Lots of Updates

Hey everyone! HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

I just wanted to check in and say hello 🙂  I have been having some majorly crafty withdrawals this week, but I hope to be back in full action next week.  Have you been making any crafty time for yourself?

I am going to try to make a few projects over the weekend. Not making any promises though. My crafty area is a complete disaster right now!! It may take about a week for me to get everything under control in this room! HA! I have spent a ton of time this week preparing my craft room for new products and I have reorganized almost everything in there. I even bought a new hutch.

New (actually really old) hutch. We picked this beauty up at a thrift store. We’re going to paint it white and get new knobs for it. I had a 4×2 squares Expedit here but I moved it next to the computer to hold supplies for shipping.

My new and improved shipping station so I can pack/print orders all in one little corner 🙂

Life is just moving so fast right now and I am lacking that extra time to get crafty. Taking care of my customers and the behind the scenes stuff is #1 right now.

Since I don’t have a project to share with you, I thought I would pour mt heart out and let you know what’s going on with some of the things, both crafty-wise and family-wise.

There is just so much going on right now and it seems like EVERYTHING is just happening so fast and all at once. I love it!! I am so hopeful, excited, blessed, thankful, giddy, happy, whatever you want to call it.

My dear husband turned in the final first draft of his Master’s Thesis TODAY!! I am thrilled beyond belief because of this! There is still some things left for him to do before graduating, but it is a huge giant step forward with his academics. I have been dreaming of the day he is finally finished with grad school, and it is so close I can almost taste it now!  He a minor set back in his research which caused him a lot of trouble, thus delaying the process. For a while there, the progress was excruciatingly slow for him (and for me! lol). Grad school is always a bumpy road, but I am so grateful that he stuck it out, even when every bit of him wanted to throw in the towel at times. I know how difficult this was for him, and I appreciate how hard he worked. I couldn’t be more proud of my nerd. I consider this the best Valentine’s present ever -at least so far!

Personal Changes
I’ve been waffling for far too long!! I have had to do some soul searching, probably really over the course of the last year. I have loved being on design teams and working with some great companies, especially MarkerPop. I freaking loved being on MarkerPop’s team. But I really was at a bit of a crossroads here.

My stamp company was really starting to take off, but I was still not sure I wanted to really put myself out there and be 100% dedicated to SP. It is scary! It is actually still pretty scary when I think about it too long. I believe so much in my stamps, and in what I think my company has the potential to become. I think I have great potential too.

I always really knew what I wanted, but I was afraid to admit it even to myself in case it never happened. Well, I am no longer going to be afraid. I WANT SP to be HUGE! I want SP to be a one stop shop for lots of amazing products. I WANT people to say amazing things about SP.

I have been scared to leave the comfort of working for and with other companies that I was already comfortable with. And most of all, on a personal level, I was scared to let go of all the shiny other products out there and just concentrate on my own products -. I really like some of the stuff that is out there right now.

Well, I of course made the decision to be 150% committed to Scrapmaster’s Paradise!!

What really pushed me over the edge is this: While I enjoy the crafty products out there already, I know that they can be even BETTER.

I want SP to offer amazing quality, amazing customer service, AND amazing prices.

It seems like most companies out there don’t offer it all. I don’t know, maybe I am naive, but I think that companies CAN offer it all. But somewhere along the lines, money becomes the #1 priority to them, and they seem to lose sight of what’s most important -offering great customer service & products.  It’s a fundamentally simple formula but most companies can’t do it (heck, not just in the crafty world, in any industry!)!

So I decided because of all this, what I will call, CRAFTY CLUTTER, I wanted to do something better. I feel like SP can be better, but it really takes my full dedication to make it happen. THAT is what really made me step back from everything else and moving forward, I am SP all the way. I am ready to live, sleep, eat, and breathe SP. 🙂 

And that leads me to the rest. . .

Business Reorganization
Thus far, our small family run business has been a sole proprietorship, as in just me owning the little business. Well we decided to take the next big step and form an LLC, which is just a type of corporation.

It doesn’t mean much from the outside, but to our family, it is a big deal!! It means that SP is its own thing aside from just me. It’s a real company! (reminds me of when Pinnochio is changed to a boy and he says “I’m a real boy!” lol).

It changes the way we file taxes and do business and a lot, I mean A LOT of paperwork and effort has been going into this LLC stuff. The final papers are arriving this week so we are in the final stages of getting ‘er done!

