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Hi everyone!! I hope that your Monday has been a great start to your week. Our Monday has been one of the best days of our lives. .. so far at least!!

My hubby had his Master’s thesis defense today and he passed with flying colors! My guy is just a few days away from having his MASTERS DEGREE!!! Although his defense was on April Fool’s, I am not joking around! He really passed and he is really almost done 🙂

He’s put so much into his academics and it is so great to see it all pay off today. He’s such a smart guy & such a hard worker. I couldn’t be more proud of him.

He is on top of the world right now!!

I went with him to campus today for moral support and I helped him set up. It is customary in his department for grad students to provide some light food for their defense committee members, so I helped him set out the food while he prepared his presentation.

While he was presenting, I actually met up with an old friend who happens to now work in the engineering department. It was GREAT catching up with her. He called me and I helped him pack everything back up. We turned in all the paperwork & each of the secretaries congratulated him!!

He told me all about presenting and how relieved he is now that everything is over. Gosh, I am just grinning from ear to ear right now writing this all out!! It is just something he’s worked so hard for and I am also soooo relieved that this part of our journey is basically over with!

Now, it is time for him to start looking for a career & it’s just a really exciting time for our family!!

AND it is an exciting time here at SP too!! This month is going to be our biggest release yet. Our new artist will be announced TOMORROW & our big SP in Color announcement will be on the 4th!! The sneak peeks are starting tomorrow and will continue until our big release on the 10th!!

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