Inking Edges Tutorial

Hi everyone! Today I have a quick little photo tutorial for you showing you three different methods of inking your paper edges using 3 common inking tools.

Let’s begin!

IMG_8466 copy

First up, I used a felt pad on the Tim Holtz Ink Applicator.

There are also foam pads for these and they produce a little bit softer look than the felt pads do. As you can see the inking edges look soft and saturated. You can see some texture on the ink lines, but overall it gives a soft gradient.  You can ink up into the cardstock as far up as you would like so this is a great method of getting lots of ink onto your edges. This is one of my favorite ways to get inked up edges because you can really see the ink.

Second, the sponge dauber.

These little things fit over your finger tip and you just flick the tip of the dauber across the edge of the paper. This is a great look if you want a heavily saturated thin line of ink. You can get some good variation with your flick marks, but the ink doesn’t go very far up the paper. This is great if you want a more subtle, straight edge of ink. I really like this technique for inking around my stamped images if I don’t want to add a mat layer around the image.

And the last inking method I am talking about today is direct contact!

This method doesn’t take any special equipment with our SP Premium Chalk Ink Pads because the ink pads are soft foam that are raised off of the plastic.  As you can see in the photo below, the inked edges are very similar to the look of the sponge dauber, but you get some straighter marks every so often if you aren’t very careful with this method. I personally like this technique if the ink pads are the right kind and ours definitely are 😉 Otherwise, you are left with LOTS of streakiness. This is a great method because it is super cheap and doesn’t require any special equipment or tools like the other methods do (and you don’t have to worry about finding those tiny tools!).

Here are all methods lined up side by side so you can really check out the difference:

There are other tools out there for inking up your edges, but these are my three most used methods. I hope that it helps to see them all side by side.

Which ink method is your fave??

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