Copic 101 Tutorial: The Flick/Feathering Technique

Hi everyone! How’s your week going so far?

Mine’s been pretty lame. I came down with the flu last week so I am still taking it easy from that. Unfortunately my mom caught it before I did and gave it to me. So she went to the doctor and was diagnosed with it while I was just barely starting to feel bad. I caught it early and the anti-virals work wonders. My poor mom got the full blown flu & has been having a really nasty time with it. Thankfully, my hubby NEVER gets sick so he was able to take care of both of us & he did a great job taking care of everything. That’s pretty much all that has been happening at our house.

On a much much happier note, there are officially THREE new products currently in production for SP as I type this up!! If all goes well, our April release is going to be HUGE!! With any luck, we will be able to have at least one product released sooner than that. I will keep you posted!!  What are you hoping to see???

Today, I am started a little series of Copic videos on BASIC techniques. I have had many requests for this sort of thing so I wanted to make sure to cover some basics with you guys rather than just lots of coloring examples & more advanced type tutorials.

This video for today is all about THE FLICK! This is one of my favorite techniques and I use this pretty much all the time with a combo of other coloring techniques. This is definitely my go to technique for coloring though. This is also called “feathering”, but I like the name “flick” better. It’s the same thing.

So here’s my video showing you my version of the flicking technique. I hope you enjoy it!

I will see you back here tomorrow for Tutorial Tuesday. See you soon!

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6 thoughts on “Copic 101 Tutorial: The Flick/Feathering Technique

  1. Great help and advice Samantha. I love my Copics and I have tried other more reasonable option but they don’t color like the Copics. I love your coloring and video. Keep up the great work.

    1. Last time I looked at the sets that were offered, I was not impressed with them because they didn’t provide 2-3 colors that were easy to blend. I would put together my own set. It seems like the sets themselves aren’t much if any cheaper than the individual markers because in the sets you also pay for that plastic case.

      I would just purchase colors that I like in 2-3 colors close together in letter and number. For instance, in this video, I used 3 colors that were very close together that all started with BG7_: BG72, BG75, and BG76. I would stick with purchasing them in sets like that. R22, R27, and R29 are great for reds for instance.

      I can definitely add in a quick video or tutorial on the colors I would pick out first if I were starting my collection. 🙂

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