Meet the New SP Design Team!!

Hello everyone! I have a super exciting announcement today! No new product info, but new Design Team info!! I say this every time, but I think every time this decision gets a little bit harder to make.

For one thing, there are designers who apply that I know personally. I feel like they are my friends even. It is a struggle to be objective knowing that I may disappoint people I really care about.

And secondly, I personally know how hard it is to apply for teams and NOT get picked! That is just the nature of having DT calls. I know some people will just brush it off, but I know for some people, it really stings. I’ve been there, and I know how hard it is not to get picked when you REALLY want it.

So for those reasons, these calls are one of the most difficult decisions I have to make for my company. Picking new products and new colors, and even designing stamps is nothing compared to how difficult it is for me to narrow down that list and pick a team!

But alas, it had to be done and I am really REALLY excited with the designers that did get picked!! If I had a larger budget, there are definitely other designers that would have made the team. It came down to hair splitting decisions. If you did NOT get picked, I really encourage you to keep with it. Keep crafting and keep applying. There will always be fabulous teams to apply for in the future!

Now, let’s reveal the new SP Design Team!!!!

Joining our team we have.. .

And returning to our team, we have. . .

Chrissie, our fearless DT Leader

These new ladies will be joining us for the Online Crop event happening this Friday-Monday! Please make sure to welcome these wonderful designers! Stop by their blogs because their work is so fantastic, I can’t even begin to tell you how talented these ladies are!  Notice how many talented Copic and color artists we have on our team? That just tells you how many lined images SP has planned out for future releases! YAY!! 😉

We have two goodbyes this round too. Tanya and Evgenia have both stepped down from the SP DT. They are both so incredibly talented ladies and I wish we could have kept them forever, but sadly their terms are over. I have enjoyed getting to know them both personally, and wish them amazing things for everything they pursue. They will do great things! Thank you, Tanya. Thank you, Evgenia!

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