Frugal Friday #9: Pretty Packaging

Hi everyone! Happy Friday! Are you glad this week is coming to an end or are you missing Halloween?


I am just not really big into Halloween. I must confess that I am kind of a big chicken when it comes to all those scary costumes! I also have a fear of masks so when people are wearing them, it really freaks me out!! I am much more calm now that all the scary stuff is over & we can move on to the happiest time of year. I LOVE Thanksgiving and I LOVE Christmas. I love that it is a time that people reflect on their blessings and they concentrate on giving. Sure, Christmas has also become a time of materialistic tendencies, but I love the GIVING aspect of the season.

We generally make a donation to St. Jude and other various charities here and there, but last year our family decided to give smaller gifts to one another in exchange for giving even more.  So we chose three children off of the giving tree to buy presents for. We bought EVERY.SINGLE.THING on each child’s wish list & it was one of the best feelings in the world. I like to think that we made three little boys very happy (what little boy wouldn’t be excited about getting a bicycle or a nintendo DS?!). This year I look forward to giving again! The only gifts that my loved ones will be getting will be small gifts like the gifts that I have shared in this Frugal Friday video. We will be taking our other Christmas funds and giving it a better use.

I think all you crafty friends out there will enjoy this week’s Frugal Friday, even if you will be making larger purchases for your loved ones this season. We all need those smaller gifts to give out at get togethers, holiday parties, etc and to give to neighbors, teachers, service workers.

Even if you are not a baker, I have included some foodie gifts that you could give out for the holidays.  A lot of my basic concepts and packaging ideas would work for non food gifts as well.

And I also squeeze in a section in the video on making Christmas label/tags for other gifts that you give out.  Super easy and super simple!


So that pretty much sums up everything about this week’s Frugal Friday. I must warn you, you may get hungry because there are some delicious treats shown in this video 😉  Also, this one runs quite long at almost 40 minutes.  Grab a warm beverage, sit back, and enjoy the show:

Watch on YouTube

NOTE: The blank gift tag die cuts are now available in the SP Store. These will arrive as blank cardstock shapes, so you will need the Handmade Holiday Gift Tags stamp set to go with them. Then you can crank out tons of pretty tags for all your packages!

ALSO NOTE: I did use my Cricut Expression with Sure Cuts A Lot 2 Software, but the Cricut version of this software has been discontinued due to some lawsuits from the Cricut makers. You CANNOT buy software to make a Cricut cut your own shapes or svg files any longer.

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5 thoughts on “Frugal Friday #9: Pretty Packaging

  1. Have to agree that providing gifts to those in need via a Giving Tree is such a wonderful feeling. My DH and I do the same thing through our church, and the families are always so grateful. Since we plan to stay home this year, we’d love to help deliver the gifts. Your pretty packaging video is great ~ always love new ideas. TFS!

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