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Hi everyone!

I am sad to say that our first new product that was expected to be announced on today has been DELAYED! We will announce it during our March release party, which is going to be an online crop party.

Mark your calendars because we are having an online crop party for our March release!!

What’s an online crop party, you ask? Well let me tell you!

Online Crops are kind of like regular crops in the sense that you get together with your friends and concentrate on chattering and crafting! The difference in this case is that your friends are in the computer, and you don’t have to pack up all your scrappy stuff in order to craft with your friends!

For our online crop, we are going to have LOTS of challenges and inspiration to help inspire you to get lots of projects done.  We will have upwards of 15 or so challenges going on over the weekend.

What I will do is have my ipad set up on my crafty table so that I can chat while I am crafting.  There will be lots of chatter going on over on the SP Facebook page & all the challenges will be centralized here on the SP Blog.

EVERYONE is welcome to join in the party. You do NOT have to own any SP stamps in order to participate in this. We just want everyone to have a good time creating and we want to share our excitement about the new products coming out this month. All I ask is that you “like” us on Facebook, or are a follower here at the blog.  We need all the SP Love we can get!

The challenges will start Friday, March 8th at 6PM EST. New challenges will be posted throughout Friday night and into Saturday.  On Sunday, we will announce our new stamps and new product!! The party will continue until Monday, March 11th at Noon EST when the challenges will end.

Basically you can check in and out all weekend as time permits for you or you can party the entire weekend! It is really up to you.  I know I have cleared my whole weekend so that I can let loose and crafty up a storm!! I am ready to have lots of fun! 😉

We will have prizes in the following categories:

  • Project Participation -every project you make and enter into our challenges will give you an entry.
  • Project Prince/Princess -the person who enters the MOST projects over the weekend will be crowned Prince or Princess and win a prize!
  • Overall Participation – even if you only want to chit chat and not make any projects, we will have a prize or two just for participating in the event at all.

Click here to join in on the pre-party chatter. 

Feel free to invite your crafty friends to join our online crop. I hope to see you there & I can’t wait to get crafty with you 🙂

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