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I told you for my new Wild Wednesday, I would be doing some mini series (plural?),

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Now onto the new mini series:
Well the first mini series is on creating a dream scrap space! I know not every crafter has an entire room dedicated to their craft, but there are still lots of ways you can stay organized so you can spend more time crafting and less time digging & searching for supplies.

In this mini series I am going to walk you through my process of creating my dream scrapbook room. Today is all about the room itself, but in this series I am going to talk about how I organized my supplies also.

We just moved into our new house at the end of July & at that time, I basically just threw everything into my craft space wherever it worked. Now that we are settling in, I decided to revisit my scrap space and make it exactly what I dreamed it could be.

You can see my first attempt at organizing my room in THIS blog post.

Today I want to talk about my overall plan for the space as I make it into my dream space.

I am a very visual person so I need to SEE my supplies or else I forget to use them. I also need said supplies to look nice and not be cluttered or else it messes with my crafty mojo to walk into a chaotic space.

What I am hoping to achieve in my scrap space is a clean, colorful look. I want everything to be nice and neat, but still visible.  I have broken my scrap room makeover into phases.

Phase 1 was painting. 

I love pink and I wanted a nice, cheery pink for my walls. I chose this color “Watermelon Pink” from Behr. It is a medium pink, a little on the bright side, but not so bright that it will burn my eyes lol.

We painted all the walls up until 1 foot from the very top when we first moved in. We actually ran out of paint AND needed a step ladder to finish the wall. I had gotten the needed supplies shortly after we moved in, but was too lazy to finish the paint. I finally finished the paint last week 🙂

I just love the color!!

Phase 2 is still in progress. Phase 2 is Slatwall.

Now I am lucky to have my own room totally dedicated to crafting, BUT my room is pretty small. I don’t have a lot of room for a whole lot of storage because my favorite piece of furniture, my scrap table, is HUGE. It takes up a lot of room. To combat this lack of square footage, I decided that I need to take advantage of my wall space.

And that is where our mini series really begins!

This past weekend, my hubby and I hung slatwall boards. Slatwall is kind of like pegboard, but it has grooves in lines. I liked the way it looked better than the look of pegboard so I decided to go slatwall.

The grooves are spaced 3inches apart and you can slide various hooks or shelves into the grooves. A lot of brick and mortar stores use slatwall for their displays & there are tons of places online where you can order various hooks and items to go on the slatwall.

Here’s a look at my slatwall all hung up:

I decided to do an entire wall in slatwall right above my Expedit shelves. I have two Expedit shelves.  I love them so much, I plan on adding more of them to my room (and probably other rooms in the house! A trip to Ikea is Phase 3 lol).  We hung the slatwall so that it goes right behind the Expedits, just a tiny bit so that they look like one giant piece on the wall.

Slatwall typically comes in 4×8 feet pieces & you can get it in a variety of materials. I ordered 2 sheets from Lowe’s HERE. Mine are white and made of MDF. When they were being delivered, we found out that the 8 feet wide pieces wouldn’t fit easily up our staircase, which looks like this:

So I had the delivery guys put the slatwall boards in our garage. It is 3/4inch thick so it doesn’t take too much to cut through it with a circular saw or something similar. My hubby used a Dremel Saw Max & it cut the boards just fine. He cut the boards with the good side DOWN.

He trimmed the first board in half so there were two 4x4foot pieces. Then to finish the off the rest of the wall, he cut the other board at 41inches. We left a little bit of room on the end just in case we didn’t measure correctly & I didn’t want to have to wedge the piece in for fear of scraping the paint on the other wall. My plan is to use some molding to frame the whole wall & make it look “finished”.

To hang the slatwall, we found where the studs were in the wall, and screwed directly into the studs. You are supposed to use 24 screws per 4x8ft piece, so we used 12 screws per 4x4ft piece. And you screw into the thinner part in the grooves, not into the white part. We used 2.5inchs threaded drywall screws since we have wooden studs.

Really clear installation instructions can be found HERE.

We also didn’t have a stud finder tool so we found the studs as instructed in THIS video we found on Youtube.

There was a lot of board left so he cut it so that I could fit the pieces in my Office-Closet & hang up stamps in there. I plan on sharing my Office Closet progress later.

Here is a quick video I made showing the slatwall all hung up in my scrap room:

As far as slatwall inserts go, I ordered some trays, bins, and hooks. I plan on hanging ribbon, paper, embellishments, and more on the wall. I plan on filling it with lots of scrappy goodness. I hope that they are all delivered by next week so I can update you on it.

So that’s all for now! I hope that you enjoyed it. Leave me a comment below on what supplies you would like to know how to organize (ribbon, paper pads, particular embellishments?). I will try to share anything you would like me to cover in this mini series on Scrap Rooms.

In case you missed it, here are the other segments of the Organize Your Scrap Space mini series:

  • What scrap supplies do you have trouble keeping organized?
  • Where do you scrap? What kind of space do you have?
  • What’s for dinner tonight? LOL I need ideas 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Organize Your Scrap Space Mini Series

  1. I have just installed a slatwall in my sewing space but am struggling where to find great accessories to organize my stuff with – can you share where you got your’s from? Thanks!

  2. Hi there, thank you for the wonderful post on how you installed your slatwall! I’d like to get some so I can hang my 12×12 paper in plastic trays on the wall. I didn’t read the tutorial you sent the link to so I hope I’m not asking a question that could be answered there. I especially wanted to know where you bought your inserts for the slatboard. At lowe’s, they only had aluminum inserts that go between the slats. Is that what you used? Somehow I thought they were acrylic. Also, can I ask where you bought your acrylic/clear paper shelves that go into the slatboard? Thanks so very much if you get the chance to reply!


  3. Alicia, embellishments are always a challenge. Do you prefer to sort by manufacturer, type, or color?

    I have my ribbon currently stored on a ribbon organizer that my hubby made for me a few years ago. I blogged about it here:

    I love it because hubby made it, BUT I would rather be able to take the spools off without having to take down the whole dowel/row. I am hoping that ribbon will fit well in some of the baskets I ordered for the slat wall and then I can use this ribbon rack for overflow & duplicate spools.

  4. I was actually working on a glass table before this and I didn’t like it. I’m weird about lights because I am a migraine sufferer & some lights can trigger my migraines. Well, the lights hit and bounce off the glass funny. You are definitely right about it protecting my work surface better, but it isn’t worth it for me.

  5. Sounds delicious! We are generally light on the meat and heavy on the veggies so it sounds good with a bunch of stew veggies like carrots, onions, potatoes. I love pot roasts 🙂

  6. Love that colour! And your table is beautiful. One suggestion…I would add a piece of fitted glass to the top to protect it. You can spill paint, glue, stickles anything on the glass and it cleans up with a damp cloth if still wet or a blade if dried. It’s perfectly smooth and flat so cutters and tools work better and you don’t have to worry about cutting anything on it. Plus it makes a great place to blend mediums like paint, inks, markers, water colours, whatever.

  7. I can’t wait to see what it looks like with the hooks and shelves! I would love to see how you organize embellishments.. especially ribbon. Currently I have a big bowl filled with ribbon and it’s a disaster.

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