Here Comes Trouble Layout

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!

Today I have a layout for you that I made of my adorable little nephew. I always block out the info and faces but if you could only see this little guy’s face, you would definitely understand the title. He was looking like a little trouble maker with the most adorable little smirk on his face! lol.

This little guy was just 2 years old in these photos, but now he is a Kindergartener!! I am still in shock!! His mommy (really my cousin, not my sister) is the same age as me (hubby and I have NO babies at this point unless you count furry creatures with 4 legs AKA dogs, and secretly I do count them lol!). With a kindergartener! I know she is still shocked sometimes too. Her family is growing so beautifully & I just couldn’t be happier for them. They recently welcomed baby #3!

And before you ask, no there are no buns in the oven here, lol! We’re trying to get the other “adult” stuff out of the way before we grow our family. Jobs, house, finances, etc.  Grad school is a royal pain, but it will be SOOOOOOOO worth it when everything finally falls into place & we are in a great place to start a family. I am so excited to start our family soon, but the grad school way just takes a lot longer. 😉

If you have children, did you wait and kind of plan them, were they a surprise, or something else entirely?

I guess you could say we are in the ‘kind of planning for them’ group.

Anyway, enough family talk, let’s get down to business here!  The crafty part. . .

IMG_7295 copy

This layout was made with the All About a Boy 12×12 papers by Echo Park.  Generally I LOVE more girly looking paper, but this All About a Boy collection really spoke to me. I just love the bright, funky fresh style of it. I have used it so much it is almost gone!  It has been the perfect collection for making layouts of my cute nephews.

With all the sticker elements, I decided to add an outline around them to make them stand out a bit more.  I used my Copic multiliner for this job. I also used it for my journaling.

The brads came from a few various brad packs from My Mind’s Eye and one from October Afternoon.

The Trouble letters are fabric covered Thickers from American Crafts. They have some really adorable stitching on them and I thought they were super cute!

Here are some more photos:

So that’s all for today! I hope you get some crafty time this weekend 🙂  Have a good one!!

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8 thoughts on “Here Comes Trouble Layout

  1. I really love this layout. I just ordered that paper from you & can’t wait to play with it. BK (before kids) I only had 4 neices to scrap about so it was all girl stuff for me. Now I have 2 boys & a girl so I really need the boy stuff! I love all the details on this & will be pinning it! We did the wait thing (it was hard) & then couldn’t have kids :-(. So after several more years we did the adopt thing! and instead of 1 we got 2 and then we got baby brother! Our family has really been blessed & we wouldn’t have it any other way! But oh boy kids are hard, so wait to you are in a good place to have them (relationship wise, physically & financially). Although when we were going thru our problems I did realize that people who had “oops” kids (I’m one) were very lucky to never know the stress & heartache. ( sorry I wrote a novel!LOL)

    1. I am SO glad you shared your novel!! That is so funny, I am an “oops” kid too! Back in the day, the pill didn’t used to be nearly as effective 😉

      I’ve had baby fever really bad the past few years. Even when I was a little girl I ALWAYS wanted to be a mommy. Growing up I always thought if I found Mr. Perfect, that we would have babies in our early 20’s. Well I found my perfect nerd at 17 and actually today is our 8th anniversary from when we started dating. We’ve been married for just over 2 years now. We chose grad school over kiddos for the start of our marriage. I didn’t want to make it difficult and stressful for us to try and juggle kids with the grad school stress. It sometimes doesn’t FEEL like the right decision because I am so ready for kiddos (& like you said, waiting is HARD!!), but I KNOW it is totally the right decision for us. We are debt free, have a little nest egg growing, and when we get grad school out of the way we will be in a great spot to start our family.

      Having babies is the thing I am most excited about for our future (SHHH! Don’t tell my hubby, but I will also be glad when he gets a job so he will be out of my hair during the day! HA! He did most of his thesis writing at home & now he is done with that and just waiting around basically lol)

  2. Great LO. We planned our children. I remember when we had been married 2 years that I was wanting babies but hubby wanted to wait until we had bought a house and I am so glad we waited until we had been married 5 years and had a house to start our family.

    1. Marla, I sound a lot like what you went through. We just celebrated 2 years of marriage and everything is great except I really want the babies 🙂 I am really glad you shared your story. Thank you.

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