SP Color Combo #146

Hi everyone!

Today, I am getting really crafty this afternoon, but I don’t have a project to share with you today (only a color combo!). We had some fun times this weekend (well scary and then a little fun). As many of you know, we recently moved to IL. Well we didn’t get hit with much of the bad weather, BUT we were under a tornado warning for part of the day on Sunday. Since the bad tornadoes were happening all around our town, we took this very seriously & camped out with the dogs & the canary in our basement (unfinished). Since Sundays are my crafty day on the weekend, I didn’t get any crafting done. The good news is, our town was spared from any of the really bad weather. We just had crazy winds & some rain. It looked very scary out side & we really weren’t sure what to expect here in IL. The radar showed that we were right in the path of the worst parts of the storm, but right as the bad stuff passed over us, it split and when around both sides of our town, and then the strip of bad weather became one strip again. It was so strange! It looked like for sure we were going to get slammed. We were very lucky. I feel so sad for the towns around us that were hit really bad. I hope everyone stayed safe out there. It’s times like this where I feel very thankful.

Did you have any storms in your area?

Anyway, so we were in the unfinished basement & I haven’t really gone down there much. Sometimes I kind of forget we even have a basement! The dogs had never been down there so when we realized we were going to be safe, but still under the warning, we just hung out down there, talking & playing with the dogs. I also spent some time imagining how awesome our basement could be someday. If we stay here long enough, we will probably get the basement finished, but not for a long time yet.

Do you have a basement? I’ve only ever had a walk out basement in a split-level house (while growing up) and it didn’t “feel” like a real basement. This is both our first times having a true basement.

Alrighty so let’s talk color combos! Monday through Friday this week, I am going to have a color combo for you guys for Winter Hues week. I continued with the #s we’ve been using for SP Color Combos. So this color combo is #146. Feel free to use this color combo on your project & leave me a comment with a link to your project. I would love to check out what you made with it!!


I’m hoping to have enough time this week to conquer all of these new color combos, but we shall see!

Tomorrow, I am going to have another color combo for you & either a project to go with it, or a tutorial/review. Today, I am playing catch up so I am not sure about tomorrow yet 🙂 LOL.

Have a great day!

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