Scraproom Tour in the New House

Hey everyone!

Today, my new scraproom is going to be featured on so I can finally share my room tour with you!

I have my work area facing a big bright window.

I cleaned it up & have most things in the exact right place. I may move some things around here and there, but I am really happy with the layout how it is now.  I made a video tour for you guys so you could see everything in more detail.  More photos, video, and details are after the break.

The rolly cart holds most of my most used supplies. It usually is under the table close at reach when I am sitting & crafting.
Papers I am using are on top. In the drawers there are acrylic blocks, embellishments, twine, adhesives, small tools, etc.
These are Expedit shelves from Ikea. They hold tons of stuff! I love having them as extra counter space too.
These media racks are from Ikea too (click for link). They hold all my stamps and dies in the SP Storage Binder system.

I think that about covers everything! Leave your questions below if you’ve got any. I will do my best to answer them for ya 🙂

EDITED TO ADD: Here is my updated scrap room:

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6 thoughts on “Scraproom Tour in the New House

  1. Thanks for sharing! Your space is beautiful. I love that ikea shelf for the SP binders! What kind of case is the tall one? I’m guessing that is for bigger stamp sets?

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