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Thoughts for the Week
I would like to get the conversation started. I know LOTS of you read, but I would love for you to leave me a comment or two while you are here. Join in on the conversation!

Lately it seems, I am suffering from creative overload. So much inspiration & not enough energy to use it. Sometimes, it is exhausting to feel creative and inspired all the time! I get inspiration sometimes, from the strangest places or thoughts, and there simply aren’t enough hours in the day for me to express those creative inklings. Do you ever feel that way?

Well, then there is the total flip-side, the lost mojo, when all those ideas fade and you are left staring at paper thinking, “what the heck am I going to make with this?!”. I get that feeling occasionally too.

So let’s start a dialogue. . . What do you do when you have soooo many ideas? Do you write them down?  Do you ever actually go back to them later and use those ideas?

And what about the opposite? How do you get that crafty mojo back?  I would love to hear what you have to say on the subject.

And now, your first project for the new week:

 I’ve got another wedding layout to show you.

Click on the layout for a larger photo.

This is one of the many many MANY wedding layouts I have made, and will be making in the future, of our wedding. The grandparents (meaning Johnny and my grandparents) and parents (meaning Johnny and my parents) are all getting, or have already gotten, wedding pages to add to their scrapbooks I am making for them, I add to each album every year with pages of our lives. When we have children, I plan on continuing the process of adding new pages every year for the to-be great-grandparents and grandparents, but then of course the new Peyton layouts will be of our children 🙂

This is a quick simple layout of us on the big day, a tiny bit over a year ago.  I used all Yours Truly Collection Kit for this one. This was part of last month’s SP Monthly Kit.

I have had quite a few questions about the kits lately, so I will be making a post about the kits shortly.

Quick, easy, and no fuss no muss.  I made a bunch of layouts to give out for Christmas so some of them had to be pretty simple.

You will see one later in the week, which might just be my fanciest layout to date.

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6 thoughts on “True Love Layout + Thoughts

  1. Yes,I’ve been there. I have a notebook where I try to jot down what I’m thinking and if there is a layout/card idea. I do have a notebook to jot down ideas but have the gypsy and have a few projects to bring to life. I love browsing magazines, blogs, and you tube for ideas.

  2. Your Lo is beautiful and really sets off the gorgeous photos.

    I love magazines and books for inspirations as well as blogs. For my mags and books I use small mini sticky-notes to make notations and then attach them to the top of the appropriate page. You can tell a good book since It will look like it is growing feathers with all the notes flapping on the top! 😀

    Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  3. I seem to get most of my ideas when I should be going to sleep but my head is spinning with creativity. I should get up and try to draw or make notes but usually I just hope I’ll remember in the morning. I also get ideas from everday objects…kleenex boxes, patterns on clothing, purses etc.

    When I get stuck I get my card magazines out and start trying to take one of those cards and make it my own. Other times I just pick an embellishment or paper and try to build around it.

  4. Oh, what a lovely layout. I really need to redo my wedding album. Thanks for sharing.
    Sometimes my creativity is frozen, so I gather ideas from others sources, then I use what products I have. I am trying to use more sketches, but there are times I just have to look at my pictures and gather a layout from what is within the photo.
    But, I must say, that I did just buy a calendar kit to make for my daughter and son-in-law, for their first year of marriage. The kit was fun and I learned a lot about adding all kinds of fun embellishments that I never would have dreamed of using. Thanks and have a great day.

  5. I keep a sketchbook with me pretty much all the time, so that when inspiration hits, I have a chance to draw/write it down! Then, when there is a day that I am in need of a burst of creativity, I turn to the sketchbook

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