Introducing Frugal Friday & The Importance of VALUE

Hi there! I have had something on my mind for quite a while and I need to get this off my chest.

Our craft industry is so marvelous & I love pretty much everything about it, EXCEPT that “latest and greatest” mentality that the industry keeps pushing on all of us. You always “gotta have it” and new stuff comes out all the time. It can be completely overwhelming to try and keep up. If you have been a long-time follower, you will totally know that I really fell HARD for the “latest and greatest” ways, but for a long time now, I haven’t really been buying much. I buy new SP Stamps, a handful of stamps from other companies from time to time, Copics to try to complete my collection, and supplies for the SP Monthly Kit Club. THAT IS IT! I use many other items from my stash and just add in a couple of new items and the whole project looks shiny and new!

In reflection, I realize now I started my company because I wanted to create something BETTER than that latest and greatest frenzy. I wanted a range of stamp sets that had endless uses and endless possibilities. I wanted to add VALUE against all the crafty clutter out there.

I realize that the SP Monthly Kit started because I wanted to give everyone the option of getting a few new things, no matter their budget. I know money is tight for a lot of us right now so I wanted to have a club that anybody could afford to join & that way they could get a few new supplies each month. I see some monthly clubs out there that are $30 or more! Some as much as $45 or $50. And the kicker is, a lot of those kits aren’t WORTH that amount (the kits are marked UP & cost more than the pieces cost!! That’s just not right). My most expensive monthly kit option is $23 including the shipping (and that is way below retail for the supplies inside the kit). That’s pretty darn reasonable I think!

One of my beloved kit subscribers has explained the kit’s even better than I can. Please read what the wonderful Sonya has said about being in the SP Kit Club.

And I think SP and Company is different in a way because we aren’t trying to push tons and tons of new releases on you every month and trying to get you to empty your pocketbooks into our bank account. We are tying to add VALUE to your paper crafting fun, and I think that is what we are doing & what we will continue to do in the future. I think that is what we are best at! I only release a few stamps a month because it isn’t about just the money for me (although of course I need to have customers to stay in business), it is about that added value. My stamps sets are VERSATILE & I try to make each set so that it can be used again and again.

I can honest to goodness say, from the bottom of my heart, I don’t do this for the money (although, I gladly will take it, lol), I do it because I LOVE the way my heart feels when I am stamping away, slicing into some pretty paper, and coloring up a storm. I want everybody to have that same magical feeling when they are crafting.

The more I think about all the “latest & greatest” frenzy that happens, the less I want to accentuate that and promote that ideal. I feel like as a business owner, there is a fine line between adding value to our customer’s paper crafting vs feeding that latest and greatest frenzied feeling.

I feel like it needs to be more about the crafting and less about all the products themselves. That is why I used to have a segment on my blog called USE IT TUESDAY, which one of my crafty BFF’s has turned into a fabulous challenge blog. If you want to use your stash & fight the latest & greatest mentality, then be sure to join in on the Use it Tuesday Challenge Blog because it is pretty spectacular. Their design projects, using some of their older supplies, are truly gorgeous.

On the other hand, I LOVE new products & playing with new papers and stamps. Who doesn’t, right? That’s why I offer the SP Monthly Kits. That way you can pick up some new items each month so you get that flood of excitement about your crafting. It’s FUN to get some new things, but it’s even more fun to USE them 🙂

As a designer, I use very little else besides what I already have in my collection. I throw in some new SP stamps and new Echo Park Paper from the monthly kit.  If you have the SP Kit, Copics, & your own built up stash of goodies, you can pretty much replicate any of the projects I share (and of course you can use them as a jumping off point for your creation and make something totally unique). As you can see, when it comes down to it, I am a papercrafter first and a business owner second (he he, and my tax preparer will vouch for that!).

At the end of this month, I will be on only ONE design team, the MarkerPop design team. I will be continuing to showcase the amazing products that MarkerPop offers because the products are excellent and because I totally believe in the people behind the company. They are some of the nicest and most caring people I have ever had the pleasure of working with. (And I have loved being a part of every design team I have been on, I chose to apply for their teams because I loved the products they made.)

I will continue to do some enabling because, well, I just love crafty stuff. BUT I am going to try to rein in some of that enabling & try to concentrate more on the process & the techniques. I also don’t think you need all the latest and greatest items to make beautiful projects. Sometimes you just need one or two new things in your collection to revamp your older supplies.  I am making a change because FRUGAL IS FABULOUS!

Starting today, Fridays will now be FRUGAL FRIDAY. In my Frugal Friday’s segment, I am going to be working frugally. I will have my new SP Monthly Kit and nothing else new. I am going to dig into my stash to try and create something great! Think DIY embellishments, techniques, and really stretching out those crafty dollars.

If you make only ONE crafty purchase a month, I hope that it is the SP Monthly Kit because it is just an unbeatable value. Each Friday you can follow along as I create something (or many somethings) that is frugal and fabulous. If you can’t join the SP Monthly Kit Club, well, then I still hope you will join me for Frugal Friday and follow along using what you already have. It will be lots of fun either way!

Whew, what a novel! Anyway, so here is the first ever Frugal Friday. Sit back and enjoy the show 🙂

Watch on Youtube

(Please excuse my poor-ish lighting and filming newbie issues. I promise to improve my filming skillz! And I am actually really shy, so be nice! Lol)


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10 thoughts on “Introducing Frugal Friday & The Importance of VALUE

  1. I love your stamps!!!! I have been trying very hard to avoid the latest and greatest crafting items lately. I have a room full of stuff that hardly ever gets used anymore. I have realized that stamping is what I really enjoy the most.

  2. Great video! I definitely needed that reminder and gentle push to start using what I have and stop buying all the newest and greatest…TFS! I loved all your cards.

  3. WOW I love your frugal friday! I have been unfollowing alot of blogs because of the must have this product mentality. Thank you for not being this way. I am now looking at my bills to see if I can do a club kit each month from you. thanks you thank you!

  4. GREAT and I LOVE watching your videos. I have to quit watching what other people are buying and have to have what everyone else does because I find I am just collecting things instead of finding time to use what I have. I only have a small closet for storage in my craft room. I LOVE how your stamps are so versatile and I LOVE the new papers each month. I have really been shifting away from the 12 X 12 and going with the 6 X 6 even though I scrapbook in the 12 X 12 size because I dont usually use a full sheet of patterned paper. Thanks for a GREAT kit club. Keep up the good work. I can’t wait to see how you will help me to use my STASH!!!

  5. What a marvelous piece, Samantha! I am so proud of you and have seen such amazing growth in you over the time that we have been friends. I love your beautiful soul and your love not just for crafting, but for sharing with the world. Your passion is contagious!

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