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This is my second post for today. Be sure to check out my Sunday Scoop & Inspiration post because there is some life update info & a GIVEAWAY! YAY!!

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I have been asked to do a T-shirt review of a new company called This new website is part of the same company that owns Easy Canvas Prints, which I am a HUGE fan of. I did a canvas review a really long time ago & you can see that here. I plan on getting some canvases made through them for our staircase soon! So when they contacted me to review a T-shirt, I said “sure!”

I talked about the t-shirt and showed it off in my Sunday Scoop video (which is also below, click here to start watching at 1:21 where the T-shirt talk begins)

To go along with this review, I have a great coupon code & a FREE printable download of the design I created 🙂 You can use this on your own T-shirt (or tote bag or anything you want!).

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The T-shirt design process on the Allied Shirts website is SO easy to use! They even have pre-made designs that you can use so if you don’t know how to design your own, you can use their design program or they will even help you design something! I thought that was really awesome. Being design literate, I was able to whip up my own design & then upload it into their design program. It was easy peasy to get the design added to the shirt & checkout was a breeze as well.

And then the shipping was super speedy. The shirt arrived in just a couple of days. When the package arrived, I wasn’t sure what it was because I didn’t expect the T-shirt to arrive that quickly. I was really impressed. You know how much I love speedy shipping!!

I received the Short Sleeve Budget Tee by Gilden, which is one of the cheapest shirts that they offer. It is just a basic white tee & it was good quality. The material was soft & breathable. The only thing is that the shirt is kind of thin. That really doesn’t bother me because it will be light enough for a hot summer day. I could always put a cami underneath it if I felt it was too thin.

Screen Shot 2013-12-07 at 5.07.14 PM

The thing I worried about most was that my design colors were super bright & I had a feeling that the colors wouldn’t come out as bright on the shirt, but I was very pleasantly surprised!! The colors came out awesome & vibrant! What I saw on the computer was pretty perfect to what I received (but in shirt version lol). The design came out pretty crisp except a couple of tiny places (like I mentioned in the video) it looks like those couple of spots are lighter/faded looking. I think I really noticed just because I am doing this review & I inspected the shirt very well, but I don’t think you’d really notice it otherwise.

And that’s it! All in all, I would give it a 4.85/5, deducting a teeny tiny bit for the tiny lighter areas. If I were in the market to get a t-shirt made, I would definitely be headed to their website. It was super easy, they had great shipping, and the shirt is really nice.  If you’d like a t-shirt! I recommend you give them a try!

Now since y’all are amazing, I have a coupon code so you can pick up a t-shirt for 30% off and FREE SHIPPING! Use the coupon code:


And click on the Download button below if you would like to download a free design printable of the design I used on my T-Shirt!

stamps_tshirt copy


So that’s all I have for you today! I tried to take some good (AKA hilarious) still shots from the video review. I always seem to make the strangest faces when I am doing a video. I hope you enjoyed the review & the silly photos 🙂

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