How to add Link Manager to Blogger & WordPress Blogs

Hi everyone! I decided to make a step by step tutorial for how to get your Inlinkz Link Manager collection on your Blogger Blog or on your WordPress Blog. I am not familiar with other blogging platforms so those are the only two tutorials I can make at this time. I have been getting some shopping list question so wanted to direct your attention to a neat service out there so you can do it yourself!

The Link Manager is the thing I used to use to create the picture links for the Stamping with Sami Shopping List. It is a great tool made by InLinkz. They started charging for this tool so I had my programming whiz hubby design a javascript shopping list for me that I actually like much better because he designed it JUST for me πŸ˜€

Anyway, so if you are looking for a fancy shopping list and are willing to pay for it and DON’T have a programming whiz in your life, Inkinkz is pretty cool.Β  Below I have some instructions to help you use this tool and get familiar with how it works in case you want to try it out for yourself.

No matter which blog type you have, setting up a new collection in Link Manager follows the same steps:

Sign into your account or register for a new account & sign in.

Click on “Link Manager”

Click on “Add New Collection”

Drag your links to your new collection window or click on “Add New Link” & follow the steps to add new links.

Name your collection & add a description (I tend to use the same wording for both of these fields).

Select the number of columns that you would like your links to fill. I tend to stick with “Fill Width” so that the links go all the way across the blog page.

Select the thumb size. This is the size of the pictures you want. I like these nice and big so I pick 125px. You also have the option to display the link name or have text only links.

Click “create” when you are finished making your new supply list.

It will tell you “Collection Inserted”. Click “OK”.

Now your new collection will show up under your link manager collection list. Click on the script button. It looks like a sheet of paper with two brackets in front of it.

The next screen that appears will give you the script that you will need to copy and paste. I like the script at the top of the page because it keeps your links editable. For instance, let’s say your favorite store changes websites & you had already linked to products at their old website with your Link Manager. Your links in your Link Manager no longer work!

If you had used the top script (the one I have circled), you can simply edit the links under the “My Links” section (where we drag our links from to create collections, in the above photo, it is the right hand side of the screen that shows the supplies). When you update under “My Links” it automatically updates all of your collections for you.

If you used the purely HTML script, then your supply list on your blog WILL NOT be updated automatically when your “My Links” section gets updated. You would have to go back to EVERY blog post and EVERY collection to update those links. So not fun! Believe me, it might seem like a simple thing, but you will be glad someday if you only use that top script! Remember when became Yeah, that’s how I know how important this script is πŸ˜‰

So anyway, back to the story. . . highlight your script:

Copy the script (Ctrl+C or Command+C):

The next part is a bit different depending on what type of blog you are using.

Go to your post edit window (click ADD POST). On this edit page, click on the “Options” in the column to the right of the screen:

Make sure that you have checked off the option that says “Interpret typed HTML”:

Paste your script where ever you want the shopping list to appear (Ctrl+P or Command+P):

Then finish your post and click publish. Go to your blog and see your Link Manager πŸ™‚


Go to “Add New Post” and type up your blog post as you would like. Then click on the “HTML” tab:

Find where you would like your list to appear and paste the script code.

Then click publish and see your list on your blog!

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