Kit Clubs: Scraptastic Kit Club December 2013

Hi everyone!

So I have been itching for a new kit club ever since I decided to end the SP Kit Club. I decided to find a Project Life style kit club since that has been what I have been obsessing about recently. Well, in my search, I found two kit clubs to try out (actually a few more than that! But alas, my budget won’t allow it & I would be getting way more products than I could ever use every month lol). Anyway, so yeah, I picked two kit clubs to join & both kits have already arrived. I am excited to use the kits more and get a feel for if I like one or the other better. I have used them both a tiny bit, but I really need to dive in before I know for sure which one won this month.

Scraptastic December Kit Review from

In today’s video, I share the Scraptastic Kit Club with you. This is their version of a Project Life kit, which they call “This Life Noted”. I talk more about the club in the video & show you the full December kit contents. To read more about the kit club offerings & perks, click here!

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All in all, I think I am really going to enjoy being in this kit club. I don’t feel like it was TONS of products in the kit & the price is a little high, BUT it comes with a lot of cute embellishments, some of which are unique to the kit & you can’t get other places. Also I think the journaling cards are also unique & can’t be purchased elsewhere (I could be wrong though, don’t quote me on that!).

I decided to join this kit club because I totally dig the style & colors of their past kits. The deciding factor for joining ANY type of subscription thing is to look at past kits. If I like the past kits, chances are I will like the future kits 🙂 And honestly, it doesn’t take much to excite me crafty-wise lol.

Like I said in the video, I will share the Gossamer Blue kit with you guys in a video soon & then after that, I will compare the two kits & let you know which kit worked better for me for Dec.

That’s all for today. I hope you enjoyed checking this kit out with me. Have a wonderful day & I will see you soon!

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3 thoughts on “Kit Clubs: Scraptastic Kit Club December 2013

    1. Thank you, Tella! Merry Christmas to you & your family too! Citrus Twist is one I have been eyeing also. I plan on trying out a bunch of different kits & comparing them for you guys. I can only sign up for so many of them at once though lol 🙂

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