Organize Your Scrap Space: Part 3 Digital Files

Hi everyone! I’m back with another segment in my Organize Your Scrap Space mini series.


I have a confession. . . I haven’t done much in my scraproom the past week!! Here’s why (it’s LONG, beware lol). . .

I’ve been having some major allergy problems (we live right next to a bunch of farmland, basically we live on the edge of town, and less than 1/2mile away starts miles and miles of FARMS! And then there are farms surrounding our entire town) and just haven’t been feeling like doing much lately.
I got a new allergy medicine a few weeks ago (trying Claritin D), and it worked OK, not perfect, but better than I had been feeling. I was starting to have less of an allergy issue. Well the problem is that you only get TEN pills in a pack and have to go to a pharmacy to get it, it isn’t just sitting out in stores like other over the counter medications, because it has a decongestant in it that is regulated.
So I was just lazy & didn’t go pick up some more on Friday when I was running out. BIG MISTAKE! I went off of it over the weekend & was feeling OK so I decided to just pick some more up on Monday. Well by the time I picked up some more on Monday, I was already feeling nasty again. On Monday, I asked if I could get two packs and I was denied lol.
You can literally ONLY get 10 days worth at a time. I totally understand the need to make sure that like druggies and abusers can’t get access to drug making materials, but seriously?!?! I can only get TEN pills at a time?! That seems a little bit too regulated, that normal people can’t just get like a month’s worth at a time.
I haven’t been feeling much better since going back on the medicine (I am prone to getting sinus infections during allergy season so I am hoping that isn’t what is happening! ARGH!!)
Anyway, so I learned my lesson & I won’t let myself run out of them again during allergy season!! I am really hoping I just have to be on them for the next month or so & then I can go back to my regular allergy pill (which isn’t behind the pharmacy counter lol!).
I’ve also been trying to do some “natural” things to help with the allergens, like keeping the house vaccuumed/swept, limit my outside time, changing the bedding often, using steam to break up the congestion, etc. There are lots of things to try if you search the internet lol!!
I lived in east TN so I am used to having some allergy issues & I actually had to do allergy shots during high school (I had recurring sinus infections & haven’t had a sinus infection since getting my allergies under control!). The allergens here are just new to me & I am reacting horribly to them like when I first moved to East TN. Whew, that was much longer than I had expected.  If you are an allergy sufferer, I totally have sympathy for you. It is totally energy zapping & very annoying!!

So since not much has changed in my scrap room lately, today I decided to show you how I organize my digital scrapbook stuff! In this video, you can see how I keep all of my SVG cut files organized. Enjoy!
*Watch on Youtube*

I use a pretty simple method to organize. You could go fancier and even divide your files into categories & have a database folder made for each category folder. I just find that a bit too “advanced” for me, so I am sticking with one giant database for now.  I find that simpler is just easier for me to keep up with.

For digi stamps, I just have them organized in one big folder, without any folders or database. I plan on organizing these into categories eventually, but right now, I don’t have many digi stamps to work with. As I grow my collection, I will change over to categories.

One thing I forgot to mention in the video is you must back up your digital files!! I have a large USB drive that I use as my backup drive. From time to time, I just take the SVG file from my desktop & copy it over to my USB flash drive. It asks me if I want to replace/overwrite the duplicate files that are there & I just have it overwrite everything.

I hope you enjoyed today’s quick organizing tip!  I hope to be back in the scraproom sharing some more organization next week. Have a great day!!

In case you missed it, here are the other segments of the Organize Your Scrap Space mini series:

  • How do you organize your digital files for crafting?
  • How often do you backup your files?
  • Do you have allergies? (my hubby doesn’t, he’s so lucky!!)

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8 thoughts on “Organize Your Scrap Space: Part 3 Digital Files

  1. I have my digis and SVG’s on a flash drive by companies also. This way I know who to give credit to when I create something. I eventually want to break down into categories within each company…ex. flowers, sentiments, animals etc.

  2. I organize my digital files by company. I often use them to enter challenges and often that challenge is brand-specific. So I need to know what company the digi came from. Also. most companies have a pretty specific style to their digital art, so I know what companies I need to look at for a specific style of digi art.

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