky peeks for today! Here they are. . .

augustsneakpeek5 copy

Can you tell what this month’s stamp set is about yet? Let me tell you, it is SEW cute (get it?)… This is one of my bestest sets and you are going to just love it so much! I am really proud of each of my sets, but this stamp set holds a special place in my heart.

And so yesterday, I had intended to share a video with you, so I am just going to share it with you now! This is the last *for now* of my storage and organization videos. I will be starting a new video series next week. Below, you will find my video on how I used to store my Cricut cartridge booklets. In our condo, I now have my Cricut stuff stored differently, but the way I was using in this video was really easy and nice to use.

That’s all I have for ya today. Don’t forget to stop by first thing Sunday morning (7AM) for our Monthly Stamp Release Blog Hop! Have a great day!!

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3 thoughts on “Video and Last August Sneak Peeks

  1. I can’t wait for the bloghop. I loved last month’s so much. It was so fun to see all the ways to use your stamps!!

    thanks for the storage videos too. I need all the help I can get! LOL!

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