Organize Your Scrap Space: Part 4

Hi everyone! Today is another segment in the Organize Your Scrap Space Series! As I mentioned in the last Sunday Scoop video, I did a crazy fun thing & took a 2.5hour road trip up to Chicago JUST to go to Ikea. I loaded down my car with tons of goodies for my scrap space. I couldn’t be happier with my scraproom progress & today I am going to share that progress with you!


Someone over on FB didn’t know about Ikea, so I want to take a second to talk about Ikea. Ikea is a HUGE furniture & home good store. It is set up very differently than the usual store. Going to Ikea is an experience, let me tell ya! It is HUGE HUGE! I’ve been to two different stores & they were both set up the same way. There are two levels to the store. You start by getting a piece of paper & pencil, then you go right up to the second level. On that level, you walk through a maze of various room layouts & furniture displays. They have sample living rooms, closets, bedrooms, even kitchens. And everything is Ikea products. Then there are sections of just tons of different desks, beds, chairs, etc. On this top level, there are very few things to actually pick up & buy. If you see anything you like, you write down the item # info on your paper. Once you make it through the maze, you arrive at the cafeteria, where they serve lots of tasty food (and cheap too!). Next you go down stairs and this is where you actually pick up everything you want to buy. This level is still set up in a very maze like configuration & you just walk through the maze picking up the smaller items that you want on your way. When you are done walking through the smaller items, you arrive at what looks like a giant warehouse where all the larger items & furniture is located. This is where that piece of paper comes in handy because you have to pull all your furniture off the shelves!! Don’t worry, there are lots of people to help with this! It can be really daunting.ย  Then you checkout and there is a special area right as you exit that you can pull up your vehicle and load it down! Ikea is just one of those places that when you go the first time, it takes forever! LOL. I think my mom and spent the whole day there the first time we went.

Anyway, so their prices are extremely cheap & their quality seems to be good enough for me! I’m sure there are better quality items out there, but for my scraproom, I don’t need like Pottery Barn quality (or Pottery Barn prices!! $800+ for a desk?! OUCH!!).

I ended up getting the following items for my scraproom (I got other items for my Office-Closet, which I will share when I share all the details on that space later on):

Two Ikea Expedits in white $69.99 each.
I already had two of these shelves that I had put under my slatwall.

They also had High Gloss Pink & High Gloss Turquoise & I REALLY wanted to get them, but then all the shelves wouldn’t match. They were GORGEOUS!! If I hadn’t already had two white ones, I probably would have gotten the pink ones. The high gloss shelves cost $20 more than the regular white shelves too. I didn’t want to pay more just to have unmatching shelves lol.

I picked up tons of the Dark Pink Kassett boxes. I showed these in the Sunday Scoop video. The color shown on the Ikea website is just “off”. They look too muted and dusty here. It doesn’t look right to me at all. I got a mixture of the largest & second to largest sizes.

The largest size cost $9.99 for 2. The second to largest size cost $6.99 for 2.

I also picked up a Raskog Cart in Turquoise. I plan on loading this down with some of my most used items & have this next to my desk. I haven’t yet decided how to organize the cart yet so I will save that for another segment in this mini series. Right now it is just sitting in my room.

The two new white shelves with lots of pink Kassett boxes now sit along the wall with the window:

If you remember my room at the start, I had two black shelves against that window wall & corner of the room:

The taller one is now in our basement & my hubby uses it for storing his music stuff (recording stuff, music books, etc) next to his drum set.

The shorter shelf (that Bob, the canary, is sitting on) is now in our living room next to our door from the Garage. We plan on getting a secretary desk for this space, but in the meantime, the shelf is nice to have there for now. It holds my purse, our mail stuff, papers to file. The bowl on top on the left is where we stick our keys & things to remember. The bowl on the right is Halloween candyย  ๐Ÿ™‚
We had a tiny tower shelf there before that, but it wasn’t really working for us.

So now I am just working on getting things arranged into the boxes and on the shelves how I want them. I will share more progress next week!

In case you missed it, here are the other segments of the Organize Your Scrap Space mini series:

  • Do you enjoy going to Ikea?
  • What is your fave furniture store?
  • Fave Halloween candy?

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7 thoughts on “Organize Your Scrap Space: Part 4

  1. Wow! It’s looking great! I can’t wait to check out an Ikea. I’ve been looking through there catalog. I want tall shelves about 15″ deep or so and about 4′ wide. I’d like to load all my paper in one place.

  2. HA! The first time my mom and I went, we rented a minivan ๐Ÿ™‚ Well worth it!

    Seriously, they have really nice stuff! It doesn’t bother me at all that you have to build everything. To me, it is totally worth it to have nice stuff for a good price.

  3. I have never been to Ikea. Like you, the closest one to my house is 2 1/2 hours away. I see so many cool things they have that people post. I’m almost afraid to go into one now!!!! I may have to bring a uHaul with me for all the things I would want to buy ๐Ÿ™‚

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