Speed Coloring: Bella with Sledge

Hi everyone! Happy Tuesday to you! I am so excited because a new product came in late yesterday and it is one I have been waiting for.

NOW IN STOCK: We now offer 7 beautiful colors of Chevron Stripe Twill Ribbon by the yard. You can see them all here. But, you know me, my favorite is the PINK!  😉

Pink Chevron Stripe Twill Ribbon 1 yd

Pink Chevron Stripe Twill Ribbon 1 yd

Well, that’s all the excitement I have right now! HA HA You might find this next section much more thrilling though.

I did a speed coloring of one of my most intricate new stamp images. This one is the Bella with Sledge from Wild Rose Studio.  This took me soooooooo long. Actually so long that I had to remove other footage off my video camera half way through and then start coloring again.

Even with it being a speed coloring it is an almost 10 minute video. I speed it up by 4X so that means the original was close to 40 minutes. This brings me to my expert tip of the day!

EXPERT TIP: When coloring, take your time!! I used to try to color faster & my images just didn’t look as nice! You really have to SLOOOOOOW DOWN and think about your coloring. It is a time consuming process. Relax & enjoy it. I usually do most of my coloring (well, that I don’t film for you guys) cozied up on the couch while we watch TV in the evenings.

Seriously though, this one with worth the watch because I share one of my most awesome coloring tips with you in this one.

Here it is. Enjoy!

Pretty cool trick, huh?! You could probably do the same sort of thing with a white gel pen, but it probably won’t look as smooth as with the Paint Pen.

I hope you have a wonderful day!

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11 thoughts on “Speed Coloring: Bella with Sledge

    1. Kathy, I totally agree with you, it definitely isn’t for quick cards! LOL It does take a lot of time, but it is actually so much fun for me. I was one of those kids that LOVED coloring books so I guess it kind of makes sense that I still love to color 😉

  1. gosh.. that speed video made me feel so exhausted! I def colour my images too quickly – am so used to using my chalks instead of the markers! love what you did with the BGs at the end

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