Glitter Ornament & Gift Box Tutorial

Hi everyone! Ok, so there I was, trying to think of something awesome to make for 3D Thursday for the MarkerPop Blog & then it hit me. . . Ornament Box!


I spent the better part of an afternoon creating this gem. I went into total crafty geek mode planning this one out with all the measurements for cuts and score marks. It was really fun for me in a totally geeky sort of way. I put in the hard work so you don’t have to! The measurements and steps are in this post so you don’t have to do any figuring for this one.   I am super happy with how this one turned out & it would make such a wonderful handmade gift.

I did the math and this is also a CHEAP handmade gift. I did a quick estimate, not considering the price of the Copic markers (already had those!), things like adhesive and punches, or the electronic die cutter I used (just to cut the circles). I estimate to make 12 of these and purchasing all the paper, stamp, cardstock, glitter, ribbons, floor wax. . . it would cost around $55 total for a dozen gifts!! That breaks down to about $4.60 for a beautiful gift! I LURVE gifts that come in under $5.

And of course, most of us crafty folks already have things like ribbon, cardstock, and glitter in our stash so it would come out much cheaper to just buy the supplies we didn’t already have 😉

Alright, so I talked about all the neat geeky stuff. Now let’s get to the crafty part.

To make glitter ornaments:
First you will want to glitter-ify your ornaments, using THIS tutorial here (click here!).  Set those aside to dry & then assemble the boxes as follows. For my very visual readers, the scoring guides are at the end of this post.

To make the box:

  1. Score 1 solid 12x12inch cardstock every 4 inches along each side: at 4inches and 8 inches, turn the paper 90 degrees and score at 4inches and 8 inches.  You will be left with what looks like a tic tac toe board when you are done scoring.
  2. Cut according to scoring guide (see the end of this post) so that the corner squares become flaps for assembling the box. The very middle square is the bottom of the box & the other 4 squares become the sides of the box.
  3. Cut pieces of patterned paper to measure 3.75 X 3.75inches square (I used two different matching patterns and alternated sides). Before folding up the box, attach patterned papers & stamped image to the sides of the box. My stamped image measures 3.25inches square and then I cut a red piece of cardstock measuring 3 & 3/8inches as the mat for my stamped image.
  4. Using a strong adhesive (I like Glue Dots for this!), assemble the box.
  5. For the ornament insert piece, cut a piece of red cardstock to measure 5X4inches and cut out a 2.5inch circle from the center. (You could use a template, trace a glass, use a circle cutter, large punch, or electronic die cutter for this part. Use whatever works the best for you.)
  6. Along the 5inch side, score at .5inches and 5.4inches so that you are left with half inch flaps on opposite sides of your circle. Add a strong adhesive to the flaps and attach this inside the box (see photo below).

To make the lid:

  1. Cut a red piece of cardstock to measure 5 & 1/8 inch square.
  2. Along all sides, score cardstock at .5inches (Score one side, rotate 90 degrees and score the next side. Repeat until all sides are scored. That makes the center square 4 & 1/8inch).
  3. Cut according to scoring guide (see the end of this post) so that the corner squares become flaps for assembling the lid. The very middle square is now the top of the lid & the other 4 squares become the sides of the lid.
  4. Cut a piece of patterned paper to measure 3.75inches square. Attach this to the top of the lid.  Cut out a 2.5inch hold from the center of the lid, similar to what you did to make the ornament insert for the inside of the box.
  5. Using a strong adhesive (I like Glue Dots for this!), assemble the box.
  6. Cut a piece of clear plastic to measure 3.75inches and attach this to the inside of the lid to make a window in the lid. This clear plastic can be a piece of acetate (the stuff that your clear stamps come attached to), a piece of throwaway plastic from a package, plastic wrap, part of a cello bag. Whatever thin clear plastic you have available would work for this part 🙂
  7. To create the decorative edge, cut some thin (3/4inch or so), long strip of white cardstock and punch the strip with a decorative border punch tool. Attach strips to the inside edge of the lid with a strong adhesive. For me it took a little bit longer than 16inchs of edging because of that extra 1/8inch used for the lid measurement.

To decorate the ornament:

  1. Once the ornament is dry, put the top hook part back inside the opening.
  2. Tie a pretty bow using some matching decorative ribbon. If you are new to the world of pretty bows, watch my tutorial “How to The the Perfect Bow” here (click here!).
  3. Make a hanger out of some matching twine.

For the coloring, I used Copic markers with this cute stamp from Wild Rose Studio. This stamp is called Bella with Sledge. To see the markers used and my coloring technique, watch my speed coloring video I posted earlier this week. Click here to go see it!

All the fun patterned papers I used came from the My Mind’s Eye Wonderland paper pad, available now at

Here are some closer looks at the finished project:

Tee hee, this glitter glass ornament is perfect for seeing reflections 😉

And finally, here are the scoring guides:

Dotted lines are score marks. Solid lines are cuts. Click photo to enlarge.
Dotted lines are score marks. Solid lines are cuts. Click photo to enlarge.

Well that’s it for today, folks!! I am thinking I will probably squeeze in one or two more projects before the end of the week. See you soon. Have a great day!!

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19 thoughts on “Glitter Ornament & Gift Box Tutorial

  1. Along the 5inch side, score at .5inches and 5.4inches……..when you say 5.4inches…what measurement is that? I love the box and everything, I just don’t understand the step 6 though to make the box……Thank you….

    1. Sorry I didn’t see this sooner. I found a bunch of comments that I never approved. You probably don’t need the info anymore, but I wanted to let you know anyway. I just turned the piece of cardstock and scored it .5 inches from every edge (just rotating 90 degrees). I included a scoring guide picture that made more sense than the awkward scoring dimensions.

      1. Thank you so much for sending me the information, the diagram and the steps I wasn’t sure what to do…Now I understand it better than I did, thank you so much in writing me back…

  2. Sami, this is absolutely adorable! What a clever idea and an awesome gift. Certainly appreciate you sharing all the details so we can attempt making some ourselves. Great job once again.

  3. I’m going to have to get me some supplies so that I can make my own coloured sparkly ornaments!! Fab turorial – thanks so much! And I love the cute box packaging you’ve made!! Thanks for the measurments etc… just wondering if you’ve used those touch twin markers yet??

    1. thanks, I just checked out your card. really just looks like it’s all Copics doesn’t it – so thats a giant plus for me because I really want more markers and Copics are so exspensive. Love that you can use them togerther – look forward to seeing your posts on them 🙂

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