Valentine Pencil 3D Thursday

Hi everyone!! Happy Thursday! Gosh this week has FLOWN by! It’s time again for 3D Thursday and I am super happy about this one. I have seen these cute little Pencils floating around Pinterest and decided to finally make one. I have a video tutorial for today’s project.


 I took care of all the measuring for you & created an SVG cut file to go along with my tutorial today. If you have an electronic die cutter that works with SVG files, then this file will be super easy for you to use. Once you watch my video tutorial, you can probably figure out how to make these without the cut file if you want to cut everything by hand.


Watch on YouTube

As you can see in the video, I assembled the pencil in the wrong order. Looking back, I would have attached the yellow cardstock and then attached both pink cardstock pieces. It just makes a slight difference on the very end of the pencil that is supposed to be the eraser part. I still think it turned out really cute anyway though.

This pencil is filled with CANDY! We’re not a big candy eating family, but I love candy as cute little treats at the holidays. Candy is a special occasion type deal at our house 😉

I used a Hershey Kiss and a tube of Rolos to make these cute little treats. It was so easy!

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Adhesive Technologies for providing the glue gun I used today to make this video. They are a fabulous sponsor & I’ve got a great big giveaway planned tomorrow from them.  See you then!

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