Introducing SP in Color!!

Hi everyone! This is the news a lot of you have been waiting for. This is THE OFFICIAL COLOR announcement. I was originally going to hold off on this until the 10th, but I have just had so many questions and I am just so excited that I wanted to share it all earlier!!

WARNING: There is a bunch of eye candy in this post 🙂

Scrapmaster’s Paradise is now IN COLOR! We’re starting our new SP in Color! product offerings in six hot new colors and with this release we have two awesome products that will be in these 6 colors.

Since we are Scrapmaser’s PARADISE, all of our color names have a PARADISE theme to them. Cute huh? 🙂

Our SP in Color! line is bright, fun, and fresh. It is everything that I had envisioned it would be. Thank you for joining me on this incredible, crafty adventure. Let’s begin!!

With our new product offerings, I want to revise the book on crafting. I consider myself a crafter first and a business owner second.

I followed my heart when it came to picking out the right products and the right colors. I’ve searched high and low for the best quality products to add to our brand. We are going to offer excellent products with five-start quality and superb color matching.

Are you ready to meet all of our new colors?

It is my greatest pleasure to share these first six exclusive colors with you!!

The great thing about these colors is they coordinate together beautifully and the colors are trendy, but not TOO trendy 😉

Oh, and I had the best time picking out those color names!! Aren’t they fun? Scrapping is all about fun.

  • Avocado Green is a light but bright green that reminds me of the fleshy part near the pit of a yummy avocado. (One of my fave foods!!)
  • Aqua SeaGlass is a very pale aqua. I imagined my absolute perfect idea of what aqua looked like and this was it. I am so thrilled with this color. It is just what I had envisioned. It is crisp and clean.
  • Clown Fish is a perfectly bright orange like an actual clown fish. It is just such a fun and inviting color. Orange is just one of those colors I love that tends to be underused.
  • Sandcastle is a beautiful almost Kraft colored brown. This is one of my current go-to colors to use on pretty much everything now. And the name is just adorable 🙂
  • Ocean Waves. Gosh, what can I say about this gorgeous color? Well first thing, the color swatch doesn’t do this color justice at all. It is such a beautiful medium turquoise/ocean blue type of color. It is absolutely stunning and I have a feeling it is going to be a very popular color.
  • Flamingo Pink is a cheery medium pink. It is just such a delightful pink that reminds me a little bit of the pinker flamingos (not the coral colored ones, but a lot like the lawn ornaments LOL!).

These first six colors match up beautifully no matter how you decide to mix and match them on your projects.  I plan on doing lots of SP Color Combo challenges using these pretty things!

Starting April 10th, you will find Button Mixtures and premium Chalk Ink Pads in these colors!

Let’s look at our gorgeous Button Mixtures up close and personal! (More info about our inks will come soon.)

Our button mixtures include mostly round 2 and 4 hole buttons in a variety of designs and sizes. As you can see in the photo below, you get a LOT of variation so you end up with plenty of button choices.

As I have been crafting more and more with the SP Buttons, I discover even neater buttons in the mix. Some are matte finish, some are translucent, some even have glitter, some are pearly. I have even found a few flower-shaped and heart-shaped in the mix. You just never know exactly what you are going to get. Maybe I am silly, but I really enjoy digging through my buttons and finding one that is JUUUUST right for my project 🙂

Due to the various materials that the buttons are made out of, there is some slight variation in the color too. I love that some are a little lighter and some are a little darker.  It just give you even more options.  All around, the Button Mixtures are just fantastic. I love the versatility of the Button Mixtures!

Sandcastle Button Mixture, my fave from this photo is that almost matte finish 2-hole button near the top center. It looks kind of tiger striped. 🙂

As if the buttons alone weren’t super exciting, the package they arrive in is so great. Our buttons are sold in the cutest little tins. They aren’t only cute -they are also functional!!

These containers are metal with a plastic window top so you can see what’s inside!  It is just so nice that there is already a great storage/organization solution included in with our packaging. How convenient is that?! These tins look great stacked up or sitting around my crafty area.