Website Redesign
I have been working with a programmer over the past couple of weeks getting prepared for a major store upgrade/redesign. I’ve gone over in great detail all that I want done to the store. When the store gets upgraded (mid-March), you may not even be able to tell it is the same store! Here are just some of the wonderful features we will soon have:

  • A Rewards Program: I know there is a lot of other choices you can make with your dollars so I want to reward you for choosing SP. When our rewards program launches, you can earn rewards points towards special products and/or money to spend for your next order. The wonderful SP Kit Club members will receive DOUBLE points with this program. I will have many more details on this new program once it launches.
  • A new photo zoom feature: I have had soooo many people ask, “I love project blah blah shown in the store here (insert any store page lol), how do I make that?!” Well I am trying to make it super easy to find the info you are looking for!
  • An upgraded store design that makes the store look more like our blog and our packaging. Right now, it is just using a pretty little free template, but it needs to be changed so we look more like SP!
  • Some extra administrative functionality so that I can offer special bundle pricing, buy X, get X free sales, so that I can help customers actually place orders if they are having any trouble, and even more.

It’s just going to be an all around better shopping experience for you guys & I am really looking forward to it! I really think you will love it. Here is one of the possible headers that we might use!

New Products in the works
I have been mentioning this and hinting at things and I just cannot WAIT TO TELL YOU!!! You are going to be giddy when I can actually tell you all that is coming! I am sure you are sick of hearing about all of it, but I won’t disappoint! I cannot let the cat out of the bag just yet, but there will be so many great things. I am a bit of a perfectionist, I will admit. Everything has to be PERFECT -perfect quality, color matching, and price point, before we can release it. I want SP to equal excellence and it takes some time for everything to be perfect.

Here is what I can share:

  • We’re going to have 6-8 gorgeous custom SP brand colors in our brand new line coming out!!!
  • Our colored product line is called Scrapmaster’s Paradise in Color! (you know, like the opposite of black and white. We are in color, baby! lol)
  • There are currently about 7 new color products in the works. Two of these will be released with our first Scrapmaster’s Paradise in Color! release happening probably April 10th. As soon as everything has been perfected, I will start sharing sneak peeks and set the official release date.
  • One new product, NOT a color product, will be released in about 2 weeks! This product has been in the works since SP was probably only about 6 months old. It is way overdue!
  • A new organization/storage product is also in the works! As soon as it is PERFECT, we will schedule a release for that!!
  • And we will keep growing and keep progressing.

I will share more on everything as soon as I can.

And that’s it for now!

Until I get a chance to get some new projects up on the blog, be sure to check out the following:

Call ends Feb 20th!

Ends Feb 19th

Ends Feb 19th

I hope that you are excited to take a journey with me. It is going to be super fun!

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18 thoughts on “Lots of Updates

  1. Sami you really have me on the edge of my seat. I can’t wait to see what’s coming! I’m excited & happy that this venture is working out for you. As a scrapbooker a company that can provide quality, customer service & great pricing is always needed. Thanks!

    1. Oh, I totally agree! Those three things are just so important!! I guess what it comes down to is I just can’t believe how many companies just can’t get it right! And they are way way bigger than my company. I just kind of don’t get it. I guess the owners/workers really have to make these simple things a priority or else they just don’t all happen.

  2. Wao Sam Im really excited about all the great news and how your grown…… I know How much you have worked and how much you love SP!!!! Congratulations and looking forward to seeing all the great things coming!!! Im your #1 fan!!! LOL

  3. It’s a goooooood news.
    We don’t know one another but I’m so excited for you. It’s sound like your dream is gooing to be real! It’s sound like it’s going to be whatever we are the scrapers looking for…
    Have the best and good luck.
    Anat (tshupile) from Israel.

  4. Oh Sami! I am so excited and happy for you! You are strong and smart and ambitious, and I could not be more proud of you. I wish you all the best, and I cannot wait to see all that SP is going to become.

  5. Samantha,
    I am so excited for you and all the progress SP&Co has been making. You deserve all the success in the world. I hope you know how much I rave about you, your company and your club kit every chance I get. You go above and beyond what I’ve seen in any other scrappy company and it’s what keeps me coming back. I know we’ve never met in person, but your kind, thoughtful and generous nature come through in all your e-mails and posts! Anyway, sorry for the rambling! I’m just so excited for you and all the changes coming to your business!

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