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Hi everyone! Happy Scrapbook Saturday!

I am taking a break from wedding layouts because I wanted to make a doggie layout with my 5 little beauties on it. Skyeler is no longer with us as she passed away last month so I really wanted to go ahead and get this page made with all 5 of them together. I wrote a bunch today so if you want to know what’s been going on with us you can read that. This is the sadder part of our lives. The sadness is still there, but there is so much happiness in our lives right now too. If you don’t want to read below, just skip down to the crafty stuff. 🙂


A little bit of the personal:
This is the first time I have felt OK enough to really talk about the pups so I wanted to kind of fill you in on losing Skyeler last month. So many of you have asked me about how we are doing and so I wanted to just put it all out there for you. We are carrying on. It has been difficult, but it gets easier day by day.

Skye was pretty sick and declining in health for many months really, even before the last two weeks of her life, which were REALLY BAD. It is hard to remember these good times (like in the photos) after the last two weeks with her were just so traumatic. I still wake up in a sweaty panic every few nights remembering how scary her seizures were -just watching her drop to the floor. Time just stood still and I just don’t know how we got through those terrifying few moments. Those few moments felt like hours. I am tearing up just thinking about it right now actually. Going through this even with a dog (I can’t even imaging watching a human go through this). . . it just sticks with you. I don’t think it is something I can ever forget. That experience is a life scar for me.

But seeing these photos meant so much to me because it was a much happier time in her life. I am so happy to have these photos of 4 of them together (Emma was over on a different patch of grass while the 4 others were laying in a pack).

I put on a brave face every single day, but on the inside, I still just miss her SOOOOOOOO much a lot of the time. She was MY dog, MY pack leader, MY friend. For 11, nearly 12 wonderful years, she was my girl. My love for her was special. These creatures aren’t just “dogs”. They are something special to our family. They are members of the family – even if she has 4 legs and lots of fur! Some people don’t understand that love and that friendship, but I am sure a lot of you totally understand it.

It’s easy to forget that she is no longer here. I am so used to doing everything in FIVES. Five baths. Five food bowls in a row. Five sets of eyes watching me cook. Five excited greetings at the door when we come home. Five dogs to kiss goodnight. . .

And now I do everything in FOURS. Four treats to hand out. Four sets of muddy paws to wipe. Four dogs to count and make sure everyone came inside. Four dog bowls to fill. Four sets of nails to clip. Four pieces of left over bread or fruit to hand out. I catch myself looking for the fifth dog bowl at their dinner time. And I even catch myself breaking a piece of food into 5 pieces.  Feeding time is the hardest time every day because there are only four and that was the time that Skye was the most vocal. I will get used to it someday, but right now it is still very difficult at times.

It is just so quiet in our house now. Skye was the vocal husky. The other two huskies, Snow and Bella, are pretty vocal occasionally, but it is few and far between. Skye would make noise at every little thing. Look at her and she would start “talking” to you.  If you don’t know the “talking” that huskies do, head to youtube and watch some husky howling videos. It is something special. I really miss that.

I made this layout and titled it “Our 5 Pack” because they really were a PACK. Huskies are pack dogs. They need a pack. Well Skye was our alpha and now the dynamics of our pack have totally shifted. Snow and Skye were really close. I would say they were best friends. Snow is the same age as Skye and she’s taken that alpha position. The adjusting has been much harder on Snow than the others because Skye and Snow have been together about 10 years.

Snow used to be pretty laid back and timid (she was a rescue that had been badly abused before we adopted her). Skyeler was her leader and showed Snow how to be a dog again after her previous life (before we adopted her). As much as Skye led Snow, Snow still had her “quirks”. She kind of stuck to her own little areas of the house most of the time – a corner in the kitchen and a day bed in the office. Now she is more involved with every little thing. One of the other pups jump off the bed and Snow is there checking up on her. The two little ones (Mya and Emma) start playing and Snow is there making sure they play nice. She makes sure everyone stays in line lol.

Skyeler was my leader. She was almost always at my side during the day. Now Snow has really tried to fill that space. Snow is now by my side a lot.  She even jumps into the bed with me every night when I am reading before bed. She almost never would even be in the bedroom before, and now she is in there every night. She’s really stepped up. Of all the pups, I think Skye’s death has affected Snow the most.

I think the other pups notice that she isn’t there. For the longest time, they were all a little on edge, waiting for her to come home any minute. Every little noise they heard outside would get them excited. But now, they’ve mostly stopped looking for her.  They still all play together and have that pack mentality, it’s just different without their old leader. The 5 of them did everything together so they are adjusting to being a 4-pack.

They used to LOVE to sunbathe together. On summer days, I would just put them outside and sit on the porch or on a lawn chair with a book – half reading, half watching them. I just love seeing them so relaxed and happy. I would always forget to take a camera with me and if I got up to go get a camera, they would all just follow me back inside. These photos were taken one day when I finally remembered to bring the camera out! LOL

So that’s basically it! We’ve all been adjusting and sometimes it gets pretty sad. Overall, we are all slowly coming to terms with it. We knew we had to let her go because she really was in dire condition. We didn’t want her to suffer any longer and there was nothing the vets could do for her at this point. We just miss her healthy times and miss how much life she brought into our lives. She was such a joy.

Some have asked me if we were going to get another dog any time soon. And the answer to that is a BIG NO! We actually hadn’t really intended on having 5 to begin with. You can read about our story of five over on the MarkerPop blog. It was just a happy accident really.  We are still living with my mom, but when we move once my hubby is done with grad school and gets a job, we will take Bella, Mya, and Emma with us and just have the three together. Snow will stay with my mom & I think she will do wonderfully as a single dog.  I don’t see us or my mom getting another dog any time soon. Someday we will open our hearts to another dog & without a doubt it will be another shelter dog, just like our others. For now, our 4 beauties are enough.

OK, sorry to bum you out a bit, but we are slowly adjusting and there is still so much happiness in our lives right now. So let’s move on to today’s project details.

The scrappy stuff:
To make this layout, I used the December SP Monthly Kit, which contained the Love Story Echo Park Collection Kit.

I also used the One Two Three stamp set and the coordinating SVG file to make the large 5 in the title. The rest of the title was made with the alphas included in the monthly kit.

All of the patterned papers except the aqua chevron paper are from the monthly Kit. The aqua chevron paper is from My Mind’s Eye and is available as a single sheet in the SP Store.

The background cardstock is Robin’s Egg textured cardstock from American Crafts.

For the journaling, I used the Vintage October: Journal This stamp set to make the numbered list. I wrote the pup names using a Copic Multiliner.

To decorate the journaling shape, I added some heart shaped rhinestones.

Here are some close up shots:

Thanks so much for visiting today. I hope that you have been having a great weekend. See you tomorrow!

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