Movie Monday, Confession Time!

Today, I have some confessions in video format. This post here will ultimately turn into the next All About Me project (For All About Me #1, click here!)

These are my confessions. . .

  • I am totally human and I make mistakes.
  • I forget things, and completely drop the ball on some of my crafty endeavors.
  • I am pretty good at writing things down, but definitely could write more things down on my to do list.
  • I know it is hard to believe, but I have a life and family outside of my paper crafting. Sometimes that gets in the way of my crafty and bloggy endeavors (and I wouldn’t have it any other way!).
  • I am not perfect. Actually far from it.
  • I wouldn’t change a thing about it 🙂

So with those confessions. I have to tell you embarrassingly how I totally dropped the ball on something that could turn out to be a huge deal to me and the SP community!! It is actually a really funny story, even to me. Mostly because the outcome is better than I would ever have imagined.

OK, it all started two years ago when I first started designing for . As part of my agreement with them, I was to start making video tutorials on how to color with Copics. I was so excited and eager to get started. I got a video camera and after much trial and error (mostly problems with uploading via very slow internet), was pretty unsuccessful. I was just starting out with Copics at the time and knew some very basic shading, but didn’t realize the power that the Copics posessed (and of course now I do, and I am 100% obsessed with my Copics, use them almost every day, they are almost always traveling with me even). . .In the beginning, I made a series of Copic basics videos that, to tell you the truth, were very BASIC and beginner level (I didn’t even pronounce Copics right *hangs head in shame*), gave them to iCopic to use. . .then because of all the upload problems, we scrapped the whole video idea for a while until I got faster internet.

I forgot all about the whole Copic coloring video ordeal and continued on using my Copics, designing for iCopic, getting better and better, and somewhere along the way getting Copic certified.

Fast forward almost two years. . . now I have faster internet and have been making videos like a champ. I have some pretty good Copic tutorials. So one day recently.  I was uploading a video, and when I went to get the embed code from the video, I noticed a video in the sidebar, that had 47,000 views, IT WAS MY VIDEO!!

Turns out, I had created a new channel just for my iCopic Copic videos, somewhere during all of the Copic video ordeal, and I totally forgot about the channel! I saw the video, and all my memories of this came flashing back to me, I clicked over to the rest of the channel.

This new channel contained 6 of my beginner videos. And 5 of them have more than 1,000 views (the other one has 600+). One has over 10,000Views, and the first one has more than 50,000 views!!

To put these numbers into perspective, my BEST video on my SP Youtube Channel has like 3,000 views! Most of them have less than 200 views.

This is a huge deal because it means potentially

  1. More readers, which motivates me to do even more videos, even more projects, and it is one of the main motivators for why I continue on with everything SP (the other major reason is purely selfish, I LOVE doing this, it feeds my soul)
  2. More income I can contribute to the family (youtubers can actually make money off of their videos)
  3. And maybe even a chance to become a YouTube partner (which leads to more readers, more income, and more options for how to make my videos & channel even better)

I have 320+ subscribers on the SP YouTube Channel, after uploading bunches of quality videos. I have 200+ subscribers on this Copic Coloring channel with 6 of my absolute worst videos on it, and that I neglected for almost 2 years. . .

So yep, totally dropped the ball with this Copic Coloring Youtube channel, and it is finally time to give the channel some much needed attention -starting with a new video!


From now on, you will see my stamping projects and stamping tutorials on the SP YouTube Channel. And my Copic Coloring Tutorials will now be added to the Sami’s Copic Coloring Channel.

I had never intended to have two separate YouTube Channels, but I think it will work out quite well.

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