Bow Making Technique #1 Video + Little Life Update

Hi everyone!

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I have a Little (or LONG, lol) Life Update after our video for the day. I know many of you enjoy the Sunday Scoop, but some of ya are just here for the inspiration so I kept all the personal stuff for the end of the post.  I spew a whole bunch of crazy today & you can feel free to just skip right over it.

Since it is New Techniques week, this week, I have lots of videos for you showing new techniques, but no full projects to share.  I hope that you get a dose of inspiration & enjoy these new techniques even without project examples!


Ok so let’s move on to the first technique! The first thing I decided to try was bow making! I have always loved all those adorable little hair-bows that people make & I thought why not miniaturize them for cards?! So that is what I did today! We’re making the little red bow from the photo above! Super cute!!

In the video below, I show you a smaller version of a bow that the bow makers call a Pinwheel Bow. I really like the way this bow turned out. Watch below or watch over on Youtube.

Pretty cool huh? It was actually much easier to make than I had expected. This bow could be attached to a project with a strong liquid glue, a hot glue gun, or even a fabric glue if you attach it to a border of ribbon already on your project. You might not be able to use a tape runner for something so bulky, but you could definitely try it. You could even probably attach the bow using some twine. I just thought it turned out super cute!! I hope you enjoyed it.

Tomorrow I have another bow making technique to share. I am going to try to have a new technique every day this week, but it just depends on how quick I can edit all the videos 🙂

Continue reading below if you want all the personal stuff. Otherwise, I will catch ya tomorrow for another technique video!

I have been writing this in my head for quite some time & I really just felt like getting everything out in the open so you will know why I have been flakier than normal & why I haven’t really been posting very many projects. I have had A LOT on my mind. Some of this is positive, some of this is not so positive so I just want to put it all out there.

First off, I have been absolutely MOJO-LESS lately! I don’t know what’s up with me. I know everything is going to be fine, but the past couple of weeks, I just haven’t been my usual crafty or upbeat self. I have been kind of a Debbie Downer at home & I’ve probably been driving my hubby crazy. I just feel like I need to fill you guys in because with what’s going on because, hey, we’re a crafty family & I am sure I am not the only one having a tough time during the holidays. I just want ya to know that if you are going through something rough right now, you are NOT alone.

I know this funk has to do with the fact that last year right before Christmas we lost our pup Skyeler to cancer (and she actually ended up at the Emergency Vet on Thanksgiving night due to a grand mal seizure & we had a feeling that night that we were losing her). She had a few short weeks after that. Her death was extremely traumatic and I seriously had like war-flashback style nightmares for months after her passing. Losing her was the most traumatic experience I ever lived through. And with this time of year coming again, she’s just been on my mind a lot. She was my loud, demanding, fun-loving Husky girl for 11+ years & this past year has been so quiet without her. I know we have 4 dogs still, but the house still seems empty at times without her. The holidays are just a big reminder of her absence.

I think my funk also has to do with we are far away from my mom, who we usually spend every holiday with (and we won’t be together for Thanksgiving this year). Since my grandma passed away in Sept, it has been just difficult all around for our family. I thought I had grieved & had come to terms with it as best as I could, but I broke down at the grocery the other day. The cashier that helped me checkout looked A LOT like my grandmother. She had the same smile & twinkle in her eye. It was all I could do not to burst into tears right there in the checkout lane. I held it together until I got to my car & I then cried the entire way home (and a little more once I was home!). It just hit me like a ton of bricks all over again. She was so young (she smoked), it’s just a shame really. I’m still going through the grieving & it’s hard.

And lastly, I know a major part of my funk is because I am ready for the next part of our “journey”.

Our move to IL has been a MAJOR life adjustment. It has been so much fun & overall it has been a very happy, positive change. I’m starting to feel so comfortable in my own skin & able to just be myself.  I LOVE being homeowner, I LOVE our new “adult” life, & I LOVE being a business owner. With that said, I want MORE!!

I’ve just been kind of in a hum-drum mood for longer than I would really care to admit over this. Longer than just the past couple weeks – really years. That nagging feeling just hasn’t gone away. I know what it is that I truly want & I have tried to quell this dissatisfaction by dedicating myself more to work, more to my husband, more to taking care of our lives. The feeling has just gotten so strong, that I seriously have trouble thinking about ANYTHING else right now. That feeling is me wanting to be a MOM!!

My hubby & I have been together since we were 17. Before we even kissed, I knew he was the man I wanted to be with forever. We were inseparable best friends before we we dated. I loved him as a person (and still do!) and then I loved him as my life partner. Our relationship has just gotten better and better over the years.

And I always knew I wanted to be a mom even from a very young age. I always had this idea that I was going to be a young mom, even before we got together.  And when we got engaged, I thought, “wow, my motherhood dreams will come true soon”. But life never goes as planned, does it?

Well, nearly 9 years of us being in school, college, and then grad school meant putting my motherhood dreams on hold. We decided early on that we wanted to wait until we had 1.) a real career & steady income, 2.) completed educations, 3.) a house, 4.) Decent savings. We both decided to do the “planning” thing & not just follow our hearts & hope that everything would fall into place. I know that tons of folks have unplanned or less planned out children (and I sometimes secretly hoped we would have an “oops” baby somewhere along the way, but it never happened!! LOL). I sat by and watched so many of my friends venture into motherhood (many with that “oops” baby, and then have a 2nd & even 3rd child!!) & some be less “prepared” than we were, & some in less committed relationships than we had,  but they all did amazing juggling their new parenthood roles!  SO happy for them, but having a sometimes painful reaction to knowing I’m not there yet. I KNOW waiting was the complete right decision for us, & that waiting & planning isn’t for everyone. We’re so much better of financially than we would have been earlier on & I am thankful that hubby convinced me that we should wait during the times when I didn’t want to wait. . . Even when sometimes I wanted to smack him for being so smart 😉 Because we waited, I feel like we can have the “dream” pregnancy, and the “dream” nursery, the “dream” baby budget (if there is such a thing as any of that! lol).

