The Sunday Scoop 6/30/13

Hi everyone! Happy Sunday to you!

First, let’s announce a winner from last week’s giveaway 🙂

The winner of the $10 gift certificate to the SP Store is. . .

Wow… Looks like you have had alot going on lately. Sorry your sick too on top of it all. Prayers for you to be feeling better. These images are so cute… oh and Congrats on the house. How exciting. 
CONGRATS, Amy!! Please email me at so I can get your GC out to you. You have TWO WEEKS to claim your prize. I will get your prize out as soon as I am caught up with a few other shipping things.
 For this Sunday Scoop I want to tell you about some going-ons and some upcoming awesomeness. WARNING, this is going to get very long so I am doing this via bullet points!!!
I am back safe and sound in TN, but a lot of stuff went into this traveling and so I wrote you guys a novel about it on my personal blog here.

  • House update: The inspections that happened Saturday look to be OK so it looks like we are on schedule to close on the house in mid-July! YAY!  Believe me, I cannot tell you enough about how excited I am for our FIRST HOUSE!! I am just planning every space out in my head and it is going to be magical to finally have a place for us to call our home. We’ve still got some things left to do before closing, but we are getting so close to that!! I am sure you understand how excited we are but all the migraine nonsense is just making the house that much more exciting and important.
  • Sick time & crazy, traveling adventures!! The story isn’t pretty, but it is very much a reality of my life in some of the low points, so I wrote the crazy traveling story over on my personal blog so I can gloss over that part of it here. If you want to read it, please feel free! Click here! Despite my 5 migraines in 8 days, I am STILL a firm believer that Botox for migraine prevention is a life saver for me. I still don’t have any doubt. Just too much life stress right now makes every form of prevention useless. I still have great happiness and great resolve that I will kick this bad migraine cycle and be able to get back to healthy & I have to make a few changes to try to get there ASAP.
  • BLOG HIATUS!! Due to the migraine situation and in an attempt do de-stress, I am just going to go on blogging hiatus until all of this house stuff/moving is taken care of!!  THERE WILL BE NO NEW BLOG PROJECTS POSTED starting now until AUGUST 1st! I know it is such a long time, and I am going to be missing sharing with you guys like crazy. But for the time being, I just have to take it easy so I stop getting sick. It has been such a difficult & frantic couple of weeks, and having the migraines on top of it has just made it too hard.

    Basically the last couple weeks, I have been working or traveling for every waking second that I wasn’t having a migraine. I am having to make a difficult choice to take a break from the blog so that it will be better overall for me AND for you.

    I am still going to be shipping store orders (our inventory is very limited at this time due to packing & not yet restocking, see way below for restock/sale details!)

    I am still going to be doing lots of planning & brainstorming behind the scenes.

    Kit club will still ship on or around the 15th of the month.

    AND We will still even have a new stamp release happening on July 10th!

    I am even still going to be chatting & sharing some news and fun stuff over on the FB page. Ya know I love ya & I can’t stay completely away 😉

    But I am FORCING myself to take a blogging break, and really just a BREAK from as much everything as I can. The doctor has said I have to find some ways to relax so I am going to do everything in my power to take it easy. You guys are like my second family & I wouldn’t change my job for anything in the world & I am actually quite sad to have to take this break! I know it is silly, but I am going to feel so out of the loop. And it is going to be REALLY hard for me to stick to this lol! I am worried I am going to get SO BORED! But I am trying to look on the bright side and embrace life and embrace all these new changes.

    There are a few books I have been wanting to read so I may try to get some reading in. I am also going to try to pick up my workout routine again. This month is going to be all about trying to take care of my brain & get settled into our new home & new life. Sometimes ya just have to slow down a bit 🙂

    Everything as usual will start back up on August 1st and I have many great things in the works for you guys. I have some big changes coming to SP that all hinge on this big move. So I have my work cut out for me behind the scenes to get life in order  & then I can bring about these new wonderful changes for you guys!

