Some Odd Girl Tutorial – Grass

Hi everyone!

I am a little sad to say that this is my last post for Some Odd Girl. I had a bunch of fun creating with something that wasn’t SP. For 2013, I decided to go 100% SP, but I made an exception for Some Odd Girl, lol.  Anyway, so as promised,

I have a grass coloring tutorial for you!  Let’s begin!

IMG_8095 copy

I’ve written out step by step how I created the grass. Since soooo many Some Odd Girl stamps can be used for scenes, knowing how to make grass is a very handy skill to have. This is just super quick and easy, and I am sure you can go more advanced in your detail & shading if you would like.

Step by Step

First, I stamped and colored the Snow White image. Then I added YG23 around the bottom of the entire image. I added some grass strands sticking up like grass would stick up.  I went over the entire bottom area with flicking strokes to cover the whole area.  Don’t worry if you try this out and it looks a little streaky. You will be adding so many layers that it will all look great in the end.  🙂

Next, I used YG25 and again with flicking strokes, I added more grass over the existing grass area. This time, the YG25 didn’t go everywhere. Just use this one more sparingly.

For the third layer, I used YG17. This time I made grass “clumps” with flicking strokes. Just add a few flicking strokes really close together so that you get some grassy clumps here and there around your grass section. Try to make them look randomly spaced out so they look more realistic.

Going over those same grass clumps, add in some darker color, I used YG45. This time, I made fewer strokes at each clump and the strokes were usually smaller than the strokes I made with the YG17.

For the final layer, I used G28 which is a really deep green. I used this color very sparingly over the grass clumps and tried to use smaller, lighter flicking strokes.

To get the lighter flicking strokes, it is easiest to have your marker positioned where just the very tip of the super brush nib will touch your paper when you make the flicking motion.

Anyhow, you could even get fancier by adding grass strokes directly in front of the sitting images. That will make it look more like the characters are sitting in a clump of grass and give your image more depth.

Another thing to consider is SHADING underneath where the image is sitting. I didn’t add much shading right under the image, but it would give your image a more realistic look to it.

There is a lot you can do with something so simple as grass. I hope this easy tutorial will help you get started if you are new to grass coloring!

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