The Sunday Scoop 6/23/13

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday, folks!

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Here’s the scoop for 6/23/13:

1. I have been SICK SICK SICK this week. I had two full blown migraine days and then two days of recovery this past week. I was doing great until Thursday and then my whole week turned into migraine city. I think it is a combo of all this new life stuff, stress, hormones, and the weather here has been crazy too. I am hoping this will pass soon. If you have been a reader here for a LONG time, you may remember I have had some battles with severe migraines in the past, but I have been almost “cured” thanks to Botox for migraine prevention. Well I am still a totally believer in Botox for migraine prevention. Well I just recently had the procedure done, but it can take up to two weeks to be fully effective. So the older dosages are wearing off as the new dosages are becoming effective, and sometimes in the middle I can have a migraine. Generally not to this degree and not this many, but it can happen. I am just thankful that this is a very very rare event for me to be a sicky! It has been YEARS since I have felt this yucky.

2. Because of migraine issues, I am STILL behind on mailing blog prizes, and updating some things in the store, and I didn’t get as far on blogging as I had wanted. I will be working on all of this again this week!

3. In more exciting news, WE GOT A HOUSE!! Well, we are in the process of purchasing a house! We still have a long way to go but if all goes well we will be closing around 7/23. That means there isn’t much longer to go of all this store/blog craziness πŸ™‚ I will FINALLY have a permanent scrap room all to myself!

4. I’m making some fun STORE CHANGES! I have been playing around with the store design & I am making some fun changes. The store banner has been made clean and simple. I am also updating the stamp swatches so that they are in COLOR! In the new swatches, there is a Copic colored image and also the regular black and white image. I just LOVE how they look and have been wanting to do this for a while so I thought better now than later. I will be working on slowly changing over all the lined image stamps to our new format.

Don’t they look fab?

5. RESTOCKING SOON: I have had SOooooo many questions about when we will restock stamps and supplies and the answer is as soon as we are all moved into our new place. Right now we are literally living in a hotel room and there simply isn’t room for me to be ordering new stock! It is just one of those things that is on hold right now and for that I apologize. I will restock as soon as we are in our new house!!

Leave a comment below this post for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate to the SP Store!! I will pick one random commenter to win & announce the winner next Sunday.

So that is really all I have to share today! I have a couple of projects coming up this week & hopefully I will get some blogging time in on Monday.

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22 thoughts on “The Sunday Scoop 6/23/13

  1. I love the idea of having the copic colored image. Good luck in getting moved in. Will take some time and your fans will still be here.

  2. Congrats on getting a house and I know you can’t wait until you are all settled in and your life can get back to normal. So sorry to hear about all the headaches but stress does that to a person. Relax and enjoy life!!! Don’t worry and stress to much!!! Thanks for a chance to win a great prize and I can’t wait to get my June kit!! TFS

  3. Congrats on the new house! I love the new way of showing your stamps. It gives us an idea of how it will look all colored up. Looking forward to sharing all your new and exciting steps in life.

  4. A new home? GREAT! How exciting for you and your husband. Your migraine may have been brought on by all the stress you have been under. I had migraines for 25 years until Botox came along so I know how you feel about getting some relief. It was finally discovered that my migraines were caused by hormone production and as I got older, the migraines became less frequent and finally disappeared completely. See? There IS a bright side to getting older!

  5. Congrats on finding a home. I too suffer from migraines but mine aren’t the severe ones but I did have two days of migraines this past week, too. I hope you feel better soon and I know how disruptive they are to your life.

  6. Congrats on your new home ~ that’s so exciting for you!
    Hope your migrained ease up! I used to get them pretty regulary, until I discovered that I’m allergic to milk products. Once I stopped eating/drinking dairy products, they went away. Now I can tolerate small amounts.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I know migraines all too well… Wish we weren’t so intimate but we are… And have been for a long time. Blah! I hope u get to feeling better quick! Congrats on ur house though! How exciting!

  8. Hope you feel better soon Sami! You’ve got so much on your plate right now – the stress must be constant. So glad you found a house — hope all goes well with the process so you can relax a little bit. Love the idea of a colored image to go along with the black and white stamp image! Marianne πŸ™‚

  9. Congrats on your new home. That is sooo exciting!!! Sorry to hear about the migraines. I’ve had about 3 days of migraines this week also so I know how bad they can be.

    Love the new stamp looks. It helps me a lot to see an image already colored.

  10. Awww…thank goodness your headaches are going away. YAY!! A new house! HOW fun is that!! Can’t wait to see your new CRAFTY space!! IT is going to feel soooo good when you are completely settled in and your life can “get back to normal”. πŸ™‚

  11. Hope you start feeling better soon. Migraines are no fun!!!!! I love the new colored images you have been adding. And Congrats on the new house. I know you will have so much fun decorating your new craft room.

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