My First Project Life Scrap Haul

Hi everyone!

I was going to have another Organize Your Scrap Space mini series post for you today, but I decided to hold off.  Instead, I have just a quick haul video for ya. This was actually going to be part of the last Sunday Scoop, but both parts were just so long that I split them up.


Organize Your Scrap Space will be back again next week & I am hoping to knock out the entire scrap room organization before the end of the year. I will do a full reveal video as the last part in the series. I’m holding off on the Office-Closet makeover until spring because it is FREEZING & we have to do some wood staining/sealing. It’s just way too cold outside for that. lol. We are from TN, this weather is def different for us 🙂 (Last night it was 7 degrees! EEK!)

I got a ton of stuff on my trip, but got everything at a really good price since the store is closing down. I am still really bummed about that. The store is about an hour from me and I was so excited to have a scrap store semi-close by! The big box craft stores around me just do not have hardly any paper crafting stuff. Do you have a scrap store close to you?

I got mostly Project Life brand stuff because I plan on starting Project Life in 2014. It is one of my New Year’s Resolutions (I will discuss my resolutions in more detail in an upcoming Sunday Scoop video).

If you are a Project Lifer/Photo Freedom-er/Pocket Scrapbooker, or would like to start PL for 2014, we’ve got a small group going on Facebook & we’d love to have you join us! It is just somewhere where we can exchange ides & keep each other motivated. Click here to see the group & click join.

I’ve already been learning a ton about this pocket style of scrapbooking & I will have a lot to share about it coming up soon. I am really excited to get started with it!!

Anyway, let’s get to that haul video:

Watch on Youtube

So that’s it! If you are a scrapbooker, do you prefer Project Life, Traditional, or Digital scrapbooking?

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One thought on “My First Project Life Scrap Haul

  1. I just can’t seem to hop on the PL bandwagon. I love it in theory….but then I will know exactly how far behind I am. I also like to create “scenes” still on my pages (yes, I know…oh so 2001), but I do enjoy that part of scrapbooking….so I’m going to stay traditional (for awhile anyway).

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