Which brings me to THE BEST PART of The Sunday Scoop!! THE NEWNESS! AHH, I am thrilled about all this next part 🙂

  1. SP CLASSROOM is coming this fall! You asked for it and I am bringing it! We WILL for sure be having an online classroom  –no if’s, and’s, or butt’s about it!!  My brilliant IT guy has been putting the finishing touches on our amazing online classroom & I have started work on planning our first 3 online classroom offerings: 2 full classes and one mini class! These will all be launching in the fall & all the details will be coming starting in August! You can CLICK HERE to go ahead and check out a little bit about these first 3 class offerings!!
  2. NEW STUDIO – The best part about buying our house is that we can make it OUR home. I am so happy to be able to finally do exactly what I want with my Scrap Studio. I have been having some fun choosing furniture, paint colors, designs, layouts, etc. so that my new Studio will be super efficient & super inspiring. Hubby is totally on board with helping me with some of my designs for the room & I am going to have a professional filming area set up!! I have done some research picking out the lighting equipment and I seriously couldn’t be more thrilled to be able to film perfectly lit, clear, crisp crafty videos for you guys!! The lighting in my videos has been so embarrassingly horrible and I am ready for vastly improved lighting  (and y’all will love it because I am going to try to get on camera more, I know you guys have been bugging me about that lol).
  3. REVAMPED Design Team Format & More ways to share – We know you want to see even more examples for using your SP goodies so the DT and I have been working hard to come up with some more fun ways to share even more creations with you guys. We also are going to have lots of ways for you to share your creations with us too. We really want to build on our amazing community & so we are working on improving that.
  4. RESTOCK/SALE! You guys have been super patient with me during the past few weeks with things being unavailable and items being out of stock for so long. My plan is to get moved in and then restock the store. As soon as everything is restocked, I’m going to offer a BIG SALE as my way of saying thank you for putting up with all of this inconvenience. I know it has been so frustrating for you guys with things being sold out. Believe me it is so frustrating for me to know how frustrated you guys are! I am going to do my best to make it up to you guys with a really awesome sale!! The TENTATIVE date on this is first part of August. I will give you guys some warning of the dates so you can be ready 😉
  5. NEW COLORS & NEW PRODUCTS: All of our fun new products and color expansions had to go on hold because of the moving, but it will all be back on track this fall!!
I already cannot WAIT to come back in August with all this migraine nonsense behind me, moved into our new place, and ready to rock!! So that’s it. This is going to be your last Sunday Scoop until August!

Now it is your turn. What do YOU want to see coming to SP?  It could be certain products, new colors, class topics, tutorials, anything crafty related – just let me know what you want to see next! Leave your feedback in the comments section or send me an email.

I wish you a great July & I will see you back here in August.

P.S. If ya need me, Email me or write to me on Facebook

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5 thoughts on “The Sunday Scoop 6/30/13

  1. Wow… Thank you so much. I wasnt expecting to win. YAY!! You sure have had alot going on. I know the feeling very well. As we have been working on our house so we can move in along with a hundred and one other things going on. I too have migraines and they are no fun. I sure hope you feel better soon. I love hearing that you will be expanding and growing. It is a great feeling after all that hard work.

  2. Sami, Wonderful news about the inspection! This next month is going to fly! Praying that you really do take time to relax and get better. I had terrible migraines when I was younger, but they have gotten much better. I love the new header and am excited to see SP grow! Blessings, Kym

  3. Sometimes it’s necessary to slow down and take a break! It’s really hard but it’s for the best! Take it ease and get to feeling better! So jealous of the studio! 😉 Enjoy!

  4. Glad to here things are finally coming together for you. Being a survivor of migraine headaches myself, I have tons of sympathy for you. Relax and don’t worry; we will be waiting for all the exciting things to come in SP’s future. It wounds wonderful!

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