Introducing Medium & Small Polka Dot Backgrounds

Hi everyone! This week things are going to be a little bit different because I am posting introduction videos all week after our wonderful January Release. I’ve got some projects for this week too, but I am not sticking to my new schedule since I am doing lots of videos 🙂

Today, I am showing you the new Medium and Small Polka Dot Background stamps! They are super cute & they bring our polka dot backgrounds up to 3 total. One can never have too many polka dots, am I right?! I love ’em!

polka dots

Here’s the official intro:

Watch on YouTube

Aren’t they lovely?

Let me know which one is your fave in the comments section below 🙂

I will be back tomorrow with another intro video and a 5 Minute card! See you soon.

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6 thoughts on “Introducing Medium & Small Polka Dot Backgrounds

  1. Oooh! They are lovely. I like the medium one the best. Do you have any tips for getting them to stamp evenly and line up? I was using circletastic and I was having a heck of a time!

    1. The polka dots are much easier to line up than the circletastic because these don’t have to touch exactly like the circle tactic one does. For the circletastic, if you are having trouble lining it up, I would highly recommend a stampamajig

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