Make Lemonade Mixing Alphas Tutorial

Hi everyone!  It’s Tutorial Tuesday and I have a good one for you. Today I want to give you a little lesson on mixing up your alphas.

I think typography is huge in crafting (well, really it is a huge thing everywhere) so playing around with alphas and mixing fonts can be a fun crafty trick to have up your sleeve.

IMG_8498 copy

Sometimes it can be scary trying to figure out what alphas work well together so I have a couple of “rules” on how to mix alphas. I also have a project to share.

So I put “rules” in quotes, because really, there are no real rules to crafting. They are more like guidelines that you can use to help you create. But really, crafting should be all about YOU and the fun YOU have so rules are meant to be broken too 🙂

Here are a few “rules”. Feel free to use them, and then feel free to break them!

When mixing alphas, consider the following:

  • No more than 3 different fonts for a title or sentiment – if you use too many different fonts, it can get cluttered looking. 3 is the max. number of fonts my graphic design professors recommended.
  • Varying sizes is key! Use some smaller alphas and some larger alphas to give you contrast and make certain words really stand out.
  • Mix up the style of letters too: some die cuts, some stickers, some chipboard, boxy letters, more scripty type, etc.

Pretty simple, right?

Well with these basic “rules” in mind, I created my card for today. I used two different alpha sets: 1 tiny with little boxy style alphas and one larger skinny set of alphas. And the lemonade is written in a 3rd font.

Since the letters are the main focal point of this card, I wanted to make sure they looked good. I think they do!

Let’s talk about my card details for a bit.

So today I used the April monthly kit for my project. May kits are making their way to the kit clubbers. If you aren’t yet a kit clubber, make sure to check it out because kit club is a great way to get lots of goodies at a great price.

The lemonade sticker was the inspiration for this card and then I made everything else work with it. I love how one thing can spark a whole project.

The tiny alphas were part of the kit, but the larger alphas are actually die cuts that I made using the Timeless Typewriter Die Tools set. I wanted to talk a little about this die set because it is pretty cool!!

Because these alphas are so skinny, these die tools are NOT open in the centers like our other Die Tools.  Just in case a piece of cardstock or paper gets stuck inside the die, there are tiny holes on each letter die so that you can stick a paper piercer or a sewing pin in the hole and pop the die cut out of the die.

I say JUST IN CASE because in my time with the dies, I have yet to get a piece stuck like that with these dies. I am sure it can happen (I have had it happen with many a die in the past, but the blasted dies never had these extra holes!), so I made sure our dies were designed for easy paper removal 🙂

As you can see in the photo, generally, all the alphas just stay on the cutting plate.

Here they are loose.  Adhering these is easy with liquid glue or a Xyron sticker maker. They are too skinny to use with tape runners.

Well I hope ya enjoyed this mini lesson. I will catch ya back here tomorrow for a new challenge. See ya!

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