Meet the SP Design Team!!!

Hi everyone!! I know this is the announcement that you all have been waiting for….

Before we get down to the team, I just want to tell you how incredibly difficult this decision was for me! EVERY.SINGLE.APPLICATION was good, and it came down to hair-splitting decisions to narrow down the team to only 4, which was the maximum members I could add to the team at this time. I am totally impressed with you all & I really want to encourage you to try out for our team next time around (should be early 2013!). If you don’t see your name on this list & you submitted an application, please feel free to ask me what you could do to improve or ask me why you didn’t get picked. I am willing to give you some honest feedback if you would like. I know that DT Calls are hard on everyone so I want to at least offer you some (maybe) helpful advice/feedback.

So now. . . here are the brand new members of the SP Design Team!!!!


And the following absolutely amazing designers are continuing on our team also:

Chrissie *DT Leader*





These fabulous ladies will start sharing their SP creations with you starting in November. Please help me give them a super huge welcome!!

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10 thoughts on “Meet the SP Design Team!!!

  1. Congratulations to all your new designers! Looking forward to seeing their creations using SP stamps. Appreciate Marla mentioning Google translate ~ wasn’t aware of it till now.

  2. Congrats ladies of the new design team. I checked out the blogs but couldn’t read a couple of them so will have to use Google translate. I will look forward to seeing all the creations of the talented design team. Thanks for sharing.

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