Organize your Scrap Space Mini Series: Slatwall

Hi everyone!

Happy Wednesday! Today I am back with another edition of the Organize Your Scrap Space Mini Series.

Before we get started, REMINDER TIME!

You can see all of the posts in this series near the bottom of every blog post in the series. I’m trying to keep everything organized for ya 😉

Last week, I talked about the logistics of the slatwall itself, so this week I want to talk about all the hooks and goodies that I purchased to hang on the wall. Let’s begin!


slatwall65_883881398_n copy

I still have a lot of slatwall real estate left & there is room for many more hooks and goodies. I figured I would fill in the gaps once I decide how it is working for me.

Here is a video talking about my overall layout & going into specifics on how everything is organized on the slatwall:

Here’s an overall look at the wall. That big black thing is my light/video camera stand. I have it clamped to the table so I didn’t want to move it for the photo.

The paper trays & the 4inch hooks were purchased from Display Dynamics here for the 12×12 paper trays and here for the 4inch hooks. The hooks arrived super fast & the paper trays arrived in about a week and a half, which still isn’t too bad. I found both items other places, but I decided to order with Display Dynamics because they make their items in the USA!! I am all about buying made in the USA when possible. And SP Stamps are made in the USA also 🙂
The paper trays were pretty pricey, but I absolutely love the way they look. At DD, they come in packs of 10 so if you are wanting a more specific number, you will have to go somewhere else. I ended up purchasing 4 packs of 10 for a total of 40 paper trays. I plan on possibly getting another couple of cases. They came out to $3.68 each not including the shipping.

4 rows of 10 paper trays.
The first two rows hold all my 12×12 cardstock.
The second 2 rows hold my patterned papers and collection kits.

The 4inch hooks are the best thing ever! LOL. They can hold so many different things -embellishments, stamps in original packaging, and my fave. . . Twine! They worked perfectly on the extra piece of slatwall that I hung up in my office-closet area. I hung tons of single stamps up in there so I can just grab stamps and fill orders so much quicker than before! I am really glad I had extras to hang up some of my personal crafty stash like shown in the video and photos. The 4inch hooks come out to about $0.16 each not including the shipping. They come in a pack of 100, but I had seen metal ones other places priced individually around $0.25-$0.30 cents each.

These were actually just a happy mistake! I had these bins and some Bygel rails from Ikea that I had planned on hanging up in my room sometime. Well, I never got around to it in my previous room or this room because I like my table/desk to be out from the wall & in the center of the room. I don’t like facing the wall when I am crafting. So the Bygel rails still sit unused, but I noticed that these little bins have a lip on them that makes them fit in the slatwall. As you saw in the video, they have to be slipped in from the side of the slatwall, or very forcefully added to the slats (at least in my case since the edge of my slat wall goes against the other wall).  These were only $0.99 each! They can be purchased in a variety of color at Ikea stores, here they are on the Ikea website.

These are actually called Sticker on Roll Shelves, but since ribbon spools and tape are a lot alike, I knew they would work as ribbon racks. I purchase these from Media Shelving here. They weren’t very pricey for as large as they are.  Each 24inch shelf cost $4.50 & each one holds a ton of ribbon. I really didn’t need to order 10 of them lol. Really only 2 🙂 They arrived very quickly, BUT there is one strange thing about their website. You have to add things to your cart like you normally online shop & then “ask for quote”. They then email you back with your shipping rate & give you a link to where you can input your payment info. I am not really a fan of this method because I want to shop, pay, and be done. In all fairness, they did send the quote pretty quickly so I guess I don’t have much to complain about. I just wanted to let you know that their store works a little differently.

I think I need some more ribbon, lol!

All in all, I LOVE my slatwall progress. Once I use the items and get used to it, I may arrange things to work a little better for me. And I still have lots of slatwall real estate to fill up with other goodies. I am pretty happy that I purged so much stuff when we moved because now I get to fill up my room more mindfully with items that I know I am going to love. A lot of the supplies I had before were items I had purchased in the very beginning of my crafty journey & a lot of it was just no longer my style.

In case you missed it, here are the other segments of the Organize Your Scrap Space mini series:

Thanks so much for stopping by today. I will have another post for you guys on Friday. Catch ya later!

  • What’s your best crafty organization tip or trick?
  • What else do you think I should put up on my slatwall?
  • How do you organize your cardstock?

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5 thoughts on “Organize your Scrap Space Mini Series: Slatwall

  1. Hi! I am desperately trying to put together a craft room, it isn’t a very big room. I am planning on buying slatwall and i love the ideas you have here.

    However, i would like to know if you are familiar with or have ever heard of or tried using some of the components of the the ikea grundtal kitchen series (or of any hardware that could be used to mount some of the components).

    specifically the main rod ( and then the few components i really like, the utensil holder ( and the container (

    If not – have you run into anything similar? Most interested in the utensil/bucket things that will hang on the slatwall.

    I hope you are able to respond! I am right in the middle of this revamping the room project and all my craft stuff is spread all over the hallway! PLUS going through withdraw while i can’t do any crafting!!!

  2. Love the slat wall, where did you purchase it? When the local Archiver’s in our city closed I purchased pieces to go into a slat wall, but haven’t found one. I’d appreciate any suggestions you have. Thank you!

  3. Oh I am so jealous! What a great set up! I shared this idea a while back on my blog… I have a dresser in my scraproom I used curtain rods to make dividers in the drawers. I put all of my stamps in Close to My Heart storage envelopes and I can get three rows of stamps per drawer. They are all alphabetical order. I have just started making an inventory of them on Evernote so that I can search them quickly 🙂

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