Frugal Friday: Christmas Cards Edition

Hi everyone! I finally was able to finish up my latest Frugal Friday episode for you guys & I think you will really like it!


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I made three cards using the SP Monthly kit from September. Two of them use the new Filled with Cheer Emma character & I am really loving the Emma girls. I just find them super easy to color & the DT has been making some beautiful projects with her. The third project actually uses the same stamp set, but only a sentiment. On that card, I made the main focus out of bottle caps!!!

Here’s the story of the bottle caps: 
I had my hubby save me some bottle caps from his orange cream sodas (his favorite drink!). I ended up with a dozen bottle caps over the past month because it is a birthday & Christmas tradition for him to get a bunch of orange cream sodas for those holidays. Typically we don’t purchase them because they are kind of pricey (and sugary! LOL but that is a whole different issue).

We used to buy a certain brand of them, Goose Island, but our local stores stopped carrying that brand. Of course it was his absolute favorite brand & he was really bummed when we could no longer find them in stores. At that time, no local stores carried ANY orange cream soda that he liked. We thought the tradition was over.

Well that year for his birthday, I bought two cases of his favorite orange cream soda from a specialty food store online and had them delivered to our house. I think he would agree that it was one of the best surprises that I have ever pulled off! Lol. He had NO IDEA what was in the huge, heavy boxes. It took every ounce of self control not to tell him what was in the boxes!! I am the worst at keeping surprises like that. I always try to get everyone to open their presents early for Christmas because it is hard for me not to blab about what I bought for them! I just get so excited about how happy they are going to be with my surprise! LOL My grandpa is the exact same way.

That Christmas, we spent Christmas at my aunt’s house and SHE had a case of the orange cream soda delivered for him & he was surprised again! It was epic!

Shortly after the second big orange cream soda surprise, our local stores finally wised up and started carrying Stewart’s brand Orange Cream soda & the hubby says that the two brands are close enough in taste that he loves them both. Now I can just go to the store and purchase the Stewart’s brand anytime. I still buy them for him for the special holidays 🙂

I had been saving them all over the past couple of years & I actually have two big baggies of them, but they are actually in storage right now with most of my crafty supplies.

Ok so now you know how special these bottle caps are! LOL. I guess I will go ahead and share this episode with you. I hope you enjoy it & learn something new.  Here it is!

Next Frigal Friday, I will be making some Christmas Tags and Treats Packaging with the October SP Monthly Kit. For kit details, visit the SP Monthly Kit area, which is linked at the top of the blog. I hope you have a great weekend!

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7 thoughts on “Frugal Friday: Christmas Cards Edition

  1. About had a heart attack when I saw you cut your stamp. Haven’t brought myself to do that yet. Your snowman out of bottle caps idea is wonderful ~ very clever. Your other two cards are super cute also.

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