And once you use up all the buttons, I am sure you can find a nice use for these cute tins! The tins can double as gift packaging, alterable items, or storage for another small item in your house (hello, cleaned up junk drawers!!). I can see lots of possibilities for these.

Avocado Green Button Mixture

I hope that you can tell that these tins come jam packed full of buttons. The buttons are packaged by weight and each tin contains approx 1.5ounces of buttons. Each of these little cuties can hold a multitude of buttons.

The Button Mixture tins will retail for $3.50 each, with a special edition 6 Color Mix retailing for $4.25 (The 6 Color mix will be only while supplies last).

Flamingo Pink Button Mixture

Oh, and did I mention that the buttons PERFECTLY coordinate with the Premium Chalk Ink Pads? Well they do!

Some of the button colors are exactly dead on, while some of the colors are slightly lighter or darker than the ink pads. Whether the colors are a perfect match of slightly lighter or darker, I worked hard to make sure that the color hue is perfectly matched (including sending imperfect products BACK and demanding perfect color matching!).

Aqua SeaGlass Ink & Button Comparison.
Sorry this one is a little blurry, but you can see that the buttons match that little strip of paper. That strip is coated with our matching Premium Chalk Ink!!

Here are our last two Button Mixtures. Again, the Ocean Waves color on the screen is nothing compared to holding the real buttons in your hands.

Ocean Waves Button Mixture. Again sorry the photo is a bit blurry. This photo does NOT do these buttons justice. This color is even more GORGEOUS in person.
Clown Fish Button Mixture – these are slightly darker than our Clown Fish Premium Ink Pad & they look AMAZING together.

These beautiful colors are just the very beginning of your SP in Color! line. We will release more new colors and more exciting products in the future. Lots of newness is already in the works for future releases.

You can actually see some of our upcoming SP in Color! Colors in the SP Store because they are currently being used for our SP Storage Binders! It is kind of a sneak peek of what’s to come 🙂

Again, from the bottom of my heart, I want to say THANK YOU! I know this post was super long, but hope you are overjoyed with our big announcement!

For the rest of the week, I will be showing off some of these new SP in Color! items along with our new stamps for April.  See you again tomorrow!

So now that you have seen our colors and seen some of the brand new buttons, what do you think? What is your FAVE of the SP Colors?

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26 thoughts on “Introducing SP in Color!!

  1. Sami, Congratulations on your BIG reveal! I have your sample buttons & color swatch right here on my desk. (You all have to become Monthly Kit Subscribers, Sami is extra good to us!) It is impossible to pick just one favorite color! My top THREE are Aqua SeaGlass, Ocean Waves & Sandcastle. But honestly, they are all fabulous colors! And the buttons, I love all the variations in the buttons. I have a big four hole Clown Fish button that is matte and looks like wood. Then there is a tiny four hole Avocado Green that is 1/8″ thick. I love the button tins but I can’t wait to put a bunch in one of my old jelly jars and just sit here and admire them! I am excited to get my hands on the new inks, too! I love being a Kit Subscriber, thanks again for the samples!!!

    1. Oh, I love the blues and the Sandcastle together too. It’s a gorgeous color combo. Thanks for spreading the great word about SP kit club. I’m glad you enjoy it 🙂

  2. Love the pink and blue colors and the sandcastle one. When I got that swatch in my kit I was hoping that meant inks were coming and I LOVE chalk inks!!! Thanks for more great products!!!

    1. Eek! They were quickly stamped with the chalk inks so please don’t pay attention of there was bad stamping on the swatch lol. I am so glad you love them! I will share more about the inks later, but they are full sized chalk ink pads and the coverage is soooooo good! I have been using them non stop and I love them!

  3. I am so crazy about these colors and products! I can’t wait until the 10th to make an order of goodies. You, my dear friend, are about to become a serious budget-buster!!!

  4. Hey Sam those are so wonderful news…. I love the avocado green and Macaw blue new ink and all the button I can’t decide which one i love more!! congratulations on the new additions….

    1. The Macaw blue is only for the binder right now. Just the six colors I talked about in this post are going to be released in buttons and ink this month. So glad you like them!

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