Pastel Clothing Coloring

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I most likely won’t be around the rest of the week because today is Botox day!! Now, stop looking at me like that, I KNOW I don’t need it for the wrinkles *giggles*. I get it for migraine prevention and it does a darn good job for it. The only problem is 40+ needles to the face and neck hurt like a son of a you know what! I am going to be sore and out of commission for a bit. In the meantime, enjoy todays post!

It was my turn yesterday to do this week’s MarkerPop Tuesday Tips and Tricks. Here’s what I had for Tuesday Tips & Tricks. Since our MarkerPop challenge this week is all about Pastels, I thought it would be a good idea to concentrate on that.

When coloring pastels, I tend to stick with all the ZEROS in each color family 0000, 000, 00, 02, etc These colors are super light and so they work nicely for pastels. And remember, light blends out, so if you get too heavy handed with the darker colors, just go over it with the lighter colors again to lighten it back up.

I don’t have much writing for you today because I made a video showing you how I color pastel clothing. Coloring is a very visual process so I hope you enjoy!

In my video, I used the adorable Princess Anya from The Greeting Farm.

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