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Hello everyone!! Sorry I have been MIA lately. I have been having some migraine issues because it is getting close to my Botox treatment for migraine prevention. The doctor has moved up my treatment to next Wednesday so I will probably be MIA for most of next week, EXCEPT there is going to be a wonderful blog hop & stamp release on July 10th!! Make sure you come back on July 10th because it is going to be a fun release as always 😉

Today I want to talk to you about something I get asked quite often, “What do you put on the BACK of your cards?” Well here is the answer!

I use. . . my personalized stamps!! I use these lovelies on the back of my cards, and they are some of my most used stamps.

I had these stamps custom made for the back of my cards. I think EVERYONE who makes cards needs a personalized stamps made for the back of their greeting cards. They are a little pricey, but I think they are worth it because you will use them for a really really long time.

I had the “stamped by thescrapmaster” stamp made by Stampin’ UP. This is the most expensive of all three stamps AND I had a very limited number of designs to choose from AND I had a limited number of letters. This stamp was simply not enough for me so I had to find another option. I think their limited options would be good if you happen to like the options and you aren’t particularly picky about what the stamp for fonts look like (and if you have a short name!).

The other two were designed all the way by me and made through The fine folks at were very easy to work with and helped me to create my design in the proper format to send to them. And I am so happy with the way these came out. I had these made a long time ago before I got married so I had one made with my unmarried name and then another made with my married name 🙂

Well that is all I had planned for you. Hopefully I will be posting lots next week, but if I don’t I will see you back here on July 10th for our new stamp releases!!!

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One thought on “The BACK of the Card

  1. Your stamps look very lovely and professional and it’s so nice to add them to the back of a finished card. I have a few that have a little space for me to write my name and people love turning the card over and finding it. It really makes a project seem more finished.

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