We aren’t preggers YET or even trying YET, but we are making preparations. I couldn’t be more excited about this!! We’ve had so many discussions about it &  everything is as ready as it could ever be for moving forward. Greenlight!!  We are ready & hopeful for 2014 being a big year for us!! We’re setting aside “baby” money every month, we’re doing all the doctor stuffs, and we’re learning all we can about pregnancy, babies, & parenting. I’m creating my must haves list. In the back of my mind, there is always that worry that we won’t be able to have kiddos, but I am really hopeful that we can!!

With all of these baby thoughts, I also have lots of doubts swimming around in my head. Am I going to be a good mom? What if I struggle trying to manage everything? What if I can’t do all that I want to & have to let something slide? It’s a very happy time thinking & planning for kiddos, but it also makes me worry about the future of SP. I have worked so hard to build this lovely little business & I definitely don’t want to let it go! Can I handle it all? Only time will tell!!

Right now, I have mostly just a one track mind: BABY! LOL. I can’t even begin to tell you how many baby/parenting websites and vlogs that I have read/watched. That time used to be dedicated to all things paper crafting & now it is going towards baby endeavors. That’s just the way it is going to be for a while!

I’ve made a lot of changes to the way we do things here at SP the past yeaar so that I can be at least somewhat ready to handle juggling motherhood and my business. I am planning on continuing with SP and being a work-at-home mommy if/when the time comes. It just means simplifying & probably changing even more in the near future. It’s definitely going to be a journey, & I am prepared to evolve with my little business as time goes on.

With all these things on my mind,  I am just really having trouble creating projects. The mojo just is NOT there. Like AT ALL. I am interested in making more crafty videos of like tutorials & products. But my project making is just not happening right now. As you have noticed, I haven’t started a Christmas/Holiday series. . . I thought about it for so long & just couldn’t bring myself to starting one.  I am totally skipping it this year! I love Christmas and usually make so many cards this time of year. I’ve only made like 5 Christmas cards so far! I just don’t have the crafty motivation this year. Right now Christmas just brings back lots of Skyeler memories & it’s hard to handle this first year without my dog. For project planning, I am already way past Christmas in my mind lol.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not giving up on my crafty stuff. I’m just concentrating on the part that is fun right now, which is the tutorials & reviews & organizing and stuff. The project-making is just taking a back seat to Baby Fever & grieving time & ya know what, I am OK with that! It’s OK to take a step back sometimes.

This New Techniques Week is actually perfect for me right now. It was just the push I needed to do something crafty without having to commit to making an entire project 🙂 It made me feel crafty without having to actually do much crafting! LOL It also made me feel a little bit better just about life in general. It’s crazy how crafting can be so therapeutic, huh? As for the missing my loved ones, I’m just taking things one day at a time right now.

So I don’t want to be a Debbie Downer for you guys, but I’m just going through some stuff right now that I needed to share. Some of it is really exciting, but missing my family has been extra hard lately. I’m just putting everything out there so you know kind of why I haven’t been cranking out a whole lot of projects recently. I kinda dropped the ball on it this season.

I’m sure a lot of you regular SP readers have noticed a difference here so I really felt like sharing all the craziness that is on my mind these days. Anyway, so if we ever have any big happy baby news, I will share it with you guys ASAP 🙂

This time of year also makes me reflect on all the things i am thankful for. I’m so thankful for all the things that this year has brought us -new house, new town, new job. It’s been surreal. I’m also really thankful for you guys, for the continued support & encouragement that you offer. I am also so thankful for an amazing design team that has kept making amazing projects for your inspiration. So if you are reading all of my ramblings, just know I appreciate you so much! So many of you have sent me emails about personal things going on in your lives & shared some wonderful & some sad things with me. I have just loved getting to know some of you better -the good, the bad, and the ugly. I feel like our SP community is so wonderful!

Thanks for letting me share some really personal stuff & thanks for stopping by! I really just let it all flow out so I hope that it all makes sense lol.

I hope that your week is absolutely wonderful & that you have a great holiday. I will keep the rest of my posts short and sweet this week! LOL. My hubby is taking off some extra days (on top of the days he already gets off). I’m going to have some posts pre-scheduled this week & just spend as much time with him as I can.

What are your Thanksgiving plans?

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2 thoughts on “Bow Making Technique #1 Video + Little Life Update

  1. Samantha~I am sending high hopes and lots of prayers for your adventure of motherhood. You will do just fine…many of us have so many doubts about what kind of Mom we would be and we all are pretty darn successful! I loved your “rambling” on about your life. Made me feel closer to you and hey, it sounded normal. Especially the occasional “funk” and “non-creativity” modes. Happens to everyone. So, keep smiling even though this time of year is tough (we lost our cat “Corona” (she was rescued in a Corona beer box – thus her name) in October of ’11 and it is still hard for us around the date of her passing). Know that your loved ones and pets are still around you and always will be. They are “shoulder angels”. Happy Thanksgiving, Samantha to you and your great little family…Michelle

    1. Thank you so much, Michelle. That is so nice to hear that my feelings are pretty normal. I’m really excited but also really scared. I am really sorry to hear about Corona. Pet’s just don’t live long enough, do they?! I hope that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving too. Big Hugs